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Publication Order of Jacqueline Silver Adventures Books

The Chemical Detective (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chemical Reaction (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Phosphate Rocks: A Death in Ten Objects (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Fiona Erskine is a published author.

She spent her days growing up in Edinburgh, located in Scotland. She would go further south in order to attend university.

Erskine works as a professional engineer. She finds her basis in Teesside, but travels quite a bit, going to countries such as India, China, Russia, and Brazil. Seeing as she is a woman, she is often the only person of the gender when it comes to such gatherings as board meetings as well as being at factories, oil rigs off shore, and board meetings.

Her stories allow her greater detail and to provide the reader with more about this world of engineering that has so often traditionally been male dominated.

Erskine is married to her husband Jonathan. He is an academic. Together they have two sons and they share a cat. They also enjoy quite a bit of fun together. She says that she cannot live without her cat Spike, who is her muse. He’ll sit with her on her lap in the morning when she is writing and will purr loudly.

The author also enjoys bicycling to her day job and gets to wear her cozy polar bear cream fleece onesie to stay very warm in the mornings before she goes to work. She enjoys cycling and her bike in particular, which allows her to see all sorts of nature as she goes to work. She also loves reading, and has a special place in her heart for physical books. She will also do a lot of her reading when she is in the bath, something that she says that she can do for hours.

If she had to give advice to herself when she was younger, she would recommend learning to play a particular musical instrument and putting in the work to do it well. She was a good beginner and learned quickly but never took the time to stick with one instrument so that she could do well at it. She also says that knitting when she was in math class in university was a bad idea. She also recommends that middle aged people that are not fit and are overweight not take up the practice of skiing. However, she does encourage people to take risks since the only way you know what you can do is once you start trying.

The author also once raced yachts and that is how she learned to sail. She also says that she was Cambridge University’s worst sailor when she was on a calm lake in the middle of a competition and capsized her dinghy. When she was a teen she would attend her cousin Cathy’s belly dancing shows in restaurants in London, where she enjoyed quality food. She also lived in a brothel for some time while under the impression along with her friend that it was just a nice guest house.

Even though Erskine likes motorbikes, she decided to stop gong on them once she had children. She admits that she is not good when it comes to the practice of skiing. Before she dies, she would like to do a couple of things. She wants to explore the places that she went for work like India, Brazil, Russia and China. Her children have left home so she wants to make some work trips with her husband so that they might be able to travel together and swim some more, as her husband used to be a lifeguard and is a very good swimmer.

Fiona Erskine is the creator and the writer of the Jacqueline Silver Adventures, a fictional series of novels. This series first became available to readers with the publication of the first novel in 2019, which is titled The Chemical Detective. The second book would be released shortly after that and is titled The Chemical Reaction. Both feature the main character of Doctor Jacqueline Silver.

The Chemical Detective is the first novel in the Jacqueline Silver Adventures series. In this action packed debut story, readers get the chance to meet Dr. Jaq Silver for the first time.

Silver is a lot of things. She is a scientist and an explosives expert, a skier and someone that jet sets around the world. Part of her job includes blowing various objects up so that other people stay safe. Not a bad day job to have, all things told.

She is currently in Slovenia working on a job doing avalanche control when she comes across an issue having to do with an explosives consignment. She makes a complaint with the chemical company supplier, but the multinational company sees all of the evidence supporting her disappear. On top of that, she ends up being accused of murder although she knows she is being framed.

It is up to Jaq to find out what is going on and fast before her entire life goes up in flames. Time is moving quickly. Can she figure out what the truth is before it is simply too late? Read this thrilling book all the way to the end to find out!

The Chemical Reaction is the second novel in the Jacqueline Silver Adventures series. The doctor has returned and is in for a wild ride as she goes deeper into a world filled with corruption and deceit. Little does she know that things are about to get heated.

Jacqueline has managed to escape what would have been a near death experience in Chernobyl’s broken down remains. Now she is finding that things have gotten even more difficult for her.

She’s doing what she can to try and get out of her deep debt. As such, she makes the choice to take on a gig in China, a contract that can only be described as risky. She is supposed to be investigating a chemical factory, but when the factory and a student go missing, she is starting to see that nothing is going to be laid out in black and white.

As she looks into it further, the case of the missing factory becomes more complicated. She’s trying to figure out what’s going on and whether Frank Good, her enemy, has anything to do with it. Can she accomplish this before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

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