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400 First Kisses (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
325 First Fights (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
218 First Hugs (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

First Series by E.L Todd

First is a series of romance novels by a New York and the USA Today bestselling author, E.L Todd. The series is about couples, who have relationship issues and are trying to work out their difference, and their journey is both heartbreaking and heartwarming, but they face some challenges as they try to win each other back.

Each book in the series is written in first person perspective from female characters view. It’s recommended to you read the novels in chronological order for better understanding. The author has written in a style that will make you get emotionally attached to the characters as they find ways to overcome their relationships crisis.

400 First Kisses

The first in the series introduces us to three couples who are also the main characters; Cypress and Bree, Ace and Amelia, Blade and Celeste. Bree is planning a birthday party for her boyfriend, Cypress, who she is deep in love with. She decides to pass by his house where she found him making love to another woman. Bree was not weak; she just confronted them and went on with her own business. She thought that she has already found the love of her life but ended up getting heartbreak when she found, her boyfriend cheating on her.

Bree is lying on her bed one morning when sounds outside her room awake her. She looks at the nearby house which had been locked for several years and saw a new tenant moving in. After a year she thought that she has already moved on, but sees Cypress walking out of the next door and informs her that he is now her neighbor.

They both had ups and downs and thought that their relationship would not work until it is discovered that Bree is suffering from Amnesia after having an accident which leads her to lose her memory including her love and husband. The last thing she can remember is her boyfriend cheating on her; she can’t remember that she has already forgiven him and they are now married. Cypress endures it all hoping that things will change one day when she gains back her memory and makes their marriage work, but Bree seems to be against it all time. Everyone seems to have moved forward when Bree’s life has just stood still. Her friends seem supportive, but her sister is already tired of the situation. Cypress did not seem to give up on her and stood by her side hoping for a good which might or might not come.

Ace and Amelia are wonderful characters just the two main characters. They are married, and Amelia has been through a lot in that relationship. She is now a single mother of two girls after Evan left her for another woman. They have a history that makes it hard for Ace to be fully committed to Amelia. Cypress steps in to help his nieces and his sister in law. The reason that Ace gives Bree for not getting back to Amelia, her sister, is so touching and shows his deep feelings. Bree wants the two to get back together.

After a night Amelia thinks that they are back together until a lady comes into the bar where her friends were having fun. It’s a weird scene, and it’s discovered that the two have an affair.Ace informs Amelia that he doesn’t want a relationship and doesn’t want to be a stepfather even though his actions seem to be different from his words. Amelia pretends to smiles and says that she has understood him.

The narrators are lovely; they narrate with emotion that makes the story look like a movie in the reader’s mind. They bring the characters to life.

325 First Fights

This is the second book of the First series which is a continuation of 400 First Kisses. Cypress and Bree try to make their marriage work even though Bree doesn’t trust him anymore. Cypress is patient and loving, but Bree’s lack of trust has been the major challenge for their marriage. When she realized that she might end up losing him, she decides to give the marriage a try. Everything looks perfect until the past hits Bree and requests for divorce this time.

Things seem nice between Ace and Amelia unknown to them that each is in need of something more but are afraid to speak out their feelings. As Amelia was almost through with washing dishes, she hears a knock at the door. She thinks that it is Ace, but instead, it was someone else, Evan, his ex-husband. He wanted to see his daughters. Amelia called them, and the two girls seemed to adore their father yet Amelia looks very upset. She wanted this kind of help earlier and most importantly from Evan. He had neglected both her and his daughters, and it is the worst thing he has ever been through. While she was waiting for them to return home, she thought of her sister who was going through a hard time having lost her memory, but she was now fine.

When Ace arrived home, she told him about Evan who had taken the girls out for ice cream. The girls finally returned home and as Evan was leaving Ace seemed to be very angry at him. Amelia told Evans that he is always welcome to come and see his daughters anytime. Amelia had passed through a lot after she broke up with Evan and things seem never to be that way again. Ace and Amelia went on chatting.

Amelia talked to her sister telling her of how both were unlucky growing up without a father, but she did not want that to happen to her daughters and never wanted to be heartbroken once again .author introduces Celeste who is Blades is interested in. She is incredible, and the blade has strong feelings towards her, but Blade is afraid that she might end their relationship even before it has started.

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