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Five-Ingredient Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of A Five-Ingredient Mystery Books

By Cook or by Crook (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scam Chowder (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Final Fondue (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tell-Tale Tarte (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
S'more Murders (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crypt Suzette (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gingerdead Man (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bake Offed (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Parfait Crime (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Five-Ingredient Mystery series is a well known mystery series written by the award winning American novelist named Maya Corrigan. This mystery book series is comprised of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 2014 and 2017. All the books of the mystery series feature the lead character in the role of Val Deniston. In addition to the mystery element, the novels of the series also feature elements of humor, romance, and fiction. The series begins by showing Val Deniston as a burned-out girl from New York City. Over the course of the series, she goes through a number of suspenseful events that make her go on a struggling journey to solve the mysteries around her. The way the events unfold around the life of Val Deniston, it gives the readers all the ingredients necessary for a a delicious mystery. Initially, Val Deniston is shown as a publicist of cookbooks. She encountered a brutal car accident because of which her career came to an end. Since then, she has been trading in the New York City’s chaos to live a peaceful life closer to the Chesapeake Bay. Later, Val Densiton moves to Bayport, a tourist town, to live along with her grandfather. Val’s grandfather seems to have a rather curmudgeon nature. In spite of being in the tourist spot, Val Densiton hardly enjoys the glamour. In fact, she enjoys more while running her Cool Down Cafe, located near a local fitness center. She is also planning to manage some time off from her work to focus on her own cookbook. However, things do turn out as she plans and she gets stuck a number of murder mysteries one after the other.

The first mystery that she gets involved in is that of the murder of a local club patron. After learning about the patron’s murder, Val Deniston makes a list of the possible suspects and begins her investigation to find the real killer among the suspects. She plans a scheme to force the killer come out in the open and catch him red-handed. Val seems more desperate to reveal the true identity of the killer because she wants to save her closest friend, who gets framed in the murder case wrongly. At the time when Val becomes busy carrying out investigations and catching culprits, her grandfather takes charge of the kitchen and creates a havoc every time he plans to try out a recipe. This mystery appears to be one of the many that Val Deniston comes across throughout the mystery series. As the series progresses, the other mysteries are encountered by her, which she eventually investigates and solves.

An initial novel written and published in the series by author Corrigan is entitled ‘Final Fondue’. It was released by the Kensington publication in the year 2015. At the start of the book it is shown that Val Deniston is very busy with the things in her life, such as running her cafe, dabbling with the recipes, and assisting her grandfather in the preparation of the tricentennial celebration of the town. In spite of all these things that keep her extremely busy, Val Deniston seems to have started liking this new phase of her life in Bayport’s Chesapeake Bay town. Val Densiton gets a chance to get back her position as a publicist of cookbooks in the city. But, she decides not to go for this opportunity as she is more interested in helping her grandfather to perfect the chocolate fondue that he has planned for the dessert cook off of the weekend festivity. But, soon after the end of the opening ceremonies, Deniston discovers the dead body of a houseguest in the backyard of her grandfather. After taking a close look at the dead body, Val Deniston learns that the victim was murdered by strangling. Later, when another guest of the weekend festival gets nearly killed in a similar fashion, Val Deniston suspects that the murder of the first victim might be the case of a mistaken identity. Sighting the recent murder attempts at the festival, Val Deniston decides to take it upon herself to investigate the matter and find out the one who is trying to kill the guests. She tries everything in her power to prevent the festival from becoming a failure. Just as she begins her investigative work, Val Deniston learns that the killer has already set his eyes on his next target. Now, she feels the need to race against time and prevent the murderer from stabbing another innocent victim to death.

Another interesting book written in the mystery series by Maya Corrigan is called as ‘The Tell-Tale Tarte’. It was published in the year 2017 by the Kensington Publishing Corporation. Author Corrigan has depicted the important characters in the story of this book as Val Deniston, Rick Usher, and Val’s grandfather. At the beginning of the story, Corrigan has described the setup in a cold climate during the month of January in the town of Chesapeake Bay. Once again, Val Deniston is depicted as being busy with the management works of her grandfather’s Cool Down restaurant. She seems to have a lot to look after, which make her sweat over. The activities that keep her busy include catering an event of book club, testing the recipes for the cookbook of her Granddad, as well as meeting a popular author of murder tales. In the middle of such a busy schedule, the last thing that Val Deniston wishes to have is an unsolved case of murder. However, one such case comes into her life and makes her worry a lot as the victim was found dressed like her father. This victim was a famous actor who was known for depicting Edgar Allen Poe in his acting work. Later, Val Densiton’s grandfather informs her that he has got a new job in the house of Rick Usher, who is a local writer inspired by the works of Allen Poe. In order to ensure the safety of her Granddad and to keep an eye on him, Val Deniston also gets a cook’s job in Rick Usher’s house. As soon as Val begins to find clues about the murder of the actor, she learns that he was not the only one involved in the act of impersonation. Because of this fact, it becomes very difficult for Val Deniston to separate the murderer from the innocent ones. However, Val knows that she must decipher the killer’s identity and his intention behind the committing the murder very soon, or else she might have to deal with a few more murders, including her close ones. Val cannot let anyone die in front of her eyes, knowing that the killer is still roaming freely. Author Corrigan gained a lot of popularity after the release of this book and was lauded for keeping her writing simple, mixed with pleasant characters, recipes, and murder plots.

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