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Publication Order of Filthy / Five Point Mobs Books

Filthy Series
Alternatively titled the Five Points’ Mob Collection series or the Filthy Feckers series; the Filthy series is a book series written by Leeds-born English author Serena Akeroyd (February 1988—). She also writes books using the penname G. A. Mazurke (full name Gemma Mazurke); moreover, Serena, who has also co-written books with her own penname G.A. Mazurke, studied at Caistor Grammar School and St Martin’s Preparatory School. She is conversant with German, Spanish and French languages.

Initially, her desire was teaching but her poor relationship with children dampened her first career choice. Nevertheless, the then 16-year-old Serena’s love for Harlequin romance books inspired her decision to become a romance author. She has been publishing books since August 2013, wherein her debut, titled Fall Into Love, is the first book in her Naughty Nookie series. Serena’s genres include paranormal, fantasy and adult fiction, notably the erotica sub-genre. She releases her books through her own publishing company, called Serena Akeroyd Publishing Ltd.

Books in the Filthy Series
Serena has authored 20+ book series; however, she is notable for authoring the Quintessence series, Dark and Dirty Sinners’ MC series, and Filthy series, which are three of her highest rated and most hugely popular book series.

The first book in the Filthy series is titled Filthy, which was initially released on February 11, 2020. External conflict: the protagonists are a mafia enforcer named Finn O’Grady and a property owner named Aoife Keegan who, during her childhood, was one-time family friends with Finn’s dysfunctional family; the Five Points’ Mob outfit that Finn works for embarks on expansionism activities that necessitates the crime family demanding a forced sale of 25-year-old Aiofe’s restaurant that stands in the way.

Internal conflict: the seemingly entrepreneur Finn is dispatched—through the mob’s property manager called O’Donnelley—to enable the forced sale through intimidation but he falls for the curvaceous, plus size property owner Aoife who initially declines the generous purchase offer. Aoife is wary of the mafia’s infamous reputation so she not only relents, but also yields to the one-time sexual demands of the manipulative Finn who, after bedding hitherto virgin, successfully proposes to her.

The second book in the Filthy series is titled Filthy Rich (May 29, 2020). It is all about a social order whose commodification of women prompts a marriage of convenience concerning two multinational crime families. Accordingly, the matchmaking involves the Irishman hitman Eoghan and teenage Russian bride named Inessa (booked aged sixteen and has a church wedding aged eighteen), who is thirteen years his junior.

The duo’s inseparable marital union, which is literally till death, is meant to cement—through birthing—the illegal economic activities of both Bratvia (a Russian crime family) and the Irish crime family called the Five Points’ Mob (thus the series’ alternative title). The duo is incompatible at first. However, through her vulnerability and concern, Inessa attracts the overprotective Eoghan who also exudes much-wanted possessiveness. Eoghan discovers Inessa’s facial injuries while wedding her, prompting him to go on the offensive to avenge her.

Filthy Dark (released on September 8, 2020) is the third book in the Filthy series. Filthy Dark is about the dilemma of a young family man whose mafia lineage demands intergenerational initiation into crime. The main characters are husband Declan O’Donnelley, his estranged wife Aela O’Neill, and their teenage son Seamus. Declan, whose birth marked his entry into his family-run O’Donnelley affiliate of the Five Points’ Mob, has a halfhearted urge to exempt Seamus from the cyclic initiation—more so because Declan needs to live up to his fatherly role to Seamus in whose upbringing he was absent.

Meanwhile, the soon-to-be pregnant Aela rekindles Declan’s love feelings when they rescue their marriage that, years previously, broke up after a love triangle involving his other love Diedra. While protecting Seamus, both—alongside Declan’s siblings—even defy his authoritative father, mob boss Aidan Senior.
The fourth book in the Filthy series; Filthy Sex—released on January 16, 2021—has protagonists Brennan O’Donnelly, who is an enforcer for the Five Points’ Mob, and Camille, a run-away bride, who is associated with the Russian Bratva crime family. Background: Camille has since escaped, against her father’s wishes, from a mob-related marriage of inconvenience with an unloving spouse called Nyx. Brennan hopes to go find his own wife, contrary to the mobs’ tradition of marriage of conveniences. Camille independently finds comfort, a sense of belonging, and refuge in Brenna.

The fifth book in the Filthy series is titled Filthy Hot; although both the blurb and the publication are slated for May 27, 2021, the book is a continuation of the socioeconomic impact resulting from the O’Donnelley family members’ love affairs.

Other Books You May Like
Those who read the Filthy series also liked the following book series. One suchlike book series is the Ivanov Crime Family series by American writer Zoe Blake, particularly the first book therein which is titled Savage Vow. Released in January 2021, Savage Vow’s plot is about a defiant run-away woman named Samara whose husband Gregor tracks her down after escaping from their Russian mob-initiated marriage of convenience. The duo met—and he desired her—at a birthday party, wherein he defended her from her former lover’s sexual harassment. However, Samara goes into hiding—but he finds her three years later—to prevent her forced marriage to Gregor, which is his gateway to formalizing his position as a mob boss.

Faith Summers is the author of the beloved Dark Syndicate series, especially its first book there, titled Ruthless Prince (September 2020). A Mob boss successor named Massimo D’Agostino claims—as part of depriving her family of its possessions—an eager young woman named Emelia Balesteri who is collateralized in a vendetta pitying the D’Agostino against Balesteri crime families.

Measha Stone is the author of the Mafia Brides series, in particular book one that is titled Taken By Him (November 2020). There is a marriage of convenience to bond the American-based Polish crime families named Garsaka and Dominik. The teenage bride, Kasia Garsaka, has an abusive father who blames her for a tragedy that claimed their other family members; bridegroom Dominik Staszek’s father is a legal exile and the Garsaka mafia may be behind his woes.

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