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The Flanagans series is a reputed series of Christian fiction and romance novels. It is written by a renowned author of America named Marta Perry. The series is comprised of a total of 7 books, which were released between the years 2004 and 2007. Author Marta has done the setting of all the books in this series as revolving around the lives of the members of the Flanaghan family. This is a fire fighting family, whose members focus only on their jobs and try to remain as far away as possible from love. The books show how they learn to give up their fight against love and understand what a beautiful gift it is to mankind. Each of the books features one Flanaghan family member in the lead role and revolves around the happenings in his or her personal life. All the novels are very successful and widely known for the romantic situations described by author Marta. With interesting characters and exciting locations, this series proves to be a must read for all the fans of the romance genre. The readers get to read about interesting storylines. The characters are seen trying to overcome the obstacles in their paths to cherish their love life. They overcome various difficulties to make their lovers their own forever.

Marta Perry is a famous author hailing from Pennsylvania, United States. She has penned more than 35 books in her career altogether. Most of her novels are inspirational romance stories. The typical setting of Marta’s books includes the rural life in Pennsylvania and her heritage of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Along with these elements, she also uses many other exciting features and themes to make her books and stories look as fascinating as possible for the readers. Some of the very popular novel series include the Pleasant Valley Amish book series. The Berkely Books has published most of her writing so far. Marta Perry is now working on a new set of Amish suspense books that she is writing for the HQN Books. Author Marta is happily married and resides along with her loving husband in her centuries old farmhouse located in the quiet lands of the central valley of Pennsylvania. She is the mother of 3 full grown children, who all are also married and have 6 children among them in total. Marta likes to spend most of her daytime in developing her books’ stories or trying to meet the deadlines of her ongoing projects. During her spare times, she likes to keep herself busy with different activities like gardening, cooking, and baking. Marta also gives enough time to the church events and participants in as many as of them as she can. Marta also manages to take out time from her busy schedule and meet her beautiful grandchildren. She considers herself well blessed to have achieved so much in her life. Also, she thinks that she is lucky to have become the part of such a beautiful family. Marta is most attached to her grandkids and wishes to be alongside them all the time. During her career span, Marta Perry has managed to develop a widespread fan base for herself. Her fans keep waiting eagerly for the release of her next romance book. She also tries to cut short their wait as much as she can by keeping them updated about all the recent happenings in her life and career. Finally, Marta feels awesome to have found such supportive fans.

An interesting book of The Flanagans series written by author Marta Perry is entitled ‘Hero Dad’. It was released by the Steeple Hill production in the year 2005. Author Marta has mentioned the chief characters in this book in the form of Julie Alexander, Davy, and Seth Flanaghan. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Julie Alexander used to think her life was a lot safer in her own simple ways. But, what she goes on to experience later in life makes her understand that nothing is as she thought to be. Julie Alexander works as a photo-journalist and his job allows her to see different forms of life through the lens of her camera. Using her job profile, she used to look for the perfect man that would become a loving father the child of her estranged half sister, who was no more. However, all the efforts of Julie in being a detached searcher were repeatedly challenged by the sexy and handsome Seth Flanaghan, and his warmhearted fire-fighting family. Also, Julie Alexander’s detachments were shattered completely by the unexpected love that she developed for the 3 year old Davy. However, Julie was not the only one facing problems in life. Seth Flanaghan was also grieving for losing the mother of his child. He also detaches himself from all the joys of life and maintains that he does not have any plans at loving anyone again. As both of them continue to be adamant of their separate stands, their lives take surprising turns and make them come closer. They develop feelings for each other and finally accept one another as life partners forever.

Another exciting book of this series is called ‘Her Only Hero’. The Steeple Hill publishers released this novel too in 2005. Marta Perry has shown the central characters of this particular novel as Ryan Flanaghan, Mandy McKay, and Laura McKay. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Laura McKay is a single mother of a deaf daughter. She somehow manages to earn for herself and her daughter. The two seem to be living peacefully and Laura has been taking care of her daughter as a dedicated mother. But, when she feels threatened for the security of her child and herself by an arsonist, Laura cannot rely on anyone else except Ryan Flanaghan. She knows that the firefighter will do anything to help keep her daughter safe from any harm. And when he eventually helps her out in getting rid of the arsonist heroically, Laura McKay is forced to renew her trust in God’s faith. Also, she develops feelings for Ryan Flanaghan and feels like falling for his love. Ryan too feels the same for Laura. And when they finally reveal their feelings for the other, they realize how much they have been wanting to show their love, but were afraid about things going wrong. Now, they are able to get together as a family due to God’s grace. The characters and the setting of the book look quite captivating. They made the readers intrigued and keep turning pages till the very end. Numerous critics and reviewers praised author Marta for the interesting storyline.

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