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Five Hundred Kingdoms Books In Order

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Publication Order of Five Hundred Kingdoms Books

The Fairy Godmother (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Good Knight (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fortune's Fool (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Snow Queen (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sleeping Beauty (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beauty and the Werewolf (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Tangled Web (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Five Hundred Kingdoms series is a renowned series of fantasy, paranormal romance, fairy tales, and fiction books. It is written by a highly reputed author of The United States named Mercedes Lackey. There are 6 novels as well as 3 novellas. All of it were released from 2004 to 2012. . Each and every novel of this series features a different set of primary characters. The stories of all the books generally revolve around the famous and well known characters from fairy tales. Author Lackey has taken the reference of the famous characters and has weaved stories around them that are exactly the opposite of what the characters are actually famous. In simple words, the stories show the popular characters’ stories being turned upside down with completely different storylines. Author Lackey started writing this popular series in the year 2004. She was able to finish the writing part of the series’ first novel and publish it in the same year. As of today, the series is believed to be still going on. Author Lackey is working on the development of a story as the next book of this series. She is expected to release the book anytime soon in the near future.

Mercedes Lackey is a famous American author, who has particular interests in writing fantasy novels. She is currently working on a number of novel series and is busy writing the next novel in line of many of them. Because of working on multiple series together, author Lackey remains quite busy for the whole day usually. She remains so much busy with her writing career that she hardly finds any time for herself and her family. In spite of all the load and hectic schedule, author Lackey considers herself lucky and blessed that she was able to achieve so much in her career. And she likes to give the credit of all her achievements and success to her hard work and dedication towards her work. Mercedes Lackey has always been dedicated and determined from the day she began writing her first story. And with the passage of time, she has only managed to add more number of stars to her name and fame. Her success and fame have never seen a fall since her beginning. Some of the very popular book series’ that Mercedes Lackey has penned include the Valdemar series, the Elemental Masters series, the Bardic Voices series, the Evels on the Road series, the Heirs of Alexandria series, the Obsidian series, the Shadow Grail series, and many other series as well. Author Mercedes Lackey is said to have learned the skills and crafts of writing from her mentor named Marion Zimmer Bradley. She even considers Andre Norton and C.J. Cherryh as her mentors because Lackey believes that she has learned a lot from them and their writings. Currently, author Lackey resides in Oklahoma. She is happily married and lives with her husband named Larry Dixon, who also collaborates with her in her works on quite frequently. At the very start of her career, Mercedes Lackey used to write short stories for the anthologies of Marion Bradley. Later on, she went on to write independently and came up with her first full length book called Arrows of the Queen. It came out in 1987 and became an instant success. The book’s success helped in laying the foundation of the successful career of Mercedes Lackey. She received appreciations and praises from far and wide. Within a matter of a few days, Lackey became a popular name in the writing world. And since then, she has not looked back. Very soon, author Lackey will be publishing her next novel, for which her fans wait with eagerness for a long time.

The first book of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series that Mercedes Lackey wrote is entitled ‘The Fairy Godmother’. It was released in the year 2004 by the Luna Books publication. The lead characters of this book as mentioned by author Lackey include Prince Alexander from Kohlstania and Elena Klovis. The beginning of the story of the book is that if a legend cannot carry out his legendary role in the Kingdoms, then his life does not remain a fairy tale. He or she ends up facing a lot of troubles and difficulties. Elena Klovis was headed to become the Cinderella of her kingdom, but her fate made her get paired with an altogether different and inappropriate prince. So, she decides to leave and set herself in the course of finding a new life and new purpose for herself. However, it was not easy for her to break the tradition and take such a big step. No one had dared to do so before. And when nothing seemed to be going Elena Klovis’ way, she receives help from a fairy godmother. This fairy godmother offers Elena a job that she did not expect at all. As a result, instead of being made to sleep in a chimney, Elena Klovis is forced to deal with difficult to handle and arrogant princes. All such males always try rising above from the place they are supposed to stay. One particular prince named Prince Alexander hailing from Kohlstania, causes the most trouble for Elena. But, he also gets her attention more than any other prince around her.

Another very popular book of this series is called ‘Fortune’s Fool’. It was also published by the Luna publication in 2007. The central characters depicted by Lackey in this novel are Sasha Feliks, Led Belarus’ Prince, Ekaterina, Pavel Pietrovich, and a few others. Author Lackey has written the plot of this story in a fictional place called Led Belarus. The story starts with showing Ekaterina is the Sea King’s youngest daughter. Her near and dear ones refer her commonly as Katya. One day, the Sea King asks Katya to go on an expedition of spying. This assignment seemed absolutely perfect for Katya as she possessed the unique ability of transversing both water and land. Also, as the assignment was given to her by her own father, she did not hesitate even for once to accept it. As Katya arrives on land, she comes across a spectacular fight between a couple of mags. Later, she meets Sasha. She learns about Sasha that he is also holding royal status by birth and is the 7th son of his father. Sasha is destined to become the Fortune Fool & Songweaver or the Wise. As soon as they meet each other, Sasha and Katya develop an affinity for one another instantly. But, before their romance can move a step further, Katya receives a call from her father to come back to the kingdom. She is informed that 2 magical maidens have disappeared from a nearby island. Katya is told to disguise herself as a maiden and find out how they disappeared. As she begins this mission, Katya gets abducted by the same Jinn, had kidnapped the maidens. Now, she is required to use all her powers and cleverness to get all the prisoners out alive. The magic of Sasha comes in handy for Katya in saving the maidens and herself from the Jinn.

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