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Publication Order of The Field Party Books

Until Friday Night (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under the Lights (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
After the Game (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Losing the Field (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Making a Play (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Game Changer (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Field Party (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Field Party By Abbi Glines
Field Party is a series of young adult novels authored by the American romance and young adult writer Abbi Glines. She was born in Alabama though she has an intense longing for being a Briton seen from her lifestyle. Abbi has been credited with numerous rewards for her exceptional writing including the title of the #1 New York Times, wall street journal bestselling author and The USA Today Bestselling Author.

Apart from The Field Party Series, Abbi Glines has also authored other series among them The Sea Breeze, Rosemary Beach, and The Vincent Boys. She is a friendly person and hugely uses what she learns from the others and the surrounding to create her books.

Until Last Friday

Until last Friday is the debut book in the Field Party Series. Two characters suffer from a hurt that tears deep into the inside making life difficult for them even though to the outside they are perfect. But their meeting will change their view of things and perhaps bring light into each other’s lives.
West Ashby is a handsome, popular guy who is also a known football player. He has significantly achieved for Lawton high which includes enabling them to win the championships to the state level. But on the inside, he is a person who is significantly in pain though he never speaks it out as he has no one to open up to on what is causing the pain. He watched his father slowly die of cancer something that greatly hurt him since then, but he hides this from the world.
Another character, Maggie Carleton is in a similar situation as West. Maggie has a fractured heart after she watched her father murder her mother. This happening caused trauma in her, and she has lived with this for a very long time. The only persons that she opened to about this incidence are the police, and since then she has never opened to anyone about this occurrence. She even tries moving out to Lawton, Alabama to escape the situation but things remain the same way.

The two meet at some point, and this is when West decides to open up as the pain is becoming unbearable to him as he tries hard to hide it from the world. But his expectations of getting relief by taking the issue out with this new girl change when she tells her of her life. He discovers a hurt way deeper than his, and this brings them together creating a strong bond between the two.

Until Last Friday is a perfect story depicting the struggles that people go through in day to day life. The pacing is incredible which also goes to the character development.

Under The Lights

Under the Lights is the second book in the Field Party Series. The story involves three teenagers who are tied up in a love triangle. Simple decisions made in the past come to hunt into the future, and they have to face the consequences of their decisions.

Willa happened to make some decisions in the past that caused a change in her lifestyle which also ended up affecting her relationship with her family. She, however, wants to make a rectification of all this, and one of the ways that she can do this is through avoiding falling in love with anyone else.

Brandy is a high school quarterback who was the best friend to Willa all the way from when they were young not forgetting the fact that she even had a crush on him back in their younger years. However, all this is gone with the wind, and the girl he used to know when they were kids is different. This has significantly been affected by the choices that she has made over time.

Gunner is another character in the story that is way above the simple average person. He was a friend to the two back in the days. He comes from a wealthy family and also has become way popular than he was in the past. He has additionally changed to the negative where he has developed an egocentric character caring little of other people. Gunner, however, has a weak point which is Willa who she pays attention to and understands her even with her recent character change.

They must face what comes about and the consequences of their decisions. Others fall in love while others get heartbroken and more secrets are let out making things more complicated. This is an incredibly romantic story that gives the reader an insight into the power and consequences of love.

After The Game

After The Game is the third book in The Field Party Series. A bitter girl is forced out of town after she makes what is termed as a forceful acquisition to a young man. When she returns, she has to face the consequences of her past which might work to her advantage in the end.

Years ago, Riley young accused Rhett of rape. The case however never worked to her advantage, and she had to walk away because of the same issue. She had to drop out of school as she got pregnant from the incidence. The accused, Rhett, continued with his life peacefully and is described as currently living the life that he desired and thought would be destroyed by the incidence.

After a few years, Young comes back to the same town that she had a shameful incidence for the sake of her grandmother. Her coming is not welcome to many as the people still hold her guilty. She is overly bitter as the town turned her down instead of giving her support during her difficult time. However, she still chooses to overlook the past and come to look after her grandmother, together with her mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Things, however, take a different turn on when Brady, the town golden boy gives Riley and her daughter a ride during a storm. This means a whole change on the matter that has weighed on Riley’s heart and mind for years. Brandy will change how people have perceived the story even though everyone else is on the other of this story.

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