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Coming from Argentina, the writer Federico Axat has a strong and distinctive voice, not just in literature, but in film and television too. This has allowed him to harness a uniquely versatile style with an idiosyncratic appeal that manages to work its way across the board. With readers from all across the world, he’s able to speak in a way that really captures the imagination of his audience, regardless of where they’re from.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the future author Federico Axat grew up with a love of both reading and writing, harnessing his love of writing from an early age. This would grow throughout the following years, as he came to find his own style and voice in the years to come. With a clear visual sense he would also manage to craft his gift for dialogue, something which became one of his many signatures.

With a number of books published both in Spain and abroad, he has been translated into a variety of different languages. This has ensured his status as an international bestselling author with a universal appeal worldwide, largely due to his broad scope. Using his own personal style, he has managed to gain a sense of intimacy with the reader, making them feel very real and true in equal measure.

Knowing both his audience and his genre, Federico has come to be regarded as one of the most distinctive novelists of his genre. Translated into over thirty different languages, this has seen him become a writer who’s appreciated for his wit and his warm style. He is also able to generate a certain level of suspense too, keeping his readers completely gripped throughout his narratives.

With a high level of both drama and suspense, he has been able to create a solid set of thrillers and mysteries. Moving into the world of film and television too, he has become a highly recognized and sought after figure within the industry. This has all lead to him becoming a major voice with a clear love of storytelling, with a gift for narrative and character alike.

Writing Career

It was in 2010 that Federico Axat would make his initial debut onto the literary scene with the novel ‘Benjamin’, which would establish his name and brand. This would be mainly in Spanish, although later he would go on to release ‘Kill The Next One’ in English in 2016. With this novel of his he would establish his name worldwide, gaining an international audience all across the world.

Not writing any series as such Axat opts for more stand-alone titles with singular self-contained narratives told. This allows the stories to provide a more compact feel, giving them a sense of urgency, whilst still retaining plot and character development. Writing largely thriller novels too, they manage to maintain their suspense throughout, never letting the reader off the hook.

Winning awards for his work too, he is not without critical acclaim either, as he no only writes with populist sensibilities, but for his peers and contemporaries too. This has allowed him to become one of the most versatile voices of his genre, as he submerges himself within a number of different styles. Following on in the footsteps of writers such as Stephen King, a novelist who he draws a lot of inspiration from, he’s been able to pave his own way in the field too.

Setting an eye on film and television it’s clear that Axat’s career is definitely moving forward, as his books contain a highly visual style. Lending themselves well to the silver screen, he manages to capture the essence of the characters that he is writing about. Along with this he has also managed to establish himself as a masterful storyteller, combining tension and suspense for thrilling effect.

With his writing career constantly progressing, it would seem that Federico Axat shows no signs of stopping any time soon as an author. Gaining the eye of Hollywood as well, he will carry on drawing attention to his work, thanks to his suspense filled style. Planning to release more books on the horizon, he will continue to gain momentum, as he carries on into the foreseeable future.

Kill The Next One

Released through the Mulholland Books publishing label, this was to be his first book translated into English by David Frye. Published on the 13th of March in 2016, this would allow him to become a household name worldwide as well. Working as a stand-alone title it managed to create a level of suspense in a psychological thriller that has since come to be regarded as exemplary of the genre.

On the brink of suicide, the once successful Ted McKay had everything; two daughters, a beautiful wife and a well paying job, only to be told he had a tumor. That’s when a stranger calls following him placing a gun to his temple, as he is then given a proposition; kill some people more deserving than he, one a criminal and another a terminal cancer patient. Given that this may be easier for his family than the impact of suicide, he initially agrees, but soon it appears that there might be more to his targets than he first thought. Why do they know his name? How have they come to have obtained mementos of his, and what secrets really lurk in his past? With this in mind, can he kill the next one?

The Meadow of the Butterflies

Brought out by the ‘Destino’ publishing label, this was released in Spain and has yet to find itself translated into English. Published on the 4th of June 2013 it was again a stand-alone book with a highly intriguing premise at the heart of its story. The characters themselves are also extremely well drawn, as they manage to truly come alive off the page for the reader.

People apparently seem to be constantly disappearing every year within Carnival Falls under mysterious circumstances. Whilst many see these deaths as being nothing other than sheer coincidence, others think it means something a lot more sinister. Then in 1985 Miranda turns up, which then turns the twelve year old Sam and Billy’s summer and lives completely upside down. Can anything ever be the same again? Will they find the truth behind the disappearance? What will become of the meadow of the butterflies?

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