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Publication Order of Fire Spirits Books

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The Fire Spirits novel series are a riveting critically acclaimed literary works by the renown young international bestselling author Samantha Young. The series belongs to the romance, fantasy, thriller genre and has spawned 4 titles so far published between 2011 and 2013. The entire series revolves around the various aspects of the main character, Ari Johnson’s life who is in her late teens, and who is thrust unwillingly into an age old war between powerful supernatural entities known as the Jinn. As the eerie revelations of her true family heritage and who she really is emerge, the life that Ari once knew is savagely turned into an upheaval as she is forced to battle deadly legendary supernatural creatures in attempt to bring at least some semblance of sanity and order in her life and in the life of those she cares about.

The entire series features riveting suspense, racy intriguing romantic episodes, epic family drama and captivating fantasy action sequences. The original concept of the Jinn within this novel series is clearly its strongest quality and guarantees each reader a worthwhile experience delving into its pages. It’s guaranteed to give other works by other writers in this YA (Young Adult) paranormal category a run for their money. Furthermore, it carves out a niche for itself in the already crowded YA genre by introducing this entirely unique concept of Jinns.

Just to give the readers a hint of what to expect in this series, we shall take a brief review of its first two titles.

Main character biography

Ari Johnson is the name of a fictitious character created by renowned romance novelist Samantha Young. As much as she is astoundingly beautiful, she is introduced as quite a lonely girl in her teens and this is attributed to the fact she is raised by a single father, who is for most of her childhood, unfortunately, frequently absent due to his numerous business trips and not to mention that the few friends she has are always self absorbed.

Only Charlie, her best friend since childhood, and on whom Ari has been having a secret ”crush” is there for most of the time. During her 18th birthday she is eerily transported from her bedroom to the abode of the terrifying and powerful Jinn, an ancient race of powerful magical creatures. There she comes to learn truth about her true identity and her family heritage as well, that vehemently shakes her to the core and turns her life upside down. She has always been a Jinn and a special one at that possessing unique abilities.

She unwillingly becomes embroiled in a vicious power struggle between the Jinns and new complications and formidable adversaries from the magical realm appear with each of the series titles.

1. Fire Spirits: Smokeless Fire

The debut title in the Fire Spirits series, Smokeless fire introduces us to Ari Johnson a lonely yet caring girl in her teens. Growing up to never having known her mother and raised up by a detached father whose business commitments take him away from home for months at a time, Ari has lead a mostly lonely life. Her only solace from this undesirable state of affairs is the company that her close childhood friend, Charlie, accords her. This however takes a bad turn as Charlie sinks into vicious depression and erratic behavior following his brother’s death and this in turn causes him to be more distant from Ari.

Just when she wishes everything would normalize to how it once was, Ari unwittingly on her 18th birthday, discovers dark hidden secrets that had been undisclosed from her all her life. She discovers that she is in fact a Jinn, a member of a race of legendary magical creatures with the most incredible of powers. This discovery turns her life into a living nightmare as the life of everyone she holds dear is endangered.

A detailed, captivating description of the world of the Jinn (basically genies) and its affairs is given in this title. The author meticulously describes the intricate power struggles within the various factions of the Jinn and this definitely keeps up the suspense for the reader to endlessly turn through the pages with anticipation.

We are also introduced to Jai, an attractive young guardian Jinn who has been charged with the duty of protecting and watching over Ari constantly. The two through their interactions continue grow too ‘steamingly’ close for comfort and as one might expect a love triangle definitely ensues.

All this has been cleverly and masterfully interwoven by the author to give an utterly tantalizing and compelling must read issue.

2. Fire Spirits: Scorched Skies

Scorched Skies is the sequel to Smokeless Fire and simply picks up from where it left of. Ari, Jai and Charlie reprise their roles and the author has indeed made sure that each of these characters grows more within the plot. Charlie is now a sorcerer who tries hard to get Ari’s attention and a more humane side to him that wasn’t seen in the first title is revealed. Jai still resumes his role as Ari’s “hot stud” protector. As soon as someone close to Ari is savagely killed, the team of three ultimately find out that Ari is being pursued by a dark, malevolent sorcerer.

Ari becomes even more deeply intertwined within the Jinn world as she attempts to turn the tables and hunt those who are trying to destroy her and those close to her. The author has gone to greater lengths to elaborate the lore of the Jinn much further and introduces us to new characters which further thickens the plot.

Furthermore the author introduces, perspective narration whereby the story is intermittently told from the viewpoints of the main characters as well as other guest characters.

This second title in the Fire Spirits series might be found to be arguably a little more exciting than the first and it even provides the reader with a deeper understanding of the character of the protagonist, Ari. Ari is found to be a bit more resolute and determined in this issue. The end to the second title is quite satisfactory but still leaves one thrilled and eager for more.

TV shows and movies

Although there haven’t been any film adaptations of the series, author Samantha Young has expressed interest in having Naomi Scott from the science fiction TV series ‘Terra Nova’ play the role of Ari Johnson if there were ever plans to adapt the series to screen. Additionally she has nominated Alex Pettyfer and Abdel Rahman El Balaa for the roles of Charlie and Jai respectively.

Should it make it to the screen, the Fire Spirits series saga promises to unleash a flurry of Hollywood blockbusters that would garner for the franchise additional millions if not billions in fans and earnings alike.

Future Works

Author Samantha Young has hinted at the possibility of having other two additions to the Fire Spirits series, bringing the total number of issues to six. Ari Johnson has throughout the series, gradually but most definitely, strongly transitioned to be the heroine that everyone could get endeared to. She slowly comes to accept her true nature as a Jinn and a her life altering decision to become a Jinn hunter comes to portray her as a strong, resolute and deterministic character. The constantly captivating drama and intrigue, deception, romance, and riveting suspense and treacherous betrayal make the next awaited issues in the series to ‘die for”.

Samantha Young’s genius will for sure never disappoint as she has got vast experience in writing universally acclaimed, bestselling works such as the Dublin Street series as which have sold well in over 28 countries.

Need it be mentioned that she’s a New york times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author?

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