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The Reluctant Detective (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Letter (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killings at Little Rose (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Sailing in Circles, Goin' Somewhere (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Finley Martin is a reputed American writer of mystery and suspense novels. He is famous for writing the standalone books, Killing at Little Rose, Sailing in Circles Going Somewhere, The Reluctant Detective, and The Dead Letter. The last two books form a part of his Anne Brown book series. Author Finley was born in Binghamton, New York, United States. He was brought up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Finley studied at Scranton University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in the subject of English. During the 60s, he worked for the US Marine Corps as an officer and was posted in the Caribbean, America, and Asia. After returning to the life of a civilian, Finley started working as a PR consultant, photographer, and freelance writer. He was employed at the International Correspondence Schools as a public relations director.

During the 70s, Finley graduated from Ottawa University with an MFA degree. This was followed by a B.Ed. degree from Prince Edward Island University. For a number of years, Finley worked as an English teacher in high schools and university writing courses. The other jobs taken up by the author include being a laborer, truck driver, boat builder, carpenter, and a deckhand passenger ferries and fishing vessels. During the course of his writing career, Finley wrote and published many newspaper and magazine articles, short stories, and poetry in the United States and Canada. He also produced a miniseries that was broadcast on CBC Radio. Finley has given a number of poetry readings. As far as his writing career is concerned, he has penned 5 books, out of which 3 are nonfiction and 2 are fiction. Finley resides at Beach Point, a fishing village located on Prince Edward Island.

The Anne Brown series written by author Finley Martin is comprised of two books, which were released between 2012 and 2015. This series features the primary characters in the roles of Wilhelmina Anne Brown, Bill Darby, Carolyn Jollimare, and several others. Both the books take place on Prince Edward Island. The debut book of this series is known as ‘The Reluctant Detective’. It was released by the Acorn publication in 2012. The book opens by introducing Wilhelmina Anne Brown as a young widow, mother, and orphan. After going through several tragedies, she begins to make her life stable with her daughter in her new house located in PEI. Shortly after, Anne Brown learns about the sudden death of her loving uncle named Bill Darby. Bill was a private investigator from Charlottetown and has a small office located there.

Anne Brown learns that Bill has left his business and a small savings account for her and her 14-year-old daughter. Previously, she has worked for 6 years at her uncle’s office and knows about its functioning very well. In the times that follow, Anne Brown struggles to provide justice to her clients, keep her family protected, and find a new life. Anne Brown first lost her husband after several years of her marriage. Then her parents got killed in a car accident. And while she is trying to overcome the grief of losing her beloved ones, she faces assault at work and is fired from her job. All these instances leave Anne Brown devastated. She decides to leave the place and move to a more familiar location, that is, PEI. As Anne begins for one of her relatives, he too dies. And just the coffin is buried, the relatives of the deceased kick her out from there as well.

In the end, Anne Brown takes shelter in the detective agency of uncle Bill Darby. Author Finley did a wonderful job of describing the Charlottetown setting. Even the characters depicted by him are likable and believable. Anne Brown is seen as a cheery and spunky character. She doesn’t lose hope in life, even after going through several tragedies. Overall, this book provides a good thriller with many adventurous twists & turns. There are engaging characters and a lovely setting. All these factors allowed the book to become immensely popular.

The second installment of this page-turning thriller series is called ‘The Dead Letter’. It was also published by Acorn publication in 2015. The novel begins in the year 2001 and reveals the murder of the girlfriend of a police constable in a fit of rage and jealousy. When his anger cools down, the police constable realizes that he has committed a big mistake and tries to cover-up. He manages to come up with an elaborate plan about the entire incident, but it turns out that one person knows everything. The timeline, then moves forward to the present time in 2012. Anne Brown is depicted as being in charge of the detective agency of her late uncle Bill Darby. One day, she receives a letter that has an 11-year-old date on it. This letter was written by a lady named Carolyn Jollimare to Bill Darby.

In the letter, the woman had written that she possesses evidence about a murder and requires his help to provide justice to a victim. Now, Bill Darby is no more and Anne learns that Carolyn Jollimare has also died. So, she decides to take a look into the matter and do Bill Darby would have done, that is, investigate. But, Anne Brown wonders if she should indulge herself in such an old case. Then, she thinks the murderer would have probably died and what harm can he bring to her now. Anne Brown receives a great shock when she comes to know that the killer is alive and knows what she is up to.

This book also provides a fast-paced thriller with smart characters and interesting settings. Finley has given a strong start to the story. And then the plot begins to thicken slowly and steadily. It goes on to reveal the mystery just when the time is right. Finley has even added many extra details to give a push the story and make it more interesting. Ben, Mary, and Anne turned out to be great characters. They help to keep the plot engaging from start to finish. The readers enjoyed the overall story. They loved the fast-paced setting and the intriguing climax described by Finley. He ended the story at a point where there is scope for another sequel. Finley’s fans are hoping that he comes up with the third Anne Brown installment soon.

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