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Publication Order of Fevered Hearts Books

Marshal of Hel Dorado (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brave Are the Lonely (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Micah & Mrs Miller (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fistful of Dreams (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Raising Kane (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wanted (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Quick and the Fevered (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Man Called Wyatt (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Fevered Hearts series is a series of paranormal romance and historical western novels written by the world famous author named Heather Long. This series is comprised of 7 novels and 1 novella in total, which were released between the years 2011 and 2014. One of the most successful novels of this series is titled as ‘A Fistful of Dreams’. This book was released by the author’s own publication called as the Heather Long Books in the year 2013. Author Long has described the main characters in this story in the form of Buck, Jason Kane, and Delilah. As the plot begins, Buck is introduced as a Dreamwalker, Spirit brother, and shaman’s son. He is shown as not being at the mercy of his wide range of abilities. Also, Buck never felt the hunger for violence, until Delilah came into his life. Whenever a village, an outpost, or a town gets struck by the fever of the spirit, it hardly leaves behind any survivors. And every time such a thing happens, the white men start blaming the Indians saying that they have made use of the black mojo on them. On the other hand, the Indians blame them back by saying that the white men have angered the spirits due to which such a calamity has happened. However, the survivors knew very well that none of their beliefs and sayings actually mattered. Ultimately, the Fevered ones were changed forever. When one such spirit fever strikes Dorado, the village of Buck, he faces his first challenge of building it back.

Dorado seems to have been left in ruins after the outbreak of fever and surviving a deadly attack by the enemies. The Flying K also gets sieged because of the attack and the fever. Now, all the resources left get devoted to rebuild the town and protect the newly born Fevered living among the survivors. Buck and his siblings begin to divide their precious time between training the new members of the family and avoiding getting detected by the enemy soldiers making frequent arrivals. By doing so, they try to construct their new fort pose. However, Buck’s dreams are always haunted by Delilah. And when Jason K threatens that he would come in between them, the obsession of Buck tends to drive him crazy. Delilah Rinaldi is introduced into the plot by author Long as a rescued woman from Fort Courage’s whorehouse. She never expected that she will be able to come out and join the sanctuary of the Fevered as well as their allies. From the time she arrives at the ranch, Delilah remains silent most of the time. But, she develops the belief for Buck and begins to think of passionate dreams about him. What Buck seems to be unaware is that Delilah possesses dangerous information about the enemies that are hunting them. But, Jason seems to have knowledge about this and if revealed by him, it could cost Delilah her only shelter and the man she has started loving. On the whole, the novel appears to be pretty much primal, provocative, and primitive, and shows the intense personal struggle of Delilah and Buck. Author Long has described that when they come in close contact, their passion and love get aroused in a soul-stirring manner. However, it might not seem enough to carry forward their relationship as it is forbidden by the power they possess.

One more highly interesting book written in the series by author Long was released under the title of ‘Raising Kane’. This book was published by the Smashwords publication. The story described in this book by author Long features the lead characters as Kid Kane and Evelyn Lang. Kane is introduced in the plot as the youngest among his brothers and also the most passionate one. He likes to live by exposing his soul and is known to have seduced every woman that he has come across. Once again a spirit fever strikes the village in which Kane lives and the whites and the Indians begin to blame each other for the devastation. And the survivors left behind become Fevered once again, including Kane. He begins to feel that he is surrounded by a world that thinks of him as a raw and bleeding nerve. He is not able to bear the pain anymore that he has in his heart for Evelyn Lang. This makes him lash out at each and every person whom he loves and decide to go into exile atop the mountain of Quanto. He intends to learn how to control the power that lies inside him. In his desperation to end the pain, he indulges in a battle with the eldest of the Morning Star named Wyatt.

Kane hopes against hope that Wyatt is going to kill him and begins to long for peace. Evelyn Lang is described as a girl who grew up with her father, who trained her under his leadership as a territorial judge. She seems to be keeping a secret with her about the Fevered ability of her father that has been passed to her. Also, her father has bound her with an oath for not using this ability. But, when Evelyn’s father gets murdered in broad daylight in a Kansas town while helping a slave set free, she no remains bound by the oath of her father. Now, she is free to use her ability as a Fevered, she must first train herself properly to get used to it. Eventually, she sets herself on the trail of the man from whom her father had taken the training. And the only thing that she intends to use her ability is to take vengeance. Over the course of the novel, it is shown that Kane and Evelyn remain divided by their opposing needs, impulsive decisions, and tempestuous passions. Because of their conflicting goals, Evelyn and Kane are put directly opposite to each other. However, both of them know that they need each other in order to train better and achieve their goals. But first, they must confront their deep fears which will help them to achieve their desires. Author Long has once again done a splendid job of describing the novel in his unique style of writing. It helped the book to get widely appreciated and receive numerous praises from one and all.

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