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Publication Order of Novels of the FBI Books

Witness to the Truth (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Gentkill (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Freedom to Kill (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fuhrer's Reserve (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Traps (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Big Scam (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

The FBI series is a series of crime and detective fiction novels written by the well known American author named Paul Lindsay. This series is comprised of a total of 6 books, which were released between the years 1992 and 2005. All the books in the series feature the central character in the form of an FBI Special Agent named Mike Devlin. Author Paul has done the character description of Mike Devlin based on his life. He has shared his experiences of working for the FBI for 20 years of his life, in the series. Throughout the series, he depicted various plots and stories which are inspired from his real life experiences. Author Paul has also shown the mode of working of the FBI as well as the weaknesses of the organization during his time of service, in a few books of the crime fiction series. He had to face some criticism for depicting classified details about the Bureau in his novels. But, he fought against all the charges and came out clean. His efforts to construct the stories based on the true information regarding the FBI have earned him great respect and appreciation from the readers and the critics over the years. The first book in the FBI series written by author Paul is titled as ‘Witness to the Truth’ This book was released by the Fawcett publishers in the year 1992. In the same year before the publication of this book, author Paul was given a commendation as well as an incentive for his role in solving an important case as an FBI agent.

At that time, the FBI director named William Sessions had praised him a lot and gave him the award with his own hands. The case that he had helped to solve was that of catching a dangerous serial killer called Benjamin Atkins. Post this event, author Paul thought of sharing his experience in the solving of the case in the form of a novel. Eventually, he penned down the first book of the FBI series. Soon after the release of the novel, author Paul started getting threatening calls from the FBI, which made him feel that the FBI was behaving in an unjust way with him. The FBI director threatened him to fire on the charges of insubordination. Actually, the Bureau was worried about the fact that author Paul had exposed the dealings of the FBI to a large extent in the book. So, the Bureau tried to frame him by claiming that he had broken an important rule by accepting outside income for in exchange for his novel. In the novel, the chief protagonist Mike Devlin is introduced as an FBI Special Agent, who does not work by the FBI rule book. He makes his own rules while dealing with the criminals and trusts no one else except his own instincts. After carrying out several unorthodox arrests, he is asked to carry out a wiretap duty. After some time, Mike Devlin comes to know that the FBI has a traitor among its agents, who has been giving out classified information about the FBI informants to the deadly crime bosses. When he learns about the kidnapping of the daughter of one of the fellow agents, he joins him in an attempt to rescue her. In turns out that, a serial killer has abducted her in order to take revenge from the FBI for arresting him in a previous case. If Mike Devlin wants to save the girl, he has to put his career as well as life on the line against the killer. He trusts his fate and moves forward with to attempt saving the girl.

One of the other books published early in the series is titled as ‘Traps’. This book was published in 2002 by the Simon and Schuster publishers. In this book, author Paul has described a different FBI agent named Jack Kincade. As the book starts, it is shown that Jack Kincade is a disenchanted agent for whom justice appears to be a distant ideal. Once, he used to be described as one of the bright lights in the Bureau. But now, he remains largely off-duty and lives in a seedy motel along with his loyal collie named Border. He spends most of his time getting drunk with rotgut vodka added with hot sauce. For his livelihood, he indulges in occasionally indulges in an unusual job, i.e, robbing banks. One evening, he gets a call from the FBI who inform him about a cold case which has recently come to haunt them. Seeing themselves cornered in the worst possible way, the Bureau asks Jack Kincade for his help to get the case over with. In this book, author Paul has effectively portrayed an agency suffering from infighting and apathy. Soon, all the attention of the Bureau is diverted to a 3 year old unsolved case in which the kidnapped victim’s father had placed an unmovable 800 pound bomb in the Cook County prison. He had kept the lives of fifteen thousand jail inmates in danger and had demanded that the FBI should find his daughter as soon as possible.

As the case has come up again to haunt the Bureau, the new agent in charge comes to know that out of all the FBI agents, Jack Kincade is the best one to solve the case. The FBI sends a black agent named Ben Alton to pick up Kincade from his motel room. Alton is portrayed as having lost one of his legs to cancer. He joins duty to serve as a coordinator in solving the unsolved bank robbery cases that Jack Kincade has been committing. When Kincade and Alton join hands to work on the kidnapping case, they surprise everyone by solving it in only a few hours. However, Alton still feels that something does not just seem right and asks Kincade to stay focused on the case. As the novel progresses forward, both the agents are shown are facing a pathological adversary with a self-serving vengeance which also threatens the lives of the agents as well as their family members. Author Paul has done a tremendous job in describing the rich details about the Bureau once again. This enabled him to bring out one of his most authentic and gripping novels. It was liked and appreciated by numerous readers all over the world. Even the critics praised author Paul for his determined efforts in developing the excellent story of the novel. The success of the book not only helped him to become more popular as a novelist, but also allowed him to gain the momentum for writing the future novels in his writing career.

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