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FBI Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Cadence Jones Books

Outta the Bag (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Me, Myself and Why? (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Yours, Mine, and Ours (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
You and I, Me and You (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The FBI Trilogy series is one of the well known romantic suspense series. This series is written by one of the highly renowned authors from The United States named MaryJanice Davidson. The series is comprised of 3 novels and 1 novella in total, which were released between the years 2010 and 2013. All the books in this suspense series follow the events in the life of the chief protagonist named Cadence Jones. She is introduced into the series as a special agent working for the FBI. The people around her think that she is psychologically gifted, by which they actually mean that she is crazy. Based on the name of the central character, the series is also referred to as the Cadence Jones series. Author Davidson started writing this series in the year 2010, the same year at the end of which she released the debut book titled Me, Myself, and Why?. After publishing the first novel, author Davidson decided to write a prequel book for the series and eventually came up with the novella titled Outta the Bag. This book too was released in 2010. In spite of being a 4 book series, it is considered to be a trilogy series. Apart from Cadence Jones, the series also features her sisters named Adrienne and Shiro, as the main characters.

The first book of the FBI Trilogy series written by MaryJanice Davidson is entitled ‘Me, Myself and Why?’ It was published by St Martins Press in 2010. The plot of this romantic suspense book seems outrageously funny, featuring the highly unconventional agent of FBI in the role of Cadence Jones. The other important elements of the book include a gorgeous baker, an odd serial killer, a dedicated lover, and a best friend in the problem. At the start of the story, Cadence Jones is introduced as an innocent and sweet girl having the twist of a girl next door. She does not appear to be a typical girl and clearly not a typical FBI agent. Even Cadence Jones’ sisters named Shiro and the crazy Adrienne would agree with this description of Cadence. However, Cadence Jones possesses a special talent because of which the FBI considers her to be an important and valuable asset in spite of her many defects. Her psychological gift turns out to be of great help when she is given the task of bringing down a serial killer known as the Threefer Killer. Cadence Jones has a partner in the form of the agent named George. He too works to catch the serial killer with Cadence. George and Cadence learn that the serial killer has a habit of killing inexplicably in threes.

After killing his victims, he leaves behind newspaper clippings inexplicably. Also, he tends to make things difficult for the investigating officers by not leaving behind any forensic evidence at the crime scenes. But, as Cadence begins to work on the case, she and her sisters start receiving messages from the serial killer directly. It appears that the killer is trying to challenge the sisters and hinting that they are going to be his next victims. Cadence Jones wonders whether this deadly criminal knows everything about her and her special talent. If not, he would not make the mistake of challenging her. Meanwhile, love begins to bloom in Cadence’s life when she comes across the gorgeous brother of her best friend who arrives in town on a visit. It surprises her to know that he too is aware of her secret. And as the attraction begins to burn hot between the two, Cadence’s best friend does not look thrilled at all with this romantic development. When he gives his reasons, Cadence too seems to agree with him. Suddenly, Cadence Jones finds that her already unbalanced life has turned upside down even more by dating a baker trying to get into her heart as well as her bed. While all this is happening in her life, Cadence tries to dodge a psychiatrist, watch over her sociopath partner, and catch Threefer Killer, who has now sighted her and her sisters as his next targets.

The next book to feature in the series written by author Davidson is titled as ‘Yours, Mine and Ours’. It was also released by the St Martin Press. Once again, author Davidson has penned a hilarious story featuring Cadence Jones, an unusual FBI agent who tends to find love in unexpected places. The starting sequence of this book shows that the season of Christmas. Cadence Jones gets some time off work, which makes her adore the holiday season even more. She looks happy and satisfied with the fact that she is on the path of progress with her romantic relationship with Patrick. Both of them wonder whether the time is right to move on to the next level with their relationship, which seems quite unprecedented in the life of Cadence Jones. Later, she comes across Dr. Max Gallo, who throws her for a tailspin along with her sisters. The threat of Dr. Gallo was already too much to handle for Cadence when she learns about the arrival of a new BOFFO employee named Emma Jan Thyme. The reputation of Emma Thyme precedes Cadence. Emma is known to have earned a doctorate from the Harvard. Along with that, she knows to speak 7 languages and is a very good actress. However, she seems to be harboring a deep secret in her heart related to her past life. Cadence Jones feels that her life has suddenly become very busy as she tries to adjust to the foibles of a new co-worker and shop for a Secret Santa. Also, her days of the holiday season get wasted in searching the right Christmas gift for her lover. But, the greatest problem arises when another serial killer arrives in town. It is learnt that several 14 year olds have gone missing from the town on specific occasions in the past. The serial killer seems to have planned his criminal activities perfectly. As all the victims appear to be ordinary kids, Cadence Jones realizes that it is the ordinaries that is the only common in all the victims. Now, Cadence is required to act quickly and smartly so as to prevent the killer from taking the life of one more innocent teen. Just like all the other previous books, this one too seems to have a good storyline with a better plotting from author Davidson. As the story progresses, many inevitable corners are turned depicting the various twists and turns. The excellent book by MaryJanice Davidson tends to arise the emotions of the readers and at the same time gives them an interesting story to read.

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