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Publication Order of The Fleet Books

By: David Drake, Robert Sheckley, Bill Fawcett

Publication Order of Battlestations Books

David Drake was born on 24th September in 1945. He is an American author who focuses on science fiction as well as fantasy literature. He is a Vietnam War veteran that has worked as a lawyer. He is currently among the major authors in the genre of military science fiction. David graduated Phi Beta Kappa in the University of Iowa, where he majored with honors in history and also Latin. His was studying at the Duke University School of Law when he was interrupted for 2 years when he was by being drafted into the Army of the U.S. He served as the enlisted interrogator with the eleventh Armoured Cavalry, The Black Horse Regiment, in Cambodia and Vietnam. Together with Karl Edward Wagner and also Jim Groce, he was among the initiators of Carcosa which was a small press company. He currently resides in Pittsboro in North Carolina. His popular non-collaborative work includes the Hammer’s Slammers series of the military science fiction. His Republic of Cinnabar Navy (RCN) series which is newer involves space operas that are inspired by Aubrey–Maturin novels. In 1997, Drake started his biggest fantasy series known as Lord of the Isles. He used the elements of Sumerian religion as well as medieval technology. In 2007, Drake completed the series with its 9th volume. On top of the solo works, Drake has also co-authored novels with other authors like Karl Edward Wagner, Bill Fawcett, S.M. Stirling and also Eric Flint. Basically, Drake offers a plot outlines of about 5,000 to 15,000 words and his co-author tend to do the real work of implementing and developing the outline into a whole novel. He does not consider his involvement to be same as those real co-authors. Drake also made contribution to the series Heroes in Hell. The plots of Drake often use the extensive knowledge of history, mythology and literature which he possesses. Beginning with Northworld in the year 1990, he explained the overall background of every book in a preface. Moreover, David Drake’s plots always involve a contest of the political systems just as John Clute concluded the entry on David Drake in the edition of 1993 of The Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction. He said, “Today there seems very little to stop Drake from writing exactly what he wishes to write.” Some of his works are available for the free download in Baen Free Library.

Bill Fawcett

Bill Fawcett was one of the players in the early Dungeons & Dragons games that were played in the Chicago and also Milwaukee areas, using the photocopied prototypes of rules that were handed out by Gary Gygax. Darwin Bromley brought Bill Fawcett on as his partner in the Mayfair Games after the company was established in 1980. Together they were able to design the game Empire Builder in 1980. As a veteran role-playing gamer, Bill Fawcett decided to get the Mayfair into the latter RPG field, and this company started off its Role Aids game line with the Beast-maker Mountain in the year 1982. The result of their link with Mayfair was that FASA was made able to obtain a license to publish the adventures from 1982 to 1984 for the Chaosium’s Thieves’ World role-playing game and this was a credit to Fawcett’s friendships with Lynn Abbey and Robert Asprin. Bill Fawcett and Jordan Weisman were able to design this robot arena fighting game known as Combots in 1983 for FASA. Between 1987 and 1988 Bill Fawcett produced the Crossroads books, which were a set of the licensed game-books that were published by Tor. He also edited ‘The War Years 1’ which was 5-star rated. In 1992 he co-edited Battlestation, Book 1 and Battlestation, Book 2 With David Drake. They also did Vanguard in 1993. Fawcett worked with David on the Series known as Fleet. Bill Fawcett was a field historian for Navy SEAL museum at Fort Pierce, Florida as well. He has also co-authored some work on the Navy Seals of the US in Vietnam.

The Fleet

Drake truly never forgets the needs of his readers. He always gives them more than they think is going on. In this series he involves a great read and also great development of the cast as well as the storyline. The “Fleet” series which was initially published in the year 1988 and released later as e-books in the year 2012, definitely holds to his own and Bill Fawcett’s high standards as writers. Drake’s short story called (When the Devil Drives) is a good example of the honest intensity and also great character development that he uses. The first book of the Fleet series features great characters and it seems that Drake enables everyone to read better. I the story Mankind has taken a step too far in his exploration of the galaxy–and also run smack up against the Khalia, the vicious alien carnivores that do not take any prisoners. It is now up to the brave women and men women of the Fleet to maintain the homes of the planets safe. The anthology includes stories by Anne McCaffery, David Drake and Poul Anderson.

Counter Attack

The second science fiction book of the series is edited by both David Drake and Bill Fawcett. In the story where Mankind has taken a step too far into exploring the galaxy. The Vicious carnivores with a culture that is entirely different from those of earth own, they do not take any prisoners. The characters are the occasional slaves and one of them will never see his home again. The brave men and women of the Fleet will have to keep their homes safe. The soldiers of an Alliance come from the different worlds and different cultures. However, they share a mission that is common: to reclaim the occupied space by the vicious Khalian invaders. These ruthless aliens are armed with lasers a well as plasma cannons and have overrun mankind’s colonies with their spies and warships. This leaves mankind fighting back while searching for the home world of the savage Khalian invaders. It is a desperate mission of the intergalactic that could be described as seek-and-destroy. Even across the thousands of light years, the best kind of defence remains to be the Fleet.

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