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Fitz and the Fool Books In Order

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Publication Order of Fitz and The Fool Trilogy Books

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The American writer of fantasy and science-fiction Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden has been building her profile for a number of years now. Mainly focusing on fantasy literature, she is well known for transporting readers to far off lands and realms, as she takes them on a journey of the imagination. Understanding the genre perfectly, she knows exactly how to best utilize her skills as a writer, effectively using all of the tools at her disposal, something which she has managed to fine-tune throughout the years. Known for her broad sense of scope and scale she really manages to build a true feeling of the epic in her many series and franchise, allowing the reader to really invest themselves in her stories. It is also her characters that really bring her stories to life as well, as, whilst she has scope, she is also able to keep her plots grounded in reality too, giving them an almost intimate and personal quality. Writing under the name of Robin Hobb, she has built a strong brand name for herself that’s recognized throughout the literary community at large. This has evolved over time, along with her stories as well, with her many narrative arcs retaining an enduring an timeless quality in their approach.

Growing in stature, she has almost become an industry in of herself, creating a buzz that surrounds both her and her extensive backlog of work. It is these stories that really stay with the reader too, as they have essentially stood the test of time, allowing them to become a lot more expansive as well. Not only that, but it is also her characters that have an enduring quality too, as they manage to stay with the reader long after they’ve put the book down. A particular series that definitely reflects this is that of her highly popular ‘Fitz and the Fool Trilogy’ of books. Writing them under the name of Robin Hobb, Lindholm sets them in a mythical time fantasy, with strong and courageous characters that exude bravery and chivalry.

Set within the over-arcing ‘Realms of the Elderlings’ series, this trilogy follows the character of Tom Badgerlock, or FitzChivalry Farseer as he’s more commonly known, as he accompanies ‘The Fool’ in a series of quests. Working together they must survive insurmountable odds, dealing with whatever comes their way, in world of myth and fantasy. Continuing in the fantasy world of high royalty and adventure, this trilogy occupies its own distinctive niche within it all, taking elements from the over-arcing narrative and continuing them.

The trilogy itself begun in 2014 with the title ‘Fool’s Assassin’, as it would continue on a new strand of the ‘Realms of the Elderlings’ saga. This means that, whilst it was the first book in the trilogy, it is the fourteenth book in the series as a whole, with the main Elderlings series beginning back in 1995 with the title ‘Assassin’s Apprentice’. Providing the fans with more of what they’ve now come to expect, it takes the somewhat familiar and now iconic character of FitzChivalry, placing him in a new a story essentially. With the trilogy working as a whole adventure effectively, these instalments were met with eager excitement from fans and followers of the highly popular Hobb franchise.

Fool’s Assassin

First published through the Del Rey publishing label, this was the original book in the ‘Fitz and the Fool Trilogy’ to come out. Setting up the new line of books, it was also the fourteenth book to come out in the ‘Realms of the Elderlings’ to come out too, establishing a whole new narrative. Released on the 12th of August in 2014, it would later be followed by a sequel the following year, as it would re-establish already pre-existing characters into new situations.

Now living with his beloved wife Molly, the middle-aged Tom Badgerlock lives a respectable life in a Withywoods mansion, his years of turmoil and service to the king put in the past behind him. Disturbing the peace then, a messenger appears out of the blue one Winterfest night, only to disappear all of sudden. Leaving behind a trail of blood, the messenger is nowhere to be found, as Badgerlock is plunged once again into a whole new world of chaos. Will he discover where the messenger went so abruptly? What did the message itself say? Just who is the Fool’s Assassin?

Fool’s Quest

The second book to come out in the ‘Fitz and the Fool Trilogy’ series, as well as being the fifteenth title in the ‘Realms of the Elderlings’ collection, this continues directly on from the previous novel. Initially published on the 11th of August in 2015, this was once again published through the ‘Del Rey’ publishing house. It would also be followed up with the third title in trilogy ‘Assassin’s Fate’ in 2017; a book which would wrap the series up overall.

Tom Badgerlock aka FitzChivalry Farseer is out for vengeance, as his daughter was kidnapped in an attempt to get to the Fool. Whilst he may be a little bit older and a little out of practise, the blood of an assassin still beats through his heart, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. With nothing left to lose, he’s on the warpath, as he dives head-first into a world riddled with dangerous forces that seek to do him and the Fool harm. Will he find his daughter? Can he survive long enough to see his new mission through to the very end? What will become of the Fool’s quest?

The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy Series

Following on from the previous books, this trilogy really is a must for any fans of the ‘Realms of the Elderlings’ as it most definitely delivers. Taking a number of familiar elements from the original books and reinventing them almost, this breathes new life into the saga, moving it in a whole new and exciting direction. This means that it is a series that is accessible to all, with readers from all over the world discovering it every day, as its popularity continues to grow. Finding a whole host of new fans too, it ultimately allows the world of the Elderlings to be seen like it’s never been seen before. Given the scope of the world, there’s always more room to keep on expanding upon it, as this is one series that really will stand the test of time for many years to come.

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