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Publication Order of Firelight Books

The “Firelight” series by Sophie Jordan is from the young adult genre and started in the year 2010 with the release of “Firelight”, book one in the series. The series is a trilogy, one that ended in the year 2012, with the release of “Hidden”; book two (called “Vanish”) was released in the year 2011.

It stars a girl who is named Jacinda, a human that has dragon origins, who is able to shift into human form. Dragons who can turn into humans, which she is, are called draki. This allows her to keep on surviving, as she lives with humans that protect her.

She falls for two men in the books. Both Will (who is actually human) and another draki, who is named Cassian. She has a hard time choosing between the two men, partly because of how she feels for each one, but also because of other circumstances as well.

“Firelight” is the first novel in the “Firelight” series and was released in the year 2010. Jacinda was designated as special from a young age, and knows that every move she makes is watched. She desperately wants freedom, so that she can decide what to do with her life. She breaks the most sacred of the tenets her kind has, and she almost pays with her life, but a gorgeous stranger spares her. This stranger actually hunts her kind. She is really a draki, which is a kind of dragon descendant that has the ability to shift into a human form. This serves as her best defense.

Jacinda has a hard time adapting, when she is forced to leave the mortal world. Will is the only bright light she has. He is beautiful and elusive and is able to stir Jacinda’s inner draki into life. He is irresistible to her, even though she knows Will’s secret. He and the family he comes from hunt draki. It is in her best interest to avoid him.

Her inner draki is getting away from her, and if it should die, she will remain a human forever. She is going to try everything she can to keep that from happening. It might even mean getting closer to Will, which happens to be her most dangerous enemy.

Fans of the novel felt attached to Jacinda, right from the start of the story and right when she takes flight the first time. There is old rules, danger, family, action, new friends, and romance in the book that keeps every page interesting. Readers felt themselves consumed by the book, feeling that they read during every activity that they had to do (like eating, housework, things like that). It even hampered their ability to do homework or leave their room. Some liked reading about the mythology surrounding the draki, as it was unique and something they had not read before this book; it was interesting to see how they interact with those who are not draki.

“Vanish” is the second novel in the “Firelight” series and was released in the year 2011. Jacinda tried to save the boy she loved. To do so, she had to tell the most closely-guarded secret her kind has. She has to go back to her group, knowing that she could never lay eyes upon Will ever again. Because his mind was shaded, his memories of that night and why she had to go back to her group were erased.

She is greeted with nothing but hostility when she returns home and has to work hard to show that she is loyal both for her family and herself. Tamra (Jacinda’s sister, who has been changed by fate) and Cassian (the heir apparent to their flock and he has always wanted Jacinda) are the few who will speak to her. Jacinda realizes that she should move on and forget Will; even if he was able to remember the promise that he made to her and find her, it would only endanger both of them. She still hangs on to the hope that he will come for her and they can be together again. Will she risk everything to have love, as the chance turns up for her to follow what is in her heart?

Fans of the novel were simply happy that they found this excellent story, and cannot wait until they read the next story in this series. Some loved the book so much, they were able to complete it in just one sitting. Here is an author that knows how to write a great and steamy kiss in a book. This is a book that has a great love triangle, with both guys making it tough to choose. The story is kept riveting by some twists that change things up. This was a great sequel that continues the story, yet it still goes in a nice direction this time around.

“Hidden” is the third novel in the “Firelight” series and was released in the year 2012. Jacinda had to bond with the prince of the pride (Cassian). She resisted this fate a long time before she even fell in love with Will to begin with. She ran away with Will and it ended terribly. Cassian’s sister, Miram, wound up getting captured. Her guilt has consumed her and knows that she must get Miram back to make things right. She will have to get deep into enemy territory to accomplish this mission of hers.

She has to pose as a prisoner to even reach Miram. Once she begins posing as a prisoner, things get quickly out of hand. She finds out more about the people holding Miram captive; realizing that even if Will and Cassian should even pull off their part of the rescue attempt, there is no way that everyone will live. Escaping is just the start, something that Jacinda could never have seen coming.

This series is a must read series, and one that is centered around dragons. Some were able to read the first two in just one day total and the third in just about the same amount of time. Fans of the novel found that the words in these books leap right off the page, and make readers feel very emotional. This is an exciting, full of suspense, that keeps the heart pounding throughout, not to mention, a great way to finish off a trilogy of novels.

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