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FBI Suspense Thriller Books In Order

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Publication Order of FBI Thriller Books

Catherine Coulter is the author of seventy novels, which includes 66 novels that are the New York Times best sellers, once in a while, following radical prayers, striking #1. She gained her popularity creating historic romances to pass time while on-board the ark. Over the decade ago she added in suspense thriller novels to her repertoire with a great results and amazing success

About the Series

FBI thrillers with persistent characters, most significantly Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock who are husband and wife FBI agents and computer professionals, mostly located in San Francisco, California. The FBI Suspense Thriller series is the biggest series of Catherine Coulter’s creations. This series started in 1996 with the first book named The Cove and is on-going till this day.

The Cove (Book #1)

The Cove is a stylish small postcard town comprised just of aged folk who sell off the World’s Very best Ice Cream which is a magic formula recipe that literally brings a lot of tourists into the town. Sally Brainerd, who is a daughter of killed Amory St. John of Washington, D.C comes to Cove looking for sanctuary and FBI Unique Agent James Quinlan who is undercover and right after her. He is got a murder to unravel, and he considers she’s the real key. But is she genuinely. This is the brief of the book. Catherine scares us and treats us to mysteries which will, ideally, confound us and have us cheerful and nodding at a less likely love story involving a pair of the neatest individuals we’ll ever meet up with. Catherine asks us to seize hold tight and enter into a world where impression becomes actuality and simple truth is a disguise. She asks us to let her understand what we think of this modern day novel which she really relished writing and she admits that she terrified herself a few times.

Book # 2 The Maze

Catherine Coulter’s FBI series is tailor made for individuals who adore to read stressful books filled up with voyage and mystery. Each book gives a typical, recognizable character types, and shows the storyline of an adventure in the lifetime of an FBI agent and their beloved ones. The FBI Suspense Thriller series is a compilation of novels written by Catherine Coulter. The series features lots of plot twists, interesting characters of course mysteries that are challenging to break. Keep in mind Dillon Savich from The Cove. He is back again and he is now the pinnacle of the FBI’s Criminal Apprehension Unit, exactly where Dillon has evolved predictive analogue software programs to assist in the seize of serial murders. There comes Lacey Sherlock who is a very well qualified new agent who appears vibrant and excited and on the up and up. But does she really? When there is a aggressive murder in Boston, she is off of like a shot, lying down to Dillon. When Dillon discovers what’s happening, he understands they will all be in serious trouble, perhaps even victims on their own, if he and Sherlock do not find who killed her sister 7 years before.

While reading this series are we ready to see who is waiting for us at the middle of the maze. There are mysteries to unravel and puzzles to evaluate before getting to a concluding which will have us bolting our doorway, quickly. This book really keeps us enjoy travelling through this weird maze to determine what actually transpired both today and 7 years back.

Book # 3 The Target

While reading this book, we are on the verge of get into a maze where the impossible happens and the incomprehensible turns into terrifyingly true. Escaping undesirable media interest following a well known incident, Ramsey Hunt retreats in to the isolation of a cabin elevated in the Colorado Rockies. But his seclusion is broken when he rescues a little girl subconscious in the forest and unknown people interfere with his confidential meadow, their intention to kill. Molly Santera, the small girl’s mommy, grabs up with Ramsey and her child, mistaking him with the kidnapper. When she finds out which he rather rescued Emma, there is very little time for a thank you. The men seeking desire them badly. Savich and Sherlock along with MAX, the transvestite laptop, come back to support. Ramsey and Molly, dealing with consistent danger, unravel the indications and eventually uncover why they are at the middle of the target. The Target could keep us on the edge of our seat. We may believe that we are the very best at resolving mysteries, but not this time around. There is a surprise by the end, believe it and we can surely enjoy.

Book # 4 The Edge

Publishers weekly referred to Target as an absorbing read. Now arrives a brand new story of captivating suspense, when a small town generally known as The Edge falls victim to absolute evil.

FBI agent Ford MacDougal is coping with injuries he got in a terrorist car bombing while his sister named Jilly who is a medical researcher, pushes her Audi off an Oregon high cliff purposely, it seems like. Strangely enough, although he was at a hospital bed on the other hand of the country, Mac thinks as if he ended up in the car along with her as she sails towards sea. By the time Mac comes in Portland, Jilly comes out of the coma she has been in for 4 days. But right after just a few hours with her brother, she goes away without a trace. While looking for her, Mac listens to another story from everybody he incurs. Once the local sheriff works with his assist the perplexing murder of an aged resident, Mac does not suspicious that the situation links to his sister’s disappearance. FBI agents, Lace Sherlock and Dillon Savich join Mac to experience shot gun. Not understanding to whom to believe in and whom to suspect, they have to get away unremitting pursuers just before un-earthing the tentacles of the evil undermining The Edge.

The Cove, the very first book in her best-selling FBI Suspense Thriller Series put in 9 weeks on the New York Times listing and has up to now sold over Two million copies.

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