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Publication Order of Filthy Beautiful Lies Books

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Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan
Author Kendall Ryan pens the “Filthy Beautiful Lies” series of erotic novels. The series began publication in the year 2014, when “Filthy Beautiful Lies” was released. The books are published by Kendall Ryan herself.

In the first two novels of the series, Colton Drake and Sophie Evans star, before the books begin focusing on other main characters. The males in these sequels are Colton’s brothers.

“Filthy Beautiful Lies” is the first novel in the “Filthy Beautiful Lies” series of novels and was released in the year 2014. This novel stars Sophie Evans and Colton Drake. Colton has no idea why she would auction off her virginity for one million dollars. But still, he is now a proud owner of a hymen that is perfectly intact. And that will do him a whole lot of good. He has got certain sexual proclivities, specific tastes. His cock is a bit more discriminating than most folks’. Training a virgin takes patience and finesse, both of which are things he lacks.

Sophie Evans has been backed up into a corner. Her sister’s life hangs in the balance, and the only chance she has got is to claw her way out, even if she has to sell her virginity to whoever the highest bidder happens to be at an exclusive erotic club. Colton Drake takes her back home, and she soon learns that nothing is as it appears with this gorgeously troubled guy. Being with Colton does pose challenges, ones she never did expect, and pushes her to want things that she never anticipated she would.

Warning: The book stars an addictively filthy alpha man who is sure to dampen womens’ panties and own both their nights and days. Proceed at your own caution.

Fans find that this novel proves that Kendall really is the queen of steam, because she truly brings in this one. She builds up the anticipation between Colton and Sophie all the more intense. Readers found this to be an easy read, as they easily got hooked on it and enjoyed the direction it takes.

“Filthy Beautiful Love” is the second novel in the “Filthy Beautiful Lies” series of novels and was released in the year 2014. This novel stars Colton Drake and Sophie Evans. Colton Drake paid a million dollars to get Sophie Evan’s virginity, and the last thing he had in mind was to fall in love with her, hard, only to have her walk away from him. Sophie finds out that Colton has been lying to her, it is going to take a lot more than just money to get her back.

Colton is not someone who will be deterred. Sophie really is his, she just does not realize it yet. Will he be able to seal the deal and rock her whole world so well that she will never want to leave again? Or could it really be too late?

“Filthy Beautiful Lust” is the third novel in the “Filthy Beautiful Lies” series of novels and was released in the year 2014. This novel stars Pace Drake and Kylie Sloan. Pace Drake is a man that loves sex. He knows what to say, where to go and get it, what to do, and makes zero apologies for satisfying all of his needs. He meets Kylie Sloan, a single mother, he is totally enthralled with her, and starts to question his standard operating procedure.

There is no chase or mystery, after all, when you bang a woman in the bathroom of a nightclub. Kylie’s determination and depth are making the drunken and sloppy hookups that fill up all his weekends seem just shallow and empty by comparison. She is the very opposite of clingy and desperate women that he has grown accustomed to. She does not need or even want anybody to take care of and that only makes Pace want to care for her that much more.

Any trust Kylie had in men is gone now. The previous guy she was with played ding-dong-ditch with her uterus and left her alone to raise a baby. Her infant son is the only male she has any time for, despite missing intimacy and sex more than she would like to admit. Opening her heart up to a younger guy who is well known for no-strings-attached sex and his total casual lifestyle could very likely be the worst idea she has ever had. Pace would like to prove to her there still are some good guys left, and watching that sweet way he always interacts with her son makes her want to give it a shot. But will she be able to trust that Pace’s days of playing hitting it and quit it are over?

Fans enjoy these books, with Kendall’s writing and its easy sexy feel they have to them. She is able to write the steamiest scenes yet still is able to keep readers intrigued with the story. Kylie is a great character, and readers like how she is a super mom, who signs with her child. Fans feel like they totally understand where she is coming from, in how she is a bit disheveled and guarded.

“Filthy Beautiful Forever” is the fourth novel in the “Filthy Beautiful Lies” series of novels and was released in the year 2015. This novel stars Mia Monroe and Collins Drake. A seemingly innocuous promise, and the one girl he could never forget.

Collins Drake exercises his control over every facet of his life. From satisfying his physical needs to business matters. All of it happens on Collins’ command. A woman arrives at his door and reminds the guy of a promise they made when they were just ten years old, and it should not rock his whole world. But it does.

Mia Monroe was not just Collins’ childhood best buddy, she was not just the one he lost his virginity to and then never saw again, she is the only exception to all of his perfect control over everything in his life. Piece by piece, she is about to tear apart all of his carefully laid out plans.

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