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Publication Order of Fiona Griffiths Books

Talking to the Dead (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Story, With Murders (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Thing of Darkness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead House (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deepest Grave (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Harry Bingham is a successful writer and running an editorial consultancy named The Writers’ Workshop for the first-time authors, and organizing a festival for writing named the York Festival. He lives close to Oxford. Creating the Fiona Griffiths crime series have been probably the fascinating experience of Harry Bingham’s professional life.

About the Series

Fiona Griffiths, referred to as Fi, is a youthful woman, a detective with great intuition and analytic skills in a Wales police force department. She is also holding a darkish past, which every now and then confuses her sleep, mental clarity, and her feelings. Her sociable skills are a bit off which she battles mightily with a complicated psychological illness, and that is discovered in slow doses.

Talking to the Dead (Book #1)

It is a detective story, with the exception that it’s got 3 mysteries enclosed in one. So the primary focus of the book, there’s a consistent thriller type tale: a criminal offense, a detailed investigation, a denouement, along with a few shocks as you go along. But then, as we begin to read the book, we commence to understand that Fiona Griffiths is a puzzle all of her very own. We don’t simply want to find out the crime. We would like to figure her out as well. And that we won’t guess what her history is – despite the fact that she virtually informs us in words of 1 syllable. So when we do uncover her secret,

first thing we’ll do is go for Wikipedia to ascertain if it could actually be true.

At very first, the murder scene seems sad, although not unusual: a young lady un-tied by prostitution and drugs, her 6 year old daughter deceased next to her. However detectives discover a unusual piece of proof in the squalid residence, a platinum credit card of a really rich and long lifeless steel tycoon. It is about what a hooker addicted to heroin was executing with the credit card of the well recognized and strong man who passed away months ago. This is the query that the majority of junior person in the detective team, Investigator Constable Fiona Griffiths, is assigned to respond to.

But D.C. Griffiths is not an ordinary police officer. She has gained a status at police head office in Cardiff at Wales, for being unusual, because of not picking up on sociable hints, for being slightly over-intense. And there is this gap in her past, the 2 year rehab that everybody presumes was a malfunction. But Fiona is a crack detective, fast and instinctive. She is instantly attracted to the crime field, and to the heartbreaking face of the 6 year old girl, who she’s specific has something to inform her , something which will crack the case open up.

Ignoring orders and standard protocol, Fiona starts to explore far above the wealthy man’s credit card and into the secrets to her seashore city. And when she finds an additional deceased prostitute, Fiona recognizes that she’s only started to scratching the surface of a dark arena of crime and murder. But the much deeper she digs, a lot more danger she risks, not really just from crooks and murders but from her very own past and also the abyss that intends to drag her back anytime.

Love Story, With Murders (Book #2)

The 2nd novel showcasing recuperating psychotic Fiona Griffiths starts with as challenging a couple of murders since you could imagine. First of all, a part of a human leg is found in a woman’s fridge freezer, bagged up like a synovial of pork. Other in the same manner nasty breakthroughs follow after a comfortable Cardiff suburb, with parts of the body arriving in kitchen areas, garages and soil sheds. Even though the police continue to be virtually positioning the pieces collectively, deciding they all fit in with a adolescent girl murdered some 10 years before, parts of one more body all of a sudden start showing up, but this time thrown away carelessly across the countryside obviously very soon after the target, a man was murdered.

Mysteries don’t arrive a lot more macabre or perplexing than this. Who have been the 2 victims, and what link could they’ve embraced that would lead to this weird double-discovery. But that is only half the storyline. Essentially the nastiest instances are much more about Fiona and her inquisitive state of mind. There is a complicated and very smart double mystery right here, and what makes the storyline distinctive is the similar unraveling of Fiona’s personal mystery, and it is her voice, set up specifically in the very first book but provided even freer control here, which makes it so persuasive.

The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths (Book #3)

The British author of the series, Harry Bingham, blew experts and readers away together with his crime introduction, talking to the Dead. His 2nd book, Love Story with Murders, recognized DC Fiona Griffiths as being the most powerful heroine in crime fictional works. With this, the 3rd novel in the series happens Fiona’s darkest, oddest and a lot challenging task yet. It began as nothing very much. A small payroll scams at a home furniture store in South Wales. No murder included any corpses. Fiona Griffiths, Detective Constable battles to obtain free of the situation, but seems to lose. She’s given the job of the investigation.

She starts her enquiries, only to find out the corpse of a lady who’s deprived to loss of life. Looks even more, and shortly understands that inside the first, more compact crime, a big one looms which is probably the most audacious robbery ever. Fiona’s bosses require a copper prepared to go undercover, and they also ask Fiona to try out the position of a shy payroll clerk to ensure that she will permeate the criminal team from within. Fiona is going to be alone and she’s lethally vulnerable and her delicate grasp on Planet Normal is going to be examined as never ever before.

Harry Bingham creates fiction and non-fiction. His most recent fiction venture, Fiona Griffiths crime series is series of mystery books, where the investigator is practically as much of a puzzle as the crimes by themselves. Harry currently is composing a crime series, having a younger Welsh private eye named Fiona Griffiths.

The series who has sold to publishers Orion of in the united kingdom, Random House of the US as well as Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands , Spain and somewhere else. The very first novel was televised by Legitimate and broadcasted on Sky Living. The novels are noteworthy mostly for that powerful voice and unusual character of their central figure. The books also have wonderful reviews in the Kirkus, Bookseller, Newyork Times, Publishers Weekly, New York Daily News, Seattle times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, Western Mail, Sunday Times, Crime fiction lover, Shelf Awareness and much more fine publications.

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