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Fifty Shades Books In Order

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Publication Order of Fifty Shades Books

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Publication Order of Fifty Shades (As Told By Christian) Books

About The Fifty Shades Books Series:

From one of the best selling and most daring trilogies “50 Shades of Grey,” is a great man of mystery, Mr. Christian Grey who will intrigue you with his dark side and explisit interest. Mr. Grey is not your typical buisness entrepreneur when it comes to behind closed doors, there is no integrity or morals. But on his seductive play dates he strictly follows his rule book. Are you in or are you out?

Mr. Grey owns a multimillion dollar buisness at a very atypical young age. He thrives on balancing his life between buisness and pleasure. He is obsessed with gaining power and fortune. By day he is all suit and ties and by night the tie comes off becomes soft restraints for exotic play. He thrives to control every aspect of his life and those around him. It’s what arouses him. Pleases him. Bring out his wild side. His only soft side or relationship is being a mommy’s boy. Mr. Grey does not see himself as a lover or relationship abiding type man. He plays until he grows tired and then trades his mate in for someone new. Mr. Grey is a mystery when it comes to himself and his personal life. Requesting every detail from his partner but providing none of his own. What is there to fear or hide?

Mr. Grey’s secret life is not known or acknowledged by many. The housekeeper cleans the house as if the Red Room doesn’t even exist. As if this closed locked door is mearly invisible to her eyes. What lies behind this door? What is this Red Room? What is the secret that stays so well hidden but fills Mr. Grey with enormous excitment and pride?

It’s a mixture of pleasure and pain. It’s a dominants ultimate haven to seduce his submissive and live out his most erotic fantasies. A room filled with items ranging from the simple crop and cuffs to elaborate bondage and stimulation systems. A room beyond your wildest sexual dream. Is your curiosity peeking yet?

What causes a man of his stature to become a master of radical dominance and enthrowning complete submission of his female playmates? Was he abused as a child? Even with all of his power does he feel inadiquate? Where does he learn to become what he calls a monster? How can he beat a woman with no shame for not following each and every command even beyond her comfort zone? But even beyond the sexual demands, Mr. Grey requires his playmates to stay completely healthy and groomed to his preference. From providing hairstylist and nail care at his spas to providing a personal trainers so tip top shape for certain performances in the Red Room can be achieved. He puts himself in charge of their total well being for their total submission to his demand. Provides a room and all necessities within his residence so they are ready to preform anytime he pleases. He also rewards them for being good and punishes them for being bad.

Mr. Grey prefers total dominance over his sexual partner, until he becomes totally intrigued with his newly chosen intern whom he sought to become his new fetish at first sight as she stumbled into his office. Are all of his standards changing? Is he breaking all of his rules he so strictly followed for years for this clumsey young girl? A naive virgin of innocence. Mr. Grey himself doesn’t totally understand why he has chosen such a girl. What draws him to her? She does not fit in his spectrim. She is not blonde or outgoing or exotic. She is hidden, shy, and beyond inexpierienced. But he wants her, he will do whatever he has to do to seduce her and explore the urge he has towards her. Explore his fascination.

Once he aquires his target as his newest playmate he soon begins having raves of jealousy towards men that show interest in her. Feeling that are not normal for Mr. Grey. He becomes scared of this new side. So afraid to let emotions be involved. He has been so locked up with being a dominant he doesn’t even know how to show or have a romantic side. It’s never been in his agenda to need one. He doesn’t have the time or desire to show any emotions other than dominance. He has no intention of giving into this feeling he has for this awkward girl, whatever this feeling is. Mr. Grey, the totally in control Mr. Grey, is afraid of himself more than anything. He is so afraid he is willing to throw everything away and not explore it any further. To return to his life of emotionaless domination. A man of nothing but power, all other feeling turned off and locked away. To sacrifice all that is growing within him to avoid change. To avoid giving in.

You will be on pins and needles as you read this trilogy. Minutes will turn into hours as you say just one more chapter but continue to read on. The bleeding question of if Mr. Grey will break and romantically fall for this girl lingers in your mind. Or will she break and run away to maintain her innocence. Mr. Grey makes many enimies along the way. Many people jealous of his power and wealth and eager to take it all away. Even if that means taking a life. Even if that means the end of Mr. Grey. Is this powerful man that lives off a fantasy life strong enought to fight the troubles of reality? Can he handle outside forces trying to dominate him? Will he gain control or crumble under self arrogance? One phrase sums up that of Mr. Grey, total dominance.
50 Shades of Grey is new, exciting, romantic, sexual, thrilling, suspenseful, and mysterious story all rolled into three entrancing novels, providing one of the most powerful and sedutive characters ever written.

There are rumors flying of an up and coming movie trilogy to follow up these best seller books. A frenzy on who will play the extremely sought after fantasy man of Mr. Grey. Who has the poweful eyes and perfect body to fill this role? Only time will tell.

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