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The Fix series is an exciting series of urban stories written by a well known American writer named Kwan Foye. It began in 2016 and features the primary character in the form of Persia Chandler. Author Kwan has set most of the plots of this series in Long Island City. Besides Persia Chandler, the other important characters created by Kwan Foye for this series include Chucky, Li’l Monk, Ramses, and a few others. Each and every novel of this series has gone on to become widely successful. They have helped in making the series an overall success and also make the writing career of author Kwan Foye much more successful. Critics in different parts of the world have liked this series and appreciated the depiction of characters, storylines, and plots by Kwan Foye.

Most of them have rated the books very well and have reviewed them with nice words. Even a number of fellow writers have praised Kwan’s work and have regarded this series among his best works. The debut book of the Fix series written by author Kwan Foye is entitled ‘The Fix’. It was released in 2014 by the Urban Books publication. Initially, Persia Chandler is introduced as a girl who is not experienced struggle in her life so far. After her notorious dad got arrested, she is relocated from Harlem, the place that she liked to call her home, to the Long Island City, where she is raised by her mother and her stepfather. They try to give her the best life possible.

When Persia advances to senior year in her high school academics, she requests her parents to let her shift to public school from Catholic school. They fulfill her request and this is when the problems in her life start. As Persia joins the new school, she meets her old friends that were left behind after her transfer to the Catholic School. And after reuniting with them, she begins to move away from the life that her parents worked so hard to build for her. As Persia is exposed to the underworld of Harlem, it feels to her like a big adventure. Later, things take a more adventurous turn when she comes in contact with a drug dealer called Chucky and starts dating him. Chucky introduces Persia to his world of drugs, sex, and money. Slowly, Persia is dragged into the bitter world of addiction through a long, unexpected ride.

The second installment of this series is called ‘The Fix 2’. It was also published by the Urban Books publication in 2014. This novel opens by mentioning that Persia Chandler’s life has been a living hell for the last few months. She seems to have fallen from a life of high standards and found rock bottom overnight. The two factors that have been mainly responsible for her miserable situation include cocaine and Chucky, her drug dealer boyfriend. Chucky was supposed to make her life beautiful with love and cocaine was supposed to get rid of all the pain of her life. But, both of them seem to have left their promises unfulfilled. Persia Chandler last saw any of the two when she was almost killed on a fateful night.

When her parents found out how miserable her life has become, they immediately sign her up in a rehabilitation center and start physical therapy. With the help of these, Persia begins to start putting together the leftover pieces of her life, one that she almost got ruined through her own hands. Living in a home far away from Harlem, she tries to bring her life back on track and re-focus on her school studies under the guidance of her stepfather and mother. And for the first time in many months, Persia is able to enjoy her life like a normal teenage girl. She also tries to graduate and pass the high school with flying colors. This is when Persia and her parents receive a phone called that spills water on all their efforts.

As Persia fights against her demons, her longtime friend named Li’l Monk appears to be embracing his. He is taken in by a dangerous crime lord named Ramses, who trains him and includes him in his army. With his brutal acts, Li’l Monk quickly makes a name for himself as a brutal and ruthless killer on the street. He seems to be walking the same bloody path as his dad, Big Monk. Even though Li’l Monk has become very cold, he still has a soft corner in his heart for his childhood friends. And when Persia approaches him to ask for a favor, he finds himself in a dilemma. As Li’l Monk chooses to double-cross Ramses, he is left with only two options, either kill or get killed.

Kwan Foye is a renowned American author of urban fiction stories. He has written several mind-blowing novel series in his career, including the Animal series, The Fix series, the Purple City series, and the Hood Rat series. Sometimes, he is simply known by his first name, Kwan. One of his books, Gangsta, was claimed by him to be largely an autobiographical novel. This book went on to reach the number three spot on the bestseller list of the Escape magazine. The success of his book allowed Kwan Foye to feature in numerous journals and magazines, including The New York Press, Vibe, Entertainment Weekly, Pages, The Library Journal, King, Time Magazine, etc. In 2012, he won the SLBAM award in adult fiction for his novel Eviction Notice. A year later, Kwan won the award again for the book called Animal.

Kwan Foye is also credited to have given his commentary in an award-winning documentary called Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp. Also, he has appeared in a guest role multiple times in the Celebrity Crime Files broadcast on TV-One. As of today, he lives in New Jersey. He likes to work on his novels from the comfort of his home. Kwan Foye takes great pride in knowing that his novels are liked all over the world. He wishes to continue writing for as long as he can and come up with exciting stories every time. Kwan likes to interact with his fans through various social media and literary platforms and answer their queries.

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