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Publication Order of Felix Castor Books

The Devil You Know (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vicious Circle (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Men's Boots (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thicker Than Water (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Naming of the Beasts (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghost in Bone (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mike Carey is a British writer of comic novels, books and films. He was born in 1959 in Liverpool, England. At his tender age, he portrayed some interest in comics, drawing and writing stories to entertain his younger brother.

Mike Carey studied English at St Peter’s College. He later became a teacher for 15 years and moved on to writing. His first comics were very rock oriented – a comic about Ozzy Osborne and fantasy comic about Pantera.

Mike continued with other fascinating book series such as Hellblazer, Peter Miligan, and Garth Ennis. He was also among the X-men writers from 2006. He is also well-known for writing Felix Castor novels. This series began on 2006 and ended in 2009.

The devil You Know

This was the first book in the series. The book is about Felix Castor who makes a living as a freelance exorcists in the haunted streets of London. To many, his job appeared to be very luxurious and adventurous as he busts ghosts and charges whichever amount of money he desires.

However, there is a risk. Along the path, he will have to take down a spirit which is too powerful for him. This experience makes him back out from his evil career. But a man has to eat. Castor accepts a simple ghost hunting case at a museum in London.

Things go haywire when demons and ghosts turned exorcism into Who Can Kill Castor First competition. In addition, there is a very big prize on his head. This doesn’t shake Castor. The dead are his favorite. The only things pissing him off are the living.

Vicious Circle

After a successful case which convinced him that he can do some good with his ‘powers’, Flexi Castor decides to return to exorcism. This was good according to the living. The succubus Ajulutsikael (Juliet to her friends) is still pursing the contract she has Castor and decided to possess Rafi who is Castor’s friend.

Castor is still poor but he manages to make some money by doing some consulting for the local cops. However, he needs a huge private job to patch up the hole in his bank account. Even though this is what he needs, the world feeds him with a mere ‘missing ghost’ case. This case puts him and his dear ones in the middle of a terrifying spot which will raise hell’s most dangerous demons.

The name Felix Castor will always come hand in hand with names of Satanists, haunted churches, stolen spirits and sacrifice farms at police reports.

Dead men’s boots

Life has never been simple for Felix Castor. To you, it would be very strange when one decides to aid a friend’s widow in stopping a lawyer from stealing her husband’s corpse. To Castor, this is just like taking morning coffee.

A brutal murder in King’s Cross proves that the spirit of a long dead American serial killer has awoken. This gives Castor all the reasons to stay away from the case. He is also on a legal battle for the body – if not the soul – of the widow’s husband. As his friend Rafi is still possessed, he has a feeling that these three cases are somehow related.

His friends, Juliet the succubus and Nicki Heath the paranoid zombie, lend him a hand. This increases the chance of Castor fitting the pieces together before someone or something claims his soul…

Thicker than water

As a freelance exorcist, dealing with the dead is Felix Castor’s stock in trade. From his different contracts granted by his private clients and consulting for the Met, he assumes he has seen everything. That is just a fraction of what is coming.

A late-night call to a South London Housing estate gives him a clue that this is just the beginning. It is not every day that you find your name painted in blood at a crime scene.

The estate has an awful history of violence and Castor automatically senses that something is terribly wrong. An excommunicated militant arm of the Catholic Church known as the Anathemata is also on this case. However, it opts to go for the brutal solution which may worsen the current situation. On the other hand, Mathew (Castor’s brother) is running after his own secret agenda.

Even though blood is thicker than water, Castor smells that he might be dealing with something thicker than blood. He has to find it before Anathemata or else, hell will break lose…

The naming of the beasts

This is the last book of the series. You might think that the road to Hell is always decorated with goodies. To Felix Castor, the highway to hell is filled with arrogance and reckless stupidity. That is the reality.

Castor should know that often you can play both sides against the middle and still survive. However, an inevitable crisis has taken place leaving his hands stained with blood. In his world, someone else will be the one to pay the bill – friends, dear ones, bystanders or acquaintances – not him.

Castor tries to bury his guilt with cheap whisky as an innocent woman lies dead while her daughter in comatose. There is a demon loose on the streets. This makes his friends fear for their lives. This is not just an ordinary demon. It has possessed his best friend and can’t be exorcised without killing him.

This puts castor in a tough dilemma; either he expels the demon or hell will literally break lose…


Mike Carey is the creator of the award winning Lucifer series. He is one of the world’s most talented and respected comics writers. His Felix Castor series is an urban fiction genre series which brings in ghosts, ghouls, demons and spirits to the life of a freelance exorcist, Felix Castor.

This is the ideal series for thriller and comic lovers. It vividly describes the realm of spirits and explores the world of the dead. The mystery development in the books is realistic. There are no sub-plots to carry the paranormal activities. Just sit back and enjoy the thrilling experience. Mike Carey does an excellent work in developing the characters in the series including Juliet the succubus.

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