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Publication Order of First Wives Books

Catherine Bybee is a best-selling author that has reached the tops of the charts for her books on publications and sites such as the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Amazon, and IndieReader.

Catherine has also won several awards and is a RONE Award Winner for 2012 and 2013. She also is the winner of the More Than Magic Award in 2011 for paranormal romance for her work Silent Vows. She also has won a Finalist RT Award in contemporary romance for her book Fiancé by Friday.

The talented author grew up and was raised in the state of Washington. After she graduated from high school, Catherine decided to relocate to the southern California area with the intention of auditioning and becoming a movie star. However, she also had to make ends meet somehow. She was waiting tables and grew bored with it, so she decided to go back to school.

Catherine went back to school and graduated, becoming a registered nurse. She spent most of her time working in emergency rooms in different parts of southern California. She says that the material that working that career gave her was worth the back pain and the twelve-hour shifts. Today she writes on a full-time basis. She has come out with several series, including the MacCoinnich Time Travel series, the Not Quite series, the Weekday Bride series, and the First Wives series. Her books have been popular enough that they have been translated into over twenty different languages.

The author is a mom and has two sons that she is very proud of. However, they have since grown up and left the nest. Catherine says that she didn’t truly expect her home to feel so empty. She was married but has since gotten divorced and is very happily so. She resides in San Diego, California, where she is living her best life.

Catherine says that from the first time she read a romance novel, she had fallen in love with the genre. She read them constantly throughout her time in high school and she vowed that one day in the future she would become a published author too. She was also thankful that eventually word processors were developed, and spell-check came along with them.

The author says that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. As much as she can, she tries to laugh and make those around her laugh too. When possible, she can be found traveling all over the world. She has a large bucket list and does her best to try and check off the items every few months.

She has written many books, sold over ten million copies, and is finding new readers all the time.

Catherine Bybee is the creator and the author of the First Wives series. The series started in 2017 with the publication of the debut book, Fool Me Once. That was followed by the publication of the second book in the series in 2018, Half Empty. This was followed by the third book in the series, which is titled Chasing Shadows. The fourth book came next in 2019, titled Faking Forever. The fifth book in the series is called Say It Again.

Fool Me Once is the first book in the First Wives series by Catherine Bybee. If you have been looking for something light and refreshing to read, check this book out!

This is the story of four women, their friendship, having second chances, and finding love without expecting it. Main character Lori Cumberland works as a divorce attorney and is largely a cynical person. She knows that life is grand, but when it comes to divorce, well, that’s a hundred grand.

She has already gotten married and had that end up in divorce. She fell for her guy early on and fell hard and is not interested in repeating that same experience again. She is happy to just focus on the marriages about to be dissolved by her clients, many of whom are rich and famous. She decides to join some of the more recent individuals that have gotten divorced on a cruise. On the cruise, her goal is to get some sun, have some fun, and enjoy time spent with new friends. Little does she know she might find something else to occupy her attention.

Then there’s Reed Barlow. For him, becoming a private investigator was simple. He knows all about the law and how to not break it while doing his job. He lives his life by the fact that he should do his best to have no emotion and no involvement. That is, until he meets Lori.

Reed has a great smile and a confident attitude that could be described as cocky. It takes Lori off guard and makes her feel less defensive, which is what he wants. But what could have been a singular flirtation might just be a plot by Reed. As his investigation grows more dangerous, he could be putting Lori in danger.

Reed has just one chance for Lori to give him another shot. But if he’s honest with her, his cover might be blown. Will he put her best interests first, realizing he cares for her? Or will she be collateral damage? Read this book to find out!

Half Empty is the second book in the First Wives series by Catherine Bybee. If you enjoyed the first book in this series, give this one a try!

Trina Petrov had a marriage by contract that was just supposed to be temporary. The last thing that she expected was for tragedy to hit and leave her one of the richest women in the entire world as a result. She is totally in shock but needs some way to recover. She decides to adjust to her new normal by going to Italy to relax for some time.

She promises herself that she’s not going to get involved with any men while she is there and won’t fall for anyone. The rules allow for her falling for someone on her way back home, however.

Then there’s Wade Thomas. The big name in country music is hanging out at a hotel bar, trying to keep to himself. Usually, people fall all over him when they recognize him, so when Trina gives him the cold shoulder, it actually feels nice. It’s a refreshing change-up from what he normally goes through, having to fend off women and fans.

When things start heating up between Wade and Trina, things seem optimistic. Then Trina finds out that her husband’s death may not have been what it first appeared to be. When she gets into trouble, Wade doesn’t want her to get hurt. Could getting involved put them both in danger, and can he save her? Will this make her fall for him? Read Half Empty to find out!

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