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Publication Order of Firefly Hollow Books

The Firefly Hollow series is of Women’s Fiction Romances and Paranormal Romance novels set in Appalachia and written by the well known American author T.L. Haddix. There is a total of 9 books published in the series between the years 2012 and 2015. The first novel of the Firefly Hollow series was titled ‘Firefly Hollow’. It was published by the Streetlight Graphics publishing house in the year 2012. The plot of the novel is set in Hazard, Kentucky, United States, during the time of the year 1955. It depicts a series of paranormal romance between the characters of the novel and revolves around the happenings in the lives of the primary characters named Sarah Browning and Owen Campbell. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, the time period of the year 1960 is depicted during which Sarah Browning gets called back to her Appalachian homestead from the college because of a tragic death in her family. Eventually, she is not able to get back to her college and finish her studies. As a result, Sarah begins to fear that she might not be able obtain her degree and thereby have a future that she had not planned for herself.

With this, she starts to grieve too much and becomes lost in the sorrows of her life. On one such occasion, Sarah Browning wanders off onto the property of her reclusive neighbor while grieving. Incidentally, she stumbles across the character named Owen Campbell, whom she finds way too attractive. However, Sarah is not aware of the fact that Owen Campbell is hiding some of the very important secrets which are not less than any legend. Soon, Sarah Browning learns that Owen Campbell was born and brought up on the Eastern Kentucky folklore, a place which is famous for its stories of men and women having magical abilities beginning from shape-shifting to having healing powers. Owen Campbell seemed to be rejected by everyone whom he loved and due to this, he had isolated himself from the rest of the world and was living a lonely life in the neighborhood of Sarah Browning’s Appalachian homestead. But, when he sees Sarah Browning for the first time, Owen begins to fall for her charm and beauty.

However, he tends to stop himself as he faces the most difficult question of whether to let Sarah Browning enter into his life of stay hidden from her and the rest of the world in order to ensure the safety of his heart. The novel proves to be an extraordinary tale of a paranormal romance, unlike the typical ones. This is because it does not depict any alpha dogs or rage beast shape-shifters. However, it is full of romance at its heart and showcases some of the most intimate scenes between the main characters of the novel. There are also a few descriptions of adult situations which dealing with tragedy and the pain of separation from a loved one. Just like this novel, author Haddix has also written 8 more interesting novels in the series. He has also continued his unique style of writing in his other novel series titled ‘The Shadows Collection’. The immense success of the first novel series by author T.L. Haddix enabled him to write this romantic suspense novel series. Both these novel series were extremely successful in their own genres and helped author Haddix to feel motivated and encouraged to write several other successful novels in his writing career.

The second novel written by author T.L. Haddix in the Firefly Hollow series was published in the year 2013 by the Streetlight Graphics publishing house. It was titled ‘Butterfly Lane’. The plot of this novel is also set in Appalachia, just like the first novel of the series and continues to depict the elements of the paranormal romance between the main characters of the novel. Typically, this novel shows the life story of the members of the Campbell family from a different generation and this legacy continues in the other novels of the series as well. The members of the Campbell family who are described in this novel include the husband and wife pair of John Campbell and Zanny Franks Campbell. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Zanny Franks Campbell is introduced as walking in on her husband while he is in his bed with another woman. Although, she becomes devastated at this behavior of her husband, she does not seem surprised as she is very well aware of John Campbell’s flirt nature.

Zanny Franks Campbell was aware of the fact that there was something wrong in her relationship with John Campbell since a very long time, but she did not have the courage to find out what it was as she feared about getting separated from John. And now, as the ugly truth has come out in front of her, she is not sure whether to believe the protestations of innocence by her husband John Campbell, even though she feels like believing him and giving him a second chance. Also, John becomes ashamed of himself for his hurting act and tries to explain the situation to her. He believes that the situation in which she walked in was not what she is thinking it to be and tries very hard to convince her that he still wants to have her as her beloved wife. But, Zanny Campbell is not willing to listen to him. She seems to be very well aware of the fact that John has not been fully honest with her in relation to the intimate problems that they were facing.

Zanny Campbell tells him that until he becomes fully honest with her again, the wounds of the broken relationship between them are not going to heal. As both of them seem to be hurting in their own ways, they do not seem to be able to find a common ground on which they can get their things sorted. With the days passing by, this struggle continues to grow, which makes Zanny Campbell feel that she does not have the ability to fight anymore. She appears to be adamant on her stand that unless John comes to her with full honesty and tell her what he has been hiding till now, she is not going to move forward with their relationship. Also, she is not willing to take the risk until he promises that he will not hurt her again in the future. Just like the first novel of the series, this novel too became very much popular and motivated author Haddix to write the further novels of the series. All the other novels of the series also depict the tales of the Campbell family members from generation to generation.

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