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Fethafoot Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Fethafoot Chronicles Books

Nyarla and the Circle of Stones (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guluya and the Lake Mungo Mystery (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Contest (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ancient Omen: The Arrival (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vanishing: The Rainbow Serpent's Dance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bunya-nut Games: Booburrgan Ngmmunge (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Save a King (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Galku's Revenge (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pale n Hora Nigrum: Pale Death at the Black Line (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Seventh Veil (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silent Sky (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Fethafoot Chronicles

As an Aboriginal Australian, the author Pemulwuy Weeatunga is well known for writing from a unique and largely under-represented perspective. Giving fresh insight into the history of his culture and people, he really brings a whole new level of insight into life of the indigenous tribes of Australia. Writing for a younger audience too, he aims to get young people to read more and learn about the rich cultural history of the Australian continent. Focused on indigenous Australians too, he manages to convey this history in a clear and accessible manner that has drawn in a huge audience. Not just that, but he’s also brought in readers from all across the globe, largely thanks to his style that resonates on a universal level. Creating strong and iconic characters that allow his readers to relate to his work, regardless of where they’re from or their background, his works translate well for a modern contemporary audience. His series are also admired by both critics and the general public alike, largely thanks to their narrative arcs that carry the reader along with confidence and wit. Many of these continue to be discovered by readers to this day, as they continue to draw in readers both young and old alike. One series that draws heavily upon this is that of the much loved and highly regarded Fethafoot Chronicles series of books. Working within the mold of historical fiction, it charts the history of an Aboriginal tribe called the Fethafoot Clan, whilst also including elements of spirituality too. Using real-life facts alongside more mystical elements, it manages to provide both a factual telling of their history, as well as getting to the heart of who they are as people and what their beliefs are. Featuring a number of different characters, it looks at their lives and their folklore through a collection of stories and events charting this mysterious warrior tribe. With so much history to work with, Pemulwuy has plenty to work with, giving him space to continue writing the series indefinitely.

So far the series itself has lasted for over eleven books and counting, with the first one, ‘Nyarla and the Circle of Stones’, being published in 2014. With the history of the clan being so extensive, these stories lend themselves to this format extremely well, as they have the to keep continuing. Not only that, but there is always something new to learn on the history of aboriginal people, something that definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. There is more expected in the future, as Weeatunga continues this series alongside his many other stories and sagas charting his culture.

Nyarla and the Circle of Stones

Initially published through the ‘BookBaby’ publishing imprint, this would come out to much acclaim, setting up The Fethafoot Chronicles as a whole. Released on the 10th of December in 2014, this would establish both the style and the tone, along with the premise as well. Not only that, but it would also bring readers into a world that had largely been unexplored in literature up to that point.

Following a bright and vibrant cast of characters, these stories move around the world and culture of the Fethafoot tribe themselves. Taking a look into how they live, this is a must for anyone hoping to gain a more in-depth insight in the history of the Aborigines. Set within the outback of Australia, it really makes the most of its landscape too, with the characters and their setting being almost one and the same in essence. The characters themselves are also well drawn, with each of them finding their place within this world, as it examines their very real and very human plights.

Set around the lives of the Australian rock-heart people, these ten stories concern themselves with the Fethafoot clan in particular. Living within Aboriginal society and culture for over 50,000 years, this ancient culture has a rich and vibrant history to offer. Looking at the world through a different lens, they fully explore another way of life, one that involves both magic and wonder. This involves such activities as travelling in ‘Dreamtime’, and what it truly means to be a powerful Kadaicha spirit-warrior. What secrets do they hold? Where will their journeys take them? Who will learn the mysteries of Nyarla and the Circle of Stones?

Guluya and the Lake Mungo Mystery

Published in 2015, this came out little under a few months after the first, this being the second title in the Fethafoot Chronicles series. Brought out on the 4th of February, this would also come out through the ‘BookBaby’ publishing house once again too. Continuing on from the last in much the same vein as before, it tells of more stories set around the Aboriginal Fethafoot clan and their history throughout the ages.

Following the lives of four early Australians, this takes a look back at their history and culture, once again delving into Australia’s Aboriginal roots. Featuring animals and wildlife of mystical proportions, it takes an in-depth look at the folklore surrounding them and their culture. Stepping into this rich environment is one Mudjeri, who is an ever humble warrior from the Fethafoot clan, alongside Ngari, his loving soul-mate. Then there’s Gurindji, a man of such a singular mindset that nothing will get in his way, as he’s all set on the path to getting what he really wants out of life. Can they make the most of their fates? How will their destinies fare? What is the truth behind Guluya and the Lake Mungo mystery?

The Fethafoot Chronicles

As a story of the Fethafoot Clan, this is an extremely interesting and unique insight into an otherwise unseen way of life. Getting to the heart of what drives these people following them throughout history, it really makes for an entirely different perspective. Combining history, mysticism and spirituality, it manages to not only provide their history in a factual sense, but also who they are as people. This gives it a certain sense of weight and heft that really allows it to come alive off of the page, bringing the culture to life for the reader. With more titles expected in the future, it doesn’t look like this particular series is going away any time soon either, as it will carry on for quite some time to come.

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