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Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew Books In Order

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Publication Order of Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew Books

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Fire & Rescue Shifters Series

The serialized Fire & Rescue Shifters’ authors use the shared pseudonym Zoe that is associated with 5+ people whose legal names or other pennames include Helen Underwood, Lia Silver, Lauren Esker, Elva Birch, Helen Keeble, and Mar Delaney.

Helen Underwood: a Meldreth resident; has a Masters in Control Systems Engineering from the University of Cambridge; received a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Sussex; and the software consultant has worked for Eurotherm as a senior and principal software engineer. Lia Silver is a trauma therapist’s penname. The pennames Lauren Esker, Mar Delaney and Layla Lawlor are associated with an Alaskan author who has worked as a media manager. Elva Birch is a belly dancer from Alaska. Helen Keeble (April 1980—) is from West Sussex.

Books in the Fire & Rescue Shifters series

Zoe Chant have authored 230+ books in their 30+ shifter-inspired book series—the renowned Fire & Rescue Shifters series aside—notably Protection, Inc., Shifting Sands Resort, and Bodyguard Shifters.

First dated February 25, 2021; First Mission is book 0.5 in their Fire & Rescue Shifters series. The protagonist is Daifydd Drake, a dragon shifter who works alongside firefighting shifter colleagues collectively called Alpha Team. At first, Daifydd feels offended by the seemingly simplicity of his first assignment, which involves saving a cat atop a tree. However, Daifydd soon learns that he could be in for a tough assignment because his team is actually dealing with a female cat shifter called Minnie whose defiant behavior is as a result of Alzheimer’s disease. Minnie is also worrying about its sickly male partner that has been hospitalized after a stroke, wherein it is under the care of a mystic unicorn-and-doctor named High Argent who must coordinate with Daifydd to comfort Minnie and help her shape shift to its original form.

Initially dated June 4, 2016; set in Brighton, Firefighter Dragon is the first book in Zoe’s Fire & Rescue Shifters series. A foreign archeologist, called Virginia Jones, has been tracing King Brithlem’s grave for the past four years. When she starts excavating an age-old hillside grave that yields a bejeweled golden nose bridge protector—a part of a helmet—she unwittingly beckons a wrathful dragon shifter that is after the excavated relic too. Thus, the murderous, whitish dragon starts a fire that engulfs Virginia. Firefighter Daifydd’s team is called in to extinguish the fire; wherein he falls for and, later on, cohabitates with Virginia. They frustrate the relic-seeking dragon that soon kidnaps Virginia who was initially wary of the Daifydd’s dragon lineage, especially after his false dragon-hunting exploits.

Originally dated August 12, 2016; Fire & Rescue Shifters’ second book is Firefighter Pegasus. The protagonist, a firefighter and horse shifter called Chase Tiernach, gets back in touch with female pilot Connie West—his infidelity ended their love affair several years previously—after he saves her during a firefighting assignment in a burning bar where she was. Thereafter, Chase participates—as a co-pilot and bodyguard against a loansharking enemy; and to front for her—in an aircraft racing competition alongside pilot Connie whose winning motivation is saving their family-owned Spitfire aircraft that her gambling father has bet against a hideous moneylender named Sammy Smiles.

Third in the Fire & Rescue Shifters series, Firefighter Griffin’s earliest edition is dated December 3, 2016. The injured protagonist is called Griffin MacCormick: a call handler for the firefighting Alpha Team and Shifter Alpha Team. Thus, Griffin acts on a distress call from—and reconciles with—his wife, an American-English teacher called Harley Parker, concerning their at-risk child. Like Griffin who no longer controls his shape-shifting, consequently risking his life and costing him his firefighting job; their cat-sized half lion, half eagle son Danny—aged five—possesses conflicting animal shifters that have flung him to a tree. Griffin rescues Danny by reconciling the boy’s lion and eagle shifters.

Initially released on May 28, 2017; Firefighter Sea Dragon is the fourth book Zoe’s serialized Fire & Rescue Shifters. The protagonist is John Doe: a homesick knight originally from the mythical Atlantis City, this sea dragon shifter uses his firefighting job as a cover while on a search-and-rescue assignment for their ruler named Pearl Emperor. Another main character is Neridia Small: an orphaned tall plus-size black self-proclaimed human who is actually the sole Loch Ness inhabitant. The lonesome Neridia had ventured out for an ill-fated date when she was waylaid and her keepsake, a pearl necklace, was stolen. While tracing the emperor within Loch Ness; John chances on the mugged Neridia whom he illegally falls for, helps to recover her stolen necklace, and protects from killer shifters before learning that the dead Pearl Emperor fathered princess Neridia.

First dated August 18, 2017; the Fire & Rescue Shifters series’ fifth book is The Master Shark’s Mate whose protagonist is a vacationing prehistoric shark shifter named Master Shark (also Finn). The lengthy Atlantis guard Finn falls for a widowed feline shifter called Martha Hernandez. The lonesome Finn wholeheartedly seduces Martha—a reluctant but dominating grandmotherly coyote—who is on a mandatory all-paid vacation.

Originally released on November 28, 2017; Fire & Rescue Shifters series’ sixth book is Firefighter Unicorn. Protagonist Hugh Argent is a clandestine unicorn shifter whose contact makes him a universal healer. However, Hugh’s healing is solely ineffective on shifter Ivy—a wyvern (two-legged, flying dragon). The dark-haired Ivy’s banishment from her clan resulted from her poisonous wings that, although universally deadly, are ineffective on the white-haired Hugh. Hugh progressively grows fond of the asocial Ivy who yearns for his healing touch upon her handicapped, dying kid sister.

First released on May 25, 2018; Firefighter Phoenix is seventh in the Fire & Rescue Shifters series. The protagonists are an avian shifter called Rose Swanmay—she operates a shifter-friendly bar called The Full Moon—and her rescued match Ash, a firefighting phoenix shifter, who want to reconcile after their decades-long estrangement.

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