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Publication Order of Fifth Avenue Books

Fifth Avenue (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Running of the Bulls (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
From Manhattan with Love (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
From Manhattan with Revenge (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Rush to Violence (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Park Avenue (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

There are many popular thrillers, but few of them can hold a candle for “Fifth Avenue series”. The series was written by an American writer, Christopher Smith. The series derives its title from the name of a major thoroughfare in New York City. The New York elite are wary of the people they wrong in the past and hiring assassins to kill their enemies.

Biography on Character and Details on Fifth Avenue Series
In the Fifth Avenue series, Smith wows and woos his readers in six books. This series revolves, in the first book, around an elite family, called the Redmans, whose family members, just like other people, is up to the eyeballs with secrets, hopes, success, and failures. However, the fuel on which the series run, albeit figuratively, is the character called Louis Ryan. Incidentally, the story of Ryan and his bitter rival, George Redman, is that of rags to riches. However, both now call the shots on New York City’s Fifth Avenue.

Ryan is an embittered widower who, in his quest for revenging his wife’s murder, stops at nothing. Ryan launches a scorched earth policy on the Redmans, ostensibly to nip a possible vendetta in the bud. The launching pad is Ryan’s wife who had been murdered in the past. Ryans’ engages the services of an international professional killer. His instructions to the killer are simple: pull the Redmans and their friends into a vortex of death. Author Smith expounds the book series, from books one to six, on the conflicts which ensue as things get out of hand, thereby bringing about hitherto unimaginable events.

The books in the series were published between 2010 and 2013 and by various publishing houses. As such, there are different editions of each book. Nevertheless, the basic story remains the same. Basically, the two books are about wiping out old scores.

Section on Two Books
The first two books on the series are “Fifth Avenue” and “Running of the Bulls”, respectively. Smith’s first book in the series, appropriately named “Fifth Avenue”, sets the stage and introduces the reader into the story. Fifth Avenue was first published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform published Fifth Avenue on late 2010; other publishing houses have since published it and there are currently 13 editions of the book.

Fifth Avenue (book one) sets the tempo of the Fifth Avenue series. This book ushers in the ill-fated Redman family and Louis Ryan, their ambitions, and how their paths cross each other. The Redman family comprises of their father, George Redman, his wife Elizabeth Redman, and their daughters namely Leana and Celina Redman.

Ryan is saddened and maddened by the murder of his wife, which was committed more than three decades previously, and goes on a killing spree to avenge her; his best bet is an international professional killer. The Redman family members, their kith and kin, and acquaintances are the targets. It is a classic case of, as the saying soberly pipes, revenge best eaten cold.

The second book in the Fifth Avenue series is “Running of the Bulls”. This book was first published in May 2011 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. “Running of the Bulls” brings about what at first appears to be coincidental speculation. Just like the previous book in the series, this book is about the elite hiring professional assassins to wipe out their enemies, similarly wealthy individuals who ruffled them.

Two assassins, Kirkus Carmen Gragera and Vincent Spocatti, are recruited to assassinate a dozen people. The twelve targets were, five years previously, prompted by the Securities and Exchange Commission to testify against the untouchable investor Maxmilian Wolfhagen. Incidentally, Wolfhagen had committed arbitrage–he took advantage of and cashed in on price differences in the stock market. In so doing, Wolfhagen not only milked the world lots of money but also led to the crash of the stock market. He had been serving his sentence since then.

However, his jail term over and done with, those who testified against Wolfhagen are turning up dead. Two ambitious and cold-blooded professional killers are running against time, 48 hours, to leave a trail of death upon the hapless witnesses. Fearing for their lives, the who’s who in the Wall Street get cold feet and, prompted by the wrath of the assassins, make a bolt for it. Everything appears to go according to the assassins’ plan until a private investigator, Marty Spellman, is recruited by a biography writer, Maggie Cain.

Cain is writing an unauthorized biography of Wolfhagen and gives Spellman the mandate to gather information on Wolfhagen’s life for the book. But Spellman’s life and family’s welfare is at stake. Trustworthy becomes elusive as even the Wall Street magnates are afraid.

TV Shows and Movies on Fifth Avenue Series

There has been no details on any previous, present, or future quest for turning the books in the Fifth Avenue series into either a TV show or movie. However, on February 25, 2011, Christopher Smith uploaded two trailers on his personal website. The two short videos can also be found on Youtube. Even then, the two trailers are only about the six book on the Fifth Avenue series, called Park Avenue.

The first trailer, dubbed “Trailer One: Park Avenue” runs for about 13 seconds. The second one is called “Trailer Two: Park Avenue” and runs for 48 seconds. The two trailers, however, don’t show scenes in the series. In “Trailer One: Park Avenue”, for instance, the video announces a “new thriller by Christopher Smith” then the book cover of Park Avenue is shown.

The next trailer is a development and rehash of the first one. “Trailer Two: Park Avenue” starts by showing the trajectory and impetus of a fired bullet, seemingly before it hits the target, leading to an explosion. In the wake of the bullet, then the trailer reads thus: “In Fall 2012, worlds collide; Louis Ryan is back; his will speaks; kill Leana Redman; kill George Redman; kill every Redman; revenge doesn’t die; not when Spocatti is back”. Then the book cover of Park Avenue is shown. It seems like the synopsis of the book.

The two trailers fit the description “video release” because they were recorded on early 2011, long before the book was initially published in April 2013. Even then, the video releases are impressive even if they give the reader an impression of watching a movie on the series.

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