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Publication Order of Firebrand Books

Brimstone Bound (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Infernal Enchantment (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Smoke (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scorched Heart (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Whispers (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killer Kiss (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fortune's Ashes (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Firebrand Series
Firebrand is a book series authored by Helen Harper who has a Scottish ancestry and attended Stirling University. She has lived in several Asian countries, including Kuala Lumpur, where she was a volunteer teacher; and is a former teacher of English literature in Thailand, Tokyo, and Malaysia. She has since relocated to Devon, England.

Her literary influences include English writer Neil Gaiman; and American fantasy novelists Patricia Briggs, Amanda Hocking, Laurell Kaye Hamilton, Michael Connelly, Stephen King, Stieg Larsson, and the pseudonymous Illona Andrews. Escapism is her motivation for writing, wherein she operates especially from restaurants. Helen’s genres are romance and urban fantasy.

Books in the Firebrand Series
Helen is famous for her Blood Destiny series—the first book therein, Bloodfire (December 2012), is her debut—although the Firebrand series has the highest ratings, comparatively.

The first book in the Firebrand series is titled Brimstone Bound, which was initially released on September 3, 2020. Brimstone Bound has a London setting; its protagonist is a half human, half mythic policewoman, Emma Bellamy, whose lover is an accountant named Jeremy. Emma’s hopes of a reassignment to the Cyber Crime agency are dampened following her shocking rotational transfer to the Supernatural Squad—a four-person (consists of Anthony, Emma, Fred, and Lisa) investigative department of the London Police—that is mostly preserved for disciplinary transfers.

Supernatural Squad’s leader is Detective Constable Anthony Brown who has since nicknamed her D’artagnon for her daring supernatural inquisitiveness about the suspicious killings of mythical beings, including shapeshifters. Her incompetent teammates’ failure to live up to their mandate may be a motive for her cutthroat-related half day-long violent death at a church cemetery, although she miraculously resurrects in the Fitzwilliam Hospital mortuary in the presence of the surprised pathologist Dr Laura Hawes. Her first suspect Anthony’s disappearance leaves Emma doubtful, prompting her own homicide investigation where she soon realizes a vampire named Lukas is trailing behind her.

Book two in the Firebrand series is titled Infernal Enchantment. It was first released on October 1, 2020. In Infernal Enchantment, Emma, who draws her strength from cyclic deaths and resurrections, has since been promoted to a detective constable. Also, she has replaced Anthony Brown after his targeted killing; and she has also taken over the now three-person Supernatural Squad, where her other two colleagues are Lisa and Fred. She is answerable to DSI Lucinda Barnes.

There is the killing of a youthful, urbanite werewolf in a seemingly motor accident involving a mystic vehicle called Tallulah. The vampire’s human parents, who suspect the vampires, seek Emma’s assistance in the case that is complicated by the stealing of the werewolf’s corpse from its grave. Thus begins Emma’s inquiry into a series of body snatching.

Elsewhere, a concerned leader of the vampires, called Lord Horvath—Emma has since discovered that he is also Lukas, the vampire that has been trailing her—prompts her to track down a vampire-killing man. She strikes a deal with an informant, body snatching ringleader Devereaux Webb, who wants an audience with the vampires in return.

Midnight Smoke is book three in the Firebrand series. Its earliest edition is dated November 5, 2020. In Midnight Smoke, Emma’s feats have endeared her to the otherwise law-breaking mythical creatures. In particular, Lord Horvath wants to woo Emma whose feelings are mutual.

However, Emma finds herself dealing with more serious issues after her sojourn in the quest for her heritage; she has since found out that she is a descendant of the mythological Phoenix lineage, and that she was orphaned aged five. Hereby, the Emma-led Supernatural Squad—it has two more team members, including DI Collier—is faced with incidents that eventually turn out to be diversionary tactics aimed at facilitating a bank heist. The incidents range from a vampire’s suicide attempt at a theme park to a mystic carjacking of tourists.

The heist at Supernatural’s Bank claims the lives of human and superhuman hostages. Emma’s investigation reveals—and prompts her to recover—that the bank break-in specifically targeted Lord Horvath’s documents, the werewolves’ ancestries and her own Phoenix descent for blackmail.

Scorched Heart is book four in the Firebrand series. Its first edition is dated May 6, 2021. In Scorched Heart, Emma—she is in her thirties—has since found out that she was orphaned as a result of her parents’ violent deaths twenty-five years previously and that their murderer has been imprisoned since then. A copycat killing in the same region compels Emma to revisit the village wherein she spent her early life; a fresh relook at the decades-old cold case using her newly acquired supernatural know-how prompts her suspicion of a paranormal murderer.

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The Lost City, by American novelist Amanda Hocking, is the first book in The Omte Origins series. The July 2020 book is all about the secretive Omte Kingdom and its baby dumping of an impure female child—protagonist Ulla Tulin whom adoptive parents took in. Now a young adult interning in a mythical beings-oriented school, Ulla teams up with male internee Pan Soriano in tracing her possibly folkloric royal ancestry.

A Shield of Sorrow, by American novelist Kate Avery Ellison, is the fifth book in The Kingmakers’ War series. Released in April 2018, A Shield of Sorrow is all about two warring royals and the protagonist is a magically empowered woman named Briand. An orphaned and mistreated royal outcast, the rebellious Briand joins—through her heartthrob and ringleader Kael’s invitation—and tips the scales in favor of the banished legit prince Jehn’s side against the ruthless illegitimate prince’s faction.

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