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Publication Order of Federal Histories Books

Witch of the Federation (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witch of the Federation II (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witch of the Federation III (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witch of the Federation IV (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witch of the Federation V (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witch of the Federation VI (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Michael Anderle, born 1967, comes from Houston, Texas. He was a bit of a precocious child, having a lot of curiosities about new things. His tendency to satisfy his curiosity would get him in trouble too often. He grew up thinking getting grounded for being so inquisitive was not any use to him.

Mr. Anderle has had a hobby of reading since he was a child. He was a Science Fiction and Fantasy reader for decades. More recently he became interested in Urban Fantasy and Military Fiction.

The extensive reading background helped him by inspiring him to be able to bring these types of stories to young adults. He started with the Kutherian Gambit series, a huge fan favorite.

Federal Histories Series focuses on Stephanie Morgana, an extremely intelligent young woman. Earth is in battle with the Federation Navy. Earth is looking for the brightest, most talented, most special young people for the job. Magic Users are very few and difficult to find. Earth has developed a method of using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to examine potential candidates for their program. The goal is to find another world filled with the best of the best.

In the first book of the series, Witch Of The Federation, Stephanie Morgana has been selected for testing to see if she is “the best of humanity” for the program. She’s placed in a virtual reality POD that has the ability to analyze her physically, emotionally, and her intellect to learn how she thinks and processes incoming information.

Stephanie feels she is at a disadvantage. She comes from a poor area of town, the “Gov-Subs”, she had the typical education of poor kids, never having the advantages of some of her POD mates.

She spends several hours – or was it only minutes?- she was in the POD. The experience was extraordinary, something she had never had before nor even dreamed about. She came out not knowing if she had passed or not.

The A.I. which runs the Virtual World where the PODs run are in charge of testing her. It has never tested a human before and they are changed forever. The training for the program that is intended for Stephanie is hugely expensive.

Stephanie Morgana is a genius and she has no clue. She’s never been in a position to realize her potential. After her test will the A.I. realize how gifted she is? Will Stephanie pass the test? Will she be moved to the highly advanced prep schools or will the A.I. system miss her?

The author notes: this is a very large book with approximately 185,000 words in the first volume.

The second novel in the series, Witch Of The Federation II, introduces us to Stephanie Morgana in her new life. She is learning about her family history and is realizing being a Morgana is a special legacy. With that legacy comes special powers and special responsibilities.

Her legacy of special powers comes with risks. The Federation Navy wants her. She may or may not want them.

The A.I. running the Virtual World has seen the necessity to break some rules to be able to follow its prime directives. Stephanie has proven she has extraordinary skills but the A.I. needs to break some rules to accomplish it.

She needs to improve and increase her skills fast enough to defend against the evils coming to the Federation. Stephanie was in a battle for the Ambassador in which she injured. She needs to recover quickly and try not to succumb to the pain.

The author advises that this is also a very large novel with approximately 192,000 words.

The third novel in the series, Witch Of The Federation III, is also a very large book.

Stephanie Morgana has been elevated to the position of Protector of ALL Federation’s people. She has a huge reputation as being a very powerful witch. This places a large target on her back.

She has a team to work for her and to protect her but she is concerned about their loyalty to her. Money can turn any one’s loyalty. She needs to get them all to respect her. Maybe Dreth can help her have a team that truly has her back.

Stephanie has other work to do first. There’s a test she has to pass. It’s another type of MU (Magic Users) she has to understand. Without getting killed doing it.

There are enemies aiming to attack Morgana, working on all fronts to make the attack effective. They don’t realize Stephanie has a highly effective army around her to protect her and her position who are powerful in their own right.

As leader of the Federation, Stephanie knows the necessity of Earth having more magic users. Are there any people on Earth with the necessary genes to be able to be trained to be able to contribute to the needs of protecting Earth?

Stephanie is the leader of the of the Federation now, but she is required to acquire more powers, the ones that will help her keep the position and protect her people. Being a MORGANA, she doesn’t have an alternative. No matter the cost to her.

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