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Warrior's Instinct (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Fiona Quinn

Fiona Quinn is a USA Today Canadian mystery, romance and suspense books author of more than six books series, standalone books and several collections. She is a resident of Old Dominion, where she lives with her husband and children. When not writing, you’ll find Fiona devouring books, popping chocolates, or using her laptop. She also writes military romantic suspense novels with a supernatural twist, and her library of book series include Strike Force, Lynx, Uncommon Enemies, and Kate Hamilton all which form part of the world of high stakes national security.

Weakest Lynx

Weakest Lynx is the first book in Lynx series by Fiona Quinn. We meet Lexi, who’s orphaned one year before the story, and fire forces her to move out of her apartment where she has lived as a part of the community all her life. Lexi is unschooled- by that Fiona means that she hasn’t attended any traditional school, but she has been tutored and also apprenticed with many people.

Some of these people she refers to them as her Grandma’s. They are six older women from different ethnic backgrounds who taught her different cultures and their languages. Other tutors are more advanced and have taught her skills such as flying aeroplanes, martial arts, and trained as a peculiar operative. You’ll be glad to learn that Lexi has some psychic and supernatural talents and she can perform Reiki which involves healing using energy transformation. She’s able to search for lost things using her powers and can also go beyond the veil which happens most shocking towards the book’s climax. Spyder, the man who trains Lexi on special operative, discovers that she is a genius agent in the making as a young teenager between her martial arts training, her unorthodox education and her supernatural abilities. Lexi becomes his secret weapon and can solve complex crime scenarios.

All of this info comes in the background, and as you can already see, it’s very rich. The story kicks off after Lexi’s wedding and opens up as she is on her way to visit her friend and inform him about a threatening note that was sent to her on her wedding day. She is in tears and scared because her husband earlier left for service in Afghanistan and she’s all alone. She never informed her husband about the threatening note because she never wanted him to lose track of his mission. In addition, she’s never been sent a letter before, been a victim or involved in a deadly situation like this previously. She has only used her mind to figure out crimes against other people.

The only person she needs to speak with is Spyder, but he has been working undercover for about a year after the last major case she puzzled. She hasn’t heard from Spyder, and even though he suggested to her that she could got to a man named Striker whenever she faces a problem, she is independent enough not to request their help. Since she has been working directly undercover with Spyder, she doesn’t believe that anyone would believe her. After a couple of threatening letters, she discovers a serial killer is stalking her.

Fiona Quinn has done an excellent job in crafting the first book in Lynx series. Her protagonist, Lexi lives an exciting life. Only twenty years of age, she’s learnt Kung Fu, trained with a spymaster, police officers, and master chefs. She is a sharpshooter, trained as undercover and still appears as a sweet innocent girl. She has supernatural gifts and doubts whether she will live the normal life she craves for. There are plenty of memorable moments in the story, ones that will make you smile and others leave your heart bleeding in grief and pain along with Lexi.

Missing Lynx

Miss Lynx is the second book in Lynx series by Fiona Quinn. We again meet Lexi Sobado, aka Lynx, a psychic with powers of seeing patterns that others cannot see. She is now a full-pledged strategist working for Iniquus, an off the book black operation group. She is fascinated to be working with some of her favorite people and her relationship with Striker is on its way to becoming one of the best she’s ever had.

However, things take a twisted turn when her mentor returns sick out of his mind with malaria and full with classified info. He is instantly off-limits to Lexi which makes her quite disappointed. In the meantime she keeps herself busy by investigating Iniquus cases and making a good name for herself. With each case that comes her way, she handles and tackles with a mental approach of a predator, which in her mind forms up as a white leopard. The only person she wants to talk to is her mentor, but he’s not available, and this makes her unsettling.

Soon Lexi finds herself in the crosshairs, and she is faced with the task of figuring out the vital puzzle of her life. This time round, the life and death stakes are hers to own. The chemistry between Striker and Lexi in this second book is sizzling on the page even though the path to each other’s arms is not that fast. The plot between Weakest Lynx and Missing Lynx are self-contained but with an underlying arc that concludes in the third book in the series. The Lynx series is beautifully woven, fast-paced, engaging and with well-woven characters and plenty of romantic tensions that will keep the reader hooked and coming back for more. The main character, Lexi is strong both emotionally and physically, and her special “knowings” help keep her safe most of the time. She also has the ability to leave her body into another vessel to gather crucial information, and this adds some flavor to the story.

The theme of wrong and right extends to Lexi’s actions of sex, love and even the drinking age. She is a puzzler and becomes a puzzle to those who meet her. Her techniques are unorthodox and keep her colleagues off-kilter and bring out the emotions of the male cast.

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  1. Carey: 1 year ago

    Love your books I can’t seem to put them down. I have read Lynx, Cerberus Tactical k-9, and starting on Delta Force Echo.
    I hope I am reading them in the correct order.

    Thank you for writing such great books

  2. Carol Malcom: 2 years ago

    Love all the military and Inquisition books. As a former Army wife they are right on point! Love Lynx please carry series on beyond the Hyper Lynx!
    Need more Striker Force!


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