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Publication Order of Feathers and Fire Books

“Feathers and Fire” is a series of urban fantasy novels by Shayne Silvers, the former banker turned urban fantasy and paranormal fiction author. While Silvers only went professional in 2017, he has proven a very popular author with his book sales already hitting the million-dollar mark. He published his debut novel “Obsidian Son,” the first of the “Nate Temple” series of novels and has never looked back since. He now has more than twenty titles in the “Nate Temple,” “Feathers and Fire,” “Phantom Queen Diaries,” and “Shade of Devil” series of novels. As for his writing, he does not think of it as work since it is a fun activity rather than a chore. Silvers now self -publishes his works on Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon with several of his works also published in paperback and e-book format. The prolific author usually publishes up to seven titles every year.

Shayne Silvers has always loved reading ever since he was a child even though becoming an author was not something that he dreamed about. In 2010 he got into banking when he was employed as a banking clerk at the Bank of America Springfield branch while still a student at Missouri State University. In 2013, he graduated with a bachelor’s in finance and got a job at Great Southern Bancorp, where he was a credit analyst. He loved banking and found it a lot of fun until he published “Obsidian Sun” and the novel shot up the rankings on Amazon. Nate Temple the lead character was so popular that he could not help but make a series as requested by fans. By 2015, he had published his second novel and given how much money he as making from his hobby, he decided to quit his career in banking to become a pro author. By the time he quit and with less than ten novels to his name he was already making more than five times what he did as a banker. With his income increasing exponentially, he realized that he loved writing more and he stood to make a better career as an author.

The “Feathers and Fire” series of novels feature Callie Penrose, a rookie spell slinger employed by the Vatican Office in Kansas City. She makes use of fireballs, staves, and magical rods and is a more understanding, serious, and self-reliant version of Nate Temple. She could be compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Wonderwoman as she is just as willing to save her fellow man. Nonetheless, she cares less about killing something or someone as compared to Wonderwoman or Buffy. In the novels, Callie is employed by the Vatican to hunt monsters though it is a part-time job and she is more like a glorified wizard intern than a full time professional. But while she works for the Vatican, she is not your typical church girl as you would never find her teaching kids Sunday School or sitting down for Mass at church. She is not a woman of faith especially since she had been abandoned on the steps of the church when she was a but a child. Still, she has to deal with agents of both Hell and Heaven, and maybe she may just become a believer after her many ordeals. They do seem to be very knowledgeable about her past and she hopes to glean some critical insights from them. But the problem is that they have been told to either kill or recruit her to prevent the other side from doing so. Will she become Hell’s Angel or Heaven’s Devil?

“Unchained” the first novel of the “Feathers and Fire” series introduces Callie Penrose, an American middle-class girl from the Midwest who is training to be a witch. She has a job with the Vatican Shepherds, a premier group of a dozen warrior-priests traveling the world and smiting whoever offends their Good Lord or even them. She has never been a fan of Sunday services let alone church. But then she learns that a Heavenly spear had joined a public sale in the city and even though she is a low-ranking Shepherd, she steps up to the plate. Her first night in the auction sees her bidding against the billionaire wizard Nate Temple from St. Louis. When Nephilim, demons, vampires, and shifter bears attack the city and the auction, Callie and Nate are forced to team up and the once upon a time bitter foes turn into tentative allies. Callie needs to know where she stands as a witch. She may learn some very interesting things about her identity.

“Rage,” the second novel of the series is set a few weeks after Callie who is the intern monster hunter for the Vatican killed a demon. Since then, there has been peace and quiet though this may just be the lull before the storm. It is not long before young women start going missing, abducted by werewolves. In the meantime, a new church has been launched that promises to destroy all idols including the wizards and monsters. They had been in high spirits until one of the church members turns up dead, disemboweled by an unknown monster that paints the name of God in blood on the steps of the church. Someone decides to copy the “Salem Witch Trials” and it seems they have not only the blessing of the police but also their assistance. Callie needs to apprehend the killer or else Kansas City will erupt in a civil war she had unintentionally started. She is also being stalked by someone unseen and with nightmares, legends, and gods coming into the city, Callie realizes that she is an involuntary player in a very sick game.

“Whispers” the third novel of the “Feathers and Fire” series opens to Callie hearing voices in her head. The Vatican had been broken when one of its Shepherds was killed in cold and the prime suspects in the murder are Callie’s friends. Callie now needs to team up with Roland to try to prove their friends’ innocence. It is not easy since she is still hearing strange voices in her head and is sheltering Angel Grace. If the Shepherds learn of the hellish bargain that Roland had entered into, brother will turn against brother and Rome will flow with blood. The Vatican is under pressure from the Antipope who has strange demands even as Nate Temple arrives into town demanding a meeting with the Shepherds. Callie thinks things could not get any worse until it is discovered that there is an ancient order of traitors that have infiltrated the Vatican and are determined to destroy it.

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