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Publication Order of FBI Profiler Books

The FBI Profiler series is a series of mystery and suspense novels written by the noteworthy American novelist named Lisa Gardner This suspense series features the chief protagonists in the form of Pierce Quincy, Raine Conner, and Pierce’s daughter named Kimberly. The series is also known by the names, the Quincy series and the Quincy & Rainie series. Author Lisa Gardner wrote the first book in the series in the year 1998. The book was titled as ‘The Perfect Husband’, which was also the first suspense book written by author Gardner in her writing career. This was later adapted into a Hollywood movie in the year 2001, called as Instinct to Kill. After writing the last book of the suspense series in the year 2008, author Gardner has not published anymore novels in this series so far. But, she has said that there are still many more stories to come. She has even started on the development of the plots based on a few of those stories. Therefore, it can be evidently said that the series is still going on. However, the public is patiently waiting for author Gardner to release a few suspense books very soon in the series. Author Gardner has described Officer Rainie Conner as a homicide investigator, while Pierce Quincy as an FBI Profiler. These two individuals together face some of the toughest criminals of Bakersville, Oregon. They target all those criminal who tend to disrupt the peace of the tiny, idyllic town.

In one of the books of the series, it is shown that Agent Quincy helps Officer Conner get rid of a brutal murderer who was after her for a long time. After he saves her from being the murderer’s next victim, the two decide to become a team and deal with the criminals together. During the same time, the dark secrets from the past life of Conner get exposed, which once again bring back the memories in front of her eyes that she was trying very hard to forget. In another novel, author Gardner has shown that things turn personal when Agent Quincy’s elder daughter dies in an accident. Officer Conner supports him in carrying out the investigation. She sees this opportunity as a chance to return the favor. Agent Quincy knows that his daughter was addicted to alcohol, but he is not at all ready to accept that she died in the accident under its influence. Soon, they come up with enough evidences that show that Amanda was murdered. Also, the killer gets in the pursuit of Quincy’s other daughter named Kimberly. Somehow, Quincy and Conner become successful in protecting Kimberly from the killer. Later, she also becomes a rookie agent in the FBI. Kimberly knows that her father is heading towards retirement and he will need her support as well as Officer Conner’s to deal with the future investigations. Agent Quincy meets Rainie Conner for the first time in the second book of the series. At that time, she was serving as a local deputy in Bakersville, Oregon. Rainie Conner’s real name is Loraine Conner, but she prefers to be called as Rainie, just like all her colleagues refer her to. Throughout the suspense series, Conner and Quincy solve a number of difficult criminal cases involving psychopaths and serial killers. In the later books of the mystery series, author Gardner has shown that Kimberly Quincy goes on to become a Special Agent in FBI.

One of the books written by Lisa Gardner in the FBI Profiler series was published under the title ‘The Third Victim’. It was released by the Bantam publishers in the year 2001. Rainie Conner and Pierce Quincy are depicted as the central characters in this book. The opening sequence shows that the peace and integrity of the idyllic town of Bakersville has been ripped apart due to an unspeakable act. Now, the residents are looking for justice. However, even though the one boy has come forward and accepted to be the man behind the crime, the evidences show that he is not the one be held responsible. Officer Conner, who seems to be handling her first homicide case, is at the controversy’s center. The investigation appears to be hitting very close to her home as it brings the worst nightmares back from her past life. It threatens to expose the secret sins of Conner. She knows that the life of the boy is at stake and therefore, she decides not to rest until she has found the real killer. As Pierce Quincy helps her in the case, she comes close to a deadly truth that she had never imagined in her life. The killer seems to be aware of all her secrets and plans his next move accordingly. In fact, he intends to destroy Rainie and eventually kill her. But FBI Profiler Quincy seems to have other plans. He stands in the path of the killer and prevents him from making Rainie his next victim.

Another book published in the series by author Gardner is titled as ‘The Next Accident’. It was released by the Orion publication in the year 2001. The opening plot of the novel shows that Agent Quincy is haunted by the death of his daughter in a drunk and driving accident. He knew very well that his daughter named Amanda had drinking problems and lived a pretty lonely life. Quincy seems to be sure that the man who killed her also knew about it and made Amanda’s death look like an accident under alcohol’s influence. Rainie is introduced into the plot of the book as an ex-police officer. She seems to have been overshadowed by her violent past. In the past, she was involved in a harrowing case with Agent Quincy that had brought them closer both professionally and personally. At that time, he helped her. Now, she thinks that it is her time to help him. But this time, the killer appears to be different and a more deadly one. He does not seem to fear anyone. The killer not only kills his victim, but also bugs their minds and makes them surrender to him. Now, Quincy and Conner learn that the killer is planning to make Kimberly, the second daughter of Quincy, his next victim. Conner thinks that the only she can stop the killer is by coming between the killer and Kimberly, and becoming the next accident herself.

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    I was recently given an older audiobook by Lisa Gardner and it featured Kimberly who was pregnant at the time and married to an agent. The last few CDs won’t play so just wondering if there are further book with Kimberly.



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