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About Fiona Mozley
The English author and medievalist Fiona Mozley is largely known for her incisive and accurate brand of historical literary fiction. Delivering an accurate portrayal of the times she’s writing about, she captures British life at a certain moment in time, bringing the past back to life. Well researched with an in-depth knowledge of the subject, she uncovers each of her subjects with a stunning sense of precision. Over the years this has proven to be a hugely successful formula for her, getting to the heart of a number of different topics and ideas.

Allowing her readers to explore the worlds she creates, she essentially immerses her audience in her work, as they learn more in the process. Pushing the formula to its fullest as well, she also plays with the conventions of the genre, taking it in new and interesting directions. Making the most of each of her engaging premises, she makes the most out of them, really mining them for their full potential. She also manages this in a compelling and unique manner, writing in a style that instantly grabs the reader from the very outset.

Another key aspect of her work is that of her characters, as she pays full attention to them, really providing them with a sense of personality. Regardless of where they’re from or who they are, they really feel alive, offering fully three-dimensional personalities that feel rounded. Dealing with some heavier themes too, she’s not afraid of tackling some tougher subject matter when it comes to general premises. It doesn’t seem like she has plans to finish up any time soon either, as her writing career is continuing to grow both upwards and onwards.

Early and Personal Life
Born in Hackney, London, in 1988, the future author to be Fiona Mozley grew up in York, nurturing a passion for storytelling from an early age. Attending Fulford School, she would develop her craft, refining and honing her voice as an author with something distinctive to say. Also keenly interested in history, particularly that of medieval history, she would take much of her inspiration from her own life.

Going on to attend King’s College in Cambridge, she would focus herself on her studies, followed by moving to Buenos Aires for a year. Working at a literary agency in London for a period of time, she would then move to York to study for a PhD based in Medieval Studies. Working in ‘The Little Apple Bookshop’ in York, she continues to write and study, which she will do for some time to come yet.
Writing Career

The first book that Fiona Mozley would write and publish was titled ‘Elmet,’ and it came out back in 2017 to much acclaim. Being shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize that same year, it would make a powerful impact for her literary career, introducing her to the reading public at large for the first time. Later she would go on to write another stand-alone novel, this time called ‘Hot Stew,’ which came out back in 2021, and it would be a more contemporary story.
Primarily focusing on stand-alone books as opposed to series, Mozley would become best known for writing literary fiction. Crafting intricate narratives, she also contributed to compendium anthologies, writing alongside various other fellow authors. Maintaining a profile offline as well as on, she’s a writer who will continue to draw in readers, as more and more discover her work every day.
Initially arriving in 2017 on the 10th of August, this would come out through the ‘JM Originals’ publishing imprint. Winning numerous awards, including the ‘Somerset Maugham Award’ and ‘Dylan Thomas Prize’ in 2018 to name a few, it’d also become a Booker Prize nominee. Not a part of any series, it would be a stand-alone title looking at a single family and their place within contemporary society.

Living with their father in a home he’d built with his own bare hands, Cathy and Daniel are enjoying their early life in all its simplicity. Whenever he returns home, their father appears to have a rage behind the eyes, before settling down to be at peace with them both. He also tells them that there’s a little copse in Elmet that’s theirs and theirs alone, but local vultures are swarming in ready to take it. Will they ever hope to be able to remain there, where is their father going to, and what is the real truth lying behind Elmet?

A story written with a profound sense of lyricism, it’s no small wonder that this received the critical acclaim it did, let alone being shortlisted for the Booker Price. It instantly captures the attention of the reader, delivering a heartfelt story filled with intelligent and empathy at every page turn. The narrative is well paced with excellent characterizations, making this a must for fans of the author, as well as those who simply enjoy a well told story.
Hot Stew

First coming out on the 20th of April in 2021, this was the second novel from Fiona Mozley, providing another stand-alone release. With a self-contained narrative, it tells of contemporary life in Soho, London, looking at the plight of sex-workers living and working there. Published through the ‘Algonquin Books’ publishing outlet, it’s a must for anyone interested in the subject matter, as well as fans of the author as a whole.

Working as sex-workers in Soho, Tabitha and Precious are soon to be forced out of their home by London property developers. Wanting to build luxury flats and restaurants, the billionaire owner of the establishment Agatha wants to evict everyone, but the tenants are going to make life difficult for her. Organizing against the developers they aren’t going to leave without a fight, as they are intent on making their voices heard. Who will emerge triumphant from all of this, can they find a place called home, and what will finally become of this Hot Stew?

It’s a good-natured romp through the Soho district of London, bringing to life the many people who have traditionally lived and worked there. Showing the history of sex-workers living and working in and around the area, it charts their existence right up to present times. There’s also an analysis of what ownership means, along with inheritance and wealth, studying how class and gender operate in society.

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