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Fauna Hodel is a published author.

Fauna Hodel was born in San Francisco County in California on August 1, 1951. She passed away in September 30, 2017.

This writer actually has a very interesting life story that almost sounds stranger than fiction when one hears it at first. It was 1951 and Fauna was a white daughter that originally belonged to a family that was prominent in California. However, she would have no way of knowing that because she was given away from birth.

Her family gave her away to a young woman for reasons that at first appeared to be inexplicable. The woman was black and worked at a casino in Nevada as an attendant in a restroom. While the young woman grew up thinking that she was actually mixed race, she had no way of knowing that it simply was not the case and her lighter skin was due to having white parents and not being of mixed race birth.

Fauna was actually raised by this woman and as a result grew up with the belief that she truly was mixed race. This was a status that was difficult at the time. The author found that she would encounter prejudice from white people as well as black people. She never truly seemed to fit in with either group, something that could naturally be chalked up to the fact that she was mixed since that was what she believed.

It was only when Fauna made the decision to look for Tamar, her birth mother, that she started to find out the truth. Through her search, she discovered that she had a different family of origin and that one of the reasons why they may have given her away was due to their link to a prime suspect in the famed murder mystery of the Black Dahlia.

Her early life story may be tough to believe, but it is entirely true. The fascinating details of her life have been intriguing to others as well. Her life would go on to be an inspiration for Pretty Hattie’s Baby, a feature film made in 1991 that went unreleased. It is also the inspiration for the 2019 television miniseries I Am The Night. The series stars Chris Pine and is aired on TNT, produced by Patty Jenkins.

The author has not only composed a book but has become a mother to her daughters, Yvette and Rasha. She was a writer, a mother, and a motivational speaker. Even though she ultimately lost her fight against breast cancer in 2017, she continues to be a force for equality and love. She also worked as a producer on the TNT ‘Night’ miniseries up until the point that she passed away. Her daughters continue to advocate for her legacy of equality and love.

Fauna Hodel is the author along with J.R. Briamonte of the novel One Day She’ll Darken. This sensational novel was released in 2008 by Outskirts Press and is the fantastic tale of the beginnings of this individual and author. If you are looking for something absolutely so intriguing that you will not be able to put it down, check out this book for yourself. Then go on and see the TNT miniseries inspired by Fauna’s incredible life story and origins.

A mystery long hidden away is now finally starting to be told with the release of One Day. This novel starts off by unraveling the many details that make up this author’s life and the way that she believed things to be and the way that she found out that they really were.

The story starts off with Tamar, a young girl of only sixteen years old. Her father was Dr. George Hodel and was a prominent physician in the Hollywood area. After he goes on the stand for an incest trial that is sensational and is acquitted, Tamar gives birth to a baby girl that has white skin and blue eyes. She also insists that the biological father of her child is Negro.

Her mother is horrified by the statement and the audacity that she sees her daughter as displaying. She also does not want the stigma of a child that is of mixed race and so arranges very quickly for a solution. Tamar’s mother makes sure that the baby will be given away on a permanent basis. They do not want to go through the formal processes for this, and so end up doing what they can to get rid of the baby to a good home but without leaving a paper trail for anyone to follow.

As a result, the infant is given to a black maid called Jimmie Lee that works in the restroom at a casino in Nevada. It seems like the perfect solution, at least for Tamar’s family. But it turns out that having a baby of mixed race when you yourself are already facing discrimination can be difficult.

Jimmie tried to secretly raise the child and struggled to do so for the next two decades. The overwhelming feeling of the issues that she came up against caring for a baby that has light skin in a community that is black made everything emotionally difficult for this caring attendant.

The two of them will go through a lot together over the next few years. They will face up against a variety of difficult topics and issues as well. From poverty to starvation to abuse of alcohol or sexual abuse and more, Jimmie and Fauna rely on each other as support as they face a world full of bigotry that seems to never end.

She has been able to get through life, although it has been tough. Fauna is now vowing to track down the one individual in the world that knows the truth about her beginnings. Tamar is her mother and the key to all of this.

If she can just find the truth and get to the bottom of the secret in her family, she may finally understand why all of this happened and just how her family has a connection to a famous murder that was never solved. Check out ‘One Day’ to read it all for yourself!

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