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FBI Agents, Chicago Books In Order

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Publication Order of FBI Agents, Chicago Books

Smart Mouth (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miss Extreme Congeniality (in Bad Boys in Black Tie) (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snowed Under (in The Night Before Christmas) (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

This series is about agents of the FBI and is a romance series that was written by Erin McCarthy. The series features different characters who have feelings for one another and finally do something about it by doing the deed and getting to know the other person carnally. These feelings either develop over time or just right on the spot, after the two people have just met. The people in the series happen to be agents of the FBI. She is a USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author of works in different genres that include (but are not limited to) new adult, adult romance, and some teen fiction.

“Smart Mouth” written by Erin McCarthy is the first book in the “FBI Agents, Chicago” series that was released in the year 2004. Derek Knight, an FBI agent who works undercover, needs to tell the sexy and stubborn reporter named Reese Hampton to give over the evidence she has taken by mistake. Either that or arrest her for obstruction of justice. But he can hardly keep himself in a professional frame of mind right now as the two stand in a hotel room in Chicago together. For Reese, giving up the information that she has would mean giving up a story that could take her out of the journalistic Siberia that she finds herself in at the moment. All she has to do is outsmart the insane fed who looks like a movie star. They both would like to get up close and personal with each other. And it all started when he wanted an informant to leave information in a red Ford Taurus; he did not know that they were color blind, leaving it in the wrong car. Then Reese winds up hopping in to the car.

Fans of the book found that things to sizzle throughout the entire thing, it was so hot, and that it was a quick read that had a lot of humor injected into it. This novel features some sassy characters and a cute story, and that like all of her stories, this one was one that they could not put down, no matter what new books were coming out or what chores they had to do. They simply had to finish the novel to find out how everything comes out. Some found that the more they read of this novel, the more they liked author Erin McCarthy and her writing here in this novel. They tore through the novel, and found that they would read anything that this woman wrote, she is that good. Making them instant fans of McCarthy’s; certainly one that they will follow and read whenever she puts out something new. . Some felt that the characters were like real people that they actually knew in their everyday lives and they act like real people do, not like ones in novels or movies. Some even found that they would go back and re-read this novel at some point in time. Not only was the novel a steamy romance, but was written with some insight and McCarthy’s ending to the story made things feel complete.

“Miss Extreme Congeniality” written by Erin McCarthy is the second book in the “FBI Agents, Chicago” series that was released in the year 2004. When Wyatt Maddock, C.J. White’s much hated partner, tells her that he will transfer out of Chicago and head somewhere far away from her and out of her hair, she knows that there is some kind of catch. Boy is she right. He wants to sleep with her, and she has to wear an outfit of his choosing. Wyatt is a playboy who gets a lot of attention from a lot of women, and she is just a mother who has a special needs (autistic) son that she raises by herself. She thinks he is sexy and he is supposed to be quite good in the sack. To be rid of him, and have sex for the first time in about three years, she may just do it. She finds that the man that is her partner is not what he seemed to be at first, and is a lot different than she actually realized.

Fans of the book found that the sexual tension was always their and it was a hot story. It featured quite an interesting character, and was found to be kind of cute, sort of a misunderstood guy kind of story. Some found that the story started out without much interest from the readers, but it really picked up the more that they read the story. Some find that McCarthy is one of the best “chick lit” writers in the game right now and this story is a great example why.

“Snowed Under” written by Erin McCarthy is the third book in the “FBI Agents, Chicago” series. This story takes place on Christmas Eve. A man named Justin Fairbanks has always had a thing for Claire Robbins (who is his best friend’s sister), but he does not know that the feelings there are mutual. She gets soaked by the snowplow, she goes to her brother’s place- who just happens to be out of town on vacation, and meets Justin, and she asks for his help removing her wet clothes. She needs to get into dry ones quick because these ones are sopping wet. So what man in his right mind would say no? Right after the steamy passionate time they share together, they start talking about marriage.

Fans of the story liked Claire’s character and the way she teases and evades the clues that Justin drops on her. She is a strong character and assertive. Some found that the story was not long enough for them, feeling that they wanted something much longer about these two and they would reader further stories. Some found that the story was total smut, with just the hint of a Christmas theme thrown into it. Some found that there was even some comedy thrown in to help keep things moving along. It features a great part where a brother’s best friend and the sister get together and have a great time together. It was just a cute story that entertains the reader throughout.

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