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Publication Order of Featherstone Academy Books

Featherstone Academy Series

The British author K.C. Kean is well known for her romance novels, particularly focusing on the RH, or reverse-harem, subgenre. Really pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the genre, she allows her work to essentially speak for itself, immediately getting to the heart of what she’s trying to say. Making the most of each of her compelling premises as well, her work is engaging and tantalizing in equal measure, keeping the reader hooked throughout. Knowing her audience well at this point, she has a real way with words that instantly grabs the reader right from the outset.

Over the years she’s also created a number of series as well, ensuring readers come back for more time and time again. With returning characters and compelling themes, she develops vast and intricate worlds that really set themselves apart. Developing her characters as well, she makes sure that they really do feel alive on the page, making a powerful impact upon her audience. Pushing the genre forwards in new and interesting directions, her many series have proven themselves to be a testament to her skills as a writer.

One such series is that of her ‘Featherstone Academy’ series, which showcases some of the best that Kean has to offer as an author. Continuing to develop the series for quite some time now, the books focus on an academy for criminal activity, building leaders from the students. Grounded firmly in reality, it tutors young students over eighteen years of age for a life of leadership in the criminal underworld. It’s students are selected through their bloodlines, and, during their time spent at the academy, all manner of romantic escapades ensue.

The series itself has run for over six books so far and counting, with the series beginning in 2020 with the novel ‘My Bloodline.’ Later the series would also be collected into two compendium omnibus editions, with books one through to three in volume one, and books four and five in volume two. It’s also a series intended for mature readers with its erotic and passionately charged content, with some darker material that may be difficult for some.

My Bloodline

First published in 2020 on the 21st of July by K.C. Kean herself, this would be the opening to the ‘Featherstone Academy’ series. It would provide a passionately charged introduction to the world overall, and, therefore, definitely a series that’s aimed at older more mature readers. With more than one love interest for the main protagonist, it’s a reverse-harem themed novel that definitely doesn’t hold back.

Featuring Luna ‘Moon’ Steele, this book sees her as the protagonist, reluctantly heading off the Featherstone Academy, despite wanting to simply be a tattoo artist getting by on light thievery. Due to her bloodline though, she finds herself one of the newest students of this institution for those set to progress through the ranks of the criminal underworld. It’s also here that, within the classes, she finds other students, as she begins to develop relationships, as her horizons start to grow. Where will her journey take her to next, can she navigate this exciting and dangerous new world, and what will become of Luna as she learns ‘what is my bloodline?’

It’s the perfect introduction to the series, with a lot of engaging characters, making for an extremely compelling opening to the franchise. Each of the characters are extremely well drawn, feeling fully fleshed out with three-dimensional personalities that really do stand out. Setting up the world as well, it really does paint the ideal picture of the institution and how it really works for the students.

Your Bloodline

This book would originally come out in 2021 on the 8th of June, making for a hugely powerful second novel in the ‘Featherstone Academy’ series. Once again there are strong scenes of intimacy between the characters, as it really does keep readers on the edges of their seats. Definitely aimed at older mature readers, K.C. Kean would also publish this through her own publishing imprint as well.

Following the character of Luna ‘Moon’ Steele once again, it sees her this time opening herself up to trusting others. With a group known as the ‘Aceholes,’ she will find her own inner-strength, as she further navigates this murky and institution. As secrets begin to reveal themselves slowly, she finds herself seeking to live up to the promise she made to her father, which was to leave a powerful impact. Will she be able to achieve this ambition though, can she live up to her father’s ideal, and what is going to happen after she’s told that ‘this is your bloodline?’

A fine follow-up to the first novel, this really delivers on the compelling premise and promise of the original title. Developing the character of Luna well, it builds upon her personality with expert precision, really bringing out all the edges that make her whole. Further establishing the world of Featherstone as well, it really delivers on creating a living breathing environment that feels wholly immersive.

Our Bloodline

Initially released on the 8th of June in 2021, this would be the third book overall in the ‘Featherstone Academy’ series of novels. This entry into the series provides an ending to the ‘Aceholes’ narrative arc, bringing it all to a more than successful and satisfying conclusion. It also paves the way for more to follow, as the books ‘Red,’ ‘Freedom,’ and ‘Redemption,’ would soon follow-on in the same franchise. In it The Games have finally arrived for Luna ‘Moon’ Steele, and it’s time for her to see what Beechwood Hall has in store for her with the challenges that lie ahead.

The Featherstone Academy Series

It’s a fun series with a lot to offer, and it’s no wonder that readers keep continuing to return for more with each subsequent release. The series knows exactly what it is and what it’s doing, and is all the more entertaining for it, making the books an easy and compelling read. Creating engaging characters too, everyone feels fully fleshed out, making the books easy to relate to, despite their escapist premise. All in all the books are a must not only for fans of the author, but of the erotic romance genre as a whole, as it has a lot to offer everyone.

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