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Filthy Rich Americans

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The “Filthy Rich Americans” series is a set of novels by Nikki Sloane, a contemporary romance author.

The author ended up as a graphic designer after dabbling in all manner of jobs from a ballroom dance instructor, screenwriter, and waitress. For nearly a decade, she was employed at a graphic design company in Chicago, before she quit to become an author.

Sloane published “The Initiation,” the debut novel of the “Filthy Rich Americans” series in 2019. Writing under the pseudonym Karyn Lawrence, she has written several romantic suspense novels and made the RITA awards shortlist at least three times.

She currently makes her home in Kentucky, where she lives with her husband and three children.

Nikki Sloane’s novels in the “Filthy Rich Americans” are delicious and dark contemporary romance novels where the powerful and rich rule.

The lead in the novel is Marist Northcott, who is looking forward to a bright future when everything comes crashing down. Her family just got ruined and she presents herself as a sacrificial lamb to save everyone.

She agrees to be betrothed to the heir of the Holding and Hale Banking Empire, a man named Royce Hale. He is a dashing alpha make that has never lacked anything and always gets what he sets his heart on.

She struggles not to fall in love with the devilish and dashing Royce but over the course of the novels, she cannot help herself. The novels come with dripping passion, colorful text, and complex characters on every page.

The attraction and the intensity of the situations make for an additive element to the developing romance between Marist and Royce.

“The Initiation,” which is the first novel of the “Filthy Rich Americans” series of novels introduces our leads.

It has always been a mystery as to how new members get into the board of the Holding and Hale Banking. Rumor has it that there is some sort of dark initiation ritual that may involve nine men and one woman. This time around Marist is chosen to head into the bedroom with the nine men.

The Hale organization is the eighth largest bank on the globe and has its tentacles in everything including Marist’s parents’ mortgage. But all Royce Hale wants is to make Marist his and given his ruthlessness, seductive prowess, and charm he makes her body freeze with unmitigated desire.

She tells herself that she is only there to save her family and that Hale will never own her heart. Marist is a strong character but she does come with her share of vulnerabilities.

While there is white-hot chemistry between her and Royce, it is the intensity that draws its readers in making for an addicting story.

The second novel of the “Filthy Rich Americans” series “The Obsession” continues to follow the life and times of Royce Hale and Marist. The Hale family has always been obsessed with control, power, and status as they believe any problem can be solved with money.

Royce had managed to manipulate Marist to give him everything including her heart, her virginity, and her hand in marriage. As soon as he accomplished his mission, he callously sold her off for the $10 million.

In the twisted game, the family plays and in the boardroom, he is always determined to win no matter what. The saga continues as Marist struggles to keep her family safe and maintain her dignity.

She continuously has to battle her feelings for the man that is both her enemy and finance Royce. It is not long before she is noticed by the head of the Hale Empire Macalister Hale.

She finds herself a pawn in an intricate game in which she could lose everything.

“The Deception” is the third title of the series that provides a thrilling combination of mystery, passion, intrigue, and romance.

Marist finds herself sandwiched between Royce Hale her soon-to-be husband and Macalister his father who is a powerful man that will never stop coming. Between the two powerful men, Marist is nothing but a chess piece until she decides she has had enough.

She wants to take charge of her life and get the outcomes she wants. This work is a perfect end to the trilogy as it continues to turn and twist, as the stakes for each of the players continue to rise.

The most appealing thing about the “Filthy Rich Americans” series is that it portrays a very realistic picture of two alphas battling for the love of the woman of their dreams.

It comes with smoking hot passion and a lot of action that will keep readers flipping the pages.

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