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The Federation series is a popular book series of erotica, adult fiction, science fiction, and romance novels. This series is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 2008 and 2012. All the books of this series consist of different central characters and are written by a very well known American novelist named Lauren Dane. Author Dane has typically described futuristic erotica scenes in most of the plots, which look exciting and sensuous to read about. In some places, the series is also known by the name Federation Chronicles. A few of the books of the series form part of another popular mini-series written by Dane, called the Phantom Corps series. Lauren Dane has set the stories in different Verses inside a Federation that also contains the Imperial Verses or the enemy territory. Each of the books contain independent stories irrespective of the stories of the series’ other books. So, they can also be read as standalone novels. However, a common story arc spans in every book that deals with an unrest within the democratic territory of the Federation. As a result of this unrest, a war continues to brew between the 2 sides and seems imminent. In the Phantom Corps mini series, author Lauren has shown the Imperialists as a team of ultra-shadowy special-ops soldiers, who are given the charge of doing whatever it takes to prevent the large scale war from happening. She has particularly focused on describing the background of the impending war and the necessary efforts taken to stop it from happening. In the Insatiable novel, the chief protagonist named Daniel Haws takes up the mission of entering the territory of Imperial Verse and smuggle out important information needed to save the Federation from the war. The information is so powerful that if at all the war breaks out, it can help them to emerge victorious without any bloodshed. Author Dane began writing the series in the year 2008 and also managed to publish its first book. So far, she has successfully written and published five novels. As of now, the series is still going on as Dane is working on the story development of the next book in this futuristic romance series.

Lauren Dane is a famous American author, who has a particular interest in the romance, urban fantasy, erotic romance, and paranormal romance genres. She started her writing career in 2005 and became a published author with her first novel called Triad. Dane is working on multiple series at the moment and says that she likes to work this way because she is able to put the vast range of ideas that come to her mind on paper and then sort them out to develop interesting stories. Some of the other very famous book series written by her include Chase Brothers, Cascadia Wolves, Witches Knot, Brown Siblings, etc. The initial phase of her career was not very exciting as she had to struggle a lot in her early days. But, once she got a hold on the way things work in their field, she has continued to ascend on the path of success. The first time that Dane decided to give a try to the idea of writing novels was when she was lying in her bed during her pregnancy. Days of free time and less workload allowed her to think of interesting romance stories and eventually develop them in the form of novels. After having established herself successfully, Lane states that she has a good fortune and a wonderful fate because of which she was able to make it big in her career. Because of the immense success, her life has also become wonderful. As of today, Lauren Dane resides in the scenic Pacific Northwest. She is quite happy to perform her roles as a mother, a partner, a daughter, a friend, and a writer. During the late evenings, she sits down to write after putting her children to bed. Dane likes to keep her fans updated about her upcoming projects, who in turn show a lot of support to all her works.

The debut book of the Federation series written by author Lauren Dane is entitled ‘Undercover’. It was released by the Berkely publication in the year 2008. The primary characters of this book as mentioned by author Dane include Sera Ayers, Brandt Pela, and Ash Walker. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Sera Ayers is the lieutenant of the military of the Federation. Her post enables her to give out orders and get the works done. The reverse has never happened in a long time in her life. But, when she comes across a man she cannot stand and keeps thinking about, Sera is forced to obey all that he says. Ash Walker is asked to assemble a team of covert operatives in order to stop the Imperialist enemies from gaining the ground on the battlefield. Sera and Ash were involved in a hot and romantic relationship around 10 years. Their relationship was about to take the shape of marriage, but Ash got married to someone else and Sera chose to move out of his life. Now, Ash’s marriage has come off and lives a single life. When Ash learns about the capabilities of Sera, he asks her to join his team. In one corner of his heart, Ash still wishes that Sera comes back into his life. The team has a third member named Brandt Pela. He too looks very handsome and sexy. As per the undercover plan, Sera is asked to pose as the lover of Brandt. Due to this, the two come so close that a sensuous passion gets ignited inside them. Now, all the three seem to have arrived at a situation when no one is ready to give up and wants to dominate the others.

The next installment of this successful series is called ‘Relentless’. It was also published by Berkley in 2009. The chief characters of this novel are shown as Abbie Haws, Roman Lyons, and Ravena. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the Federated Universes are ruled by fifteen families. In battling against this system, Abbie Haws has been indulged in very long. She was so much involved that she hardly paid any attention to any kind love or relationship. However, a point comes in Abbie’s life when she meets a very handsome man and cannot resist him. She cannot help but get attracted towards him and for the first time in her entire life she has felt that her fight was not much important than her love life. Roman Lyons is introduced as the House Lyons’ Head. He likes to stand for all that Abbie Haws hates. The world in which Abbie lives, Ravena, revolves around this born leader. Roman too looks interested in meeting the defiant Abbie Haws. However, given the strong personalities that the two possess, they tend to collide very often in public and start hating each other a lot. But, their attraction for one another keeps getting stronger and they feel guilty in private about the way they deal with each other.

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