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Publication Order of Fire and Steel Books

A Generation Rising (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Storm Descends (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Falls (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Proud Shall Stumble (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of the Smoke (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Flames (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Fire and Steel is a series of historical fiction by the award-winning author of Gerald Lund who also writes Christian fiction. Gerald got his Bachelors and Masters in sociology from the Brigham Young University. He then attended Pepperdine University, where he did extensive graduate studies on the New Testament before he proceeded to the University of Judaism to study Hebrew. He is a prolific speaker and author and apart from the Fire and Steel series, he has also written the “Fire of the Covenant,” “The Undaunted,” “The Kingdom and the Crown Trilogy,” “The Work and the Glory” among other series. He has also written several Christian works including a doctrinal trilogy about the love of God. His other works include general fiction and nonfiction works and articles. He has won several awards over the years including the Lifetime Achievement Award, SCERA in 2014 and Lifetime Achievement Award from Whitney Academy in 2009. He spent 35 years as curriculum writer, institute director and teacher, seminary teacher, zone administrator and director of college curriculum. In the church, he was bishop, stake president and member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy for six years. He is the parent to seven children that he got with his late wife Lynn.

The Fire and Steel Series are historical fiction novels that tell the story of World War II Germany. Lund infuses his stories with fictional characters that make what would have been a dry boring history lesson into compelling page-turners. The novels also incorporate spiritual aspects to its characters which humanizes them. The novels are in the main about the Eckhardt family in Bavaria though they also expand to the lives of an American family in later novels. The families and particularly the lead protagonist help to understand the values and mindset of the people prior to the war. Hans Otto Eckhardt is an intelligent and for the most part likable character, though he is also prone to making bad decisions. However, he is always working to improve himself which is what makes him a salvageable character. He starts out as a spoiled kid lacking gratitude or humility but over the course of the novels he develops these qualities. But just as things start to improve for him, he has a run of bad luck that makes him learn a few important lessons. The Fire and Steel novels detail a pivotal and interesting period of German history that impacts both Austria and Germany. Both countries had elected Social Democrats though they had to face up to crippling war reparations. These made their governments for the most part toothless, which provided fertile ground for resentment and sowed the seeds for World War II.

“A Generation Rising” the first novel of the Fire and Steel series introduces a family that have to live in some of the most turbulent times. The times will try them to the limits as they will be at once strengthened and tempered by the blows of World War II. The question is will they shatter or just bend to the point of breaking but maintain their integrity. At the start of the novel, things could not have been better for the Eckhardt family. They had been looking forward to the time when they would have a male heir and now have got Hans, a child full of promise and brilliance that his success is almost guaranteed. But as he grows up and succumbs to youthful ambition, the small Bavarian village and his family can no longer sustain him, even as the drums of war beat across Europe. The novel starts a story that will cross the continents and generations as the Eckhardts brace themselves for turmoil and storms never before seen in the world. It is only by sheer fortitude and determination that they will stand any chance of getting through it and emerging stronger.

“The Storm Descends” the second novel of the series sees the Eckhardt family experience even more turmoil as they try to live in a nation that has never been more divided. Their son Sergeant Eckhardt Hans was just dismissed from the military and is looking to start a family, new life and career. However, he has to deal with the unrest threatening to swallow his homeland, which may just derail his dreams. The Great War has had a devastating impact on the German economy leaving people dealing with skyrocketing inflation, crippling unemployment, widespread food shortages and the ultimate humiliation of getting their military forcefully disbanded. The nation is now the hotbed of violent attacks that threaten to bring the young government to ruin. The conditions are so bad that the German citizenry is looking for anyone who can bring back a semblance of order back to their homeland. The conditions are ripe for a savior like character to take center stage. As the flames of adversity threaten the Fatherland, hope appears on the horizon.

“The Shadow Falls” the third novel of the Fire and Steel series finds the Eckhardt family hoping for the best in a nation on the brink of disaster. Work has never been so scarce, money is practically worthless and food has turned into an extravagance. Germany has been humiliated and battered down and the people have no conviction or pride in their step. Living in one of the worst times for the German people, it is very easy for an entire nation to be deceived and to mistake evil for good. Hans’s friend, the enigmatic Adolf Hitler is a man of vision, driven to achieve and set right all that is wrong with Germany including getting back its pride. While there are a few people that believe that Hitler may not be the answer to the problems facing their country, many believe that he is their rescuer despite the worrying signs. But there are bright spots even when things look so bleak. Family and faith continue to offer solace and joy even as the people trudge on. The Eckhardts also get a spark of excitement when they are visited by two LDS missionaries who come along with their families. It would seem that nothing could ever mar the beauty and dynamic nature of family life until personal tragedy rears its head.

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