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Fleur T. Bradley
Fleur T. Bradley is a mystery writer best known for her debut series, Double Vision. This series is created with the pre-teens and teens in mind, and the adventures start right from the first page. Besides writing stories for the young minds, Bradley enjoys visiting schools, doing Skype calls, and participating in conferences centered on promoting a reading culture amongst young people. The Netherland-born author does most of this in the U.S, where she is based. Bradley currently resides in Colorado Springs with her husband, two daughters, and their cats.

Double Vision
Double vision is the first book in the Double Vision trilogy. The book introduces Lincoln Baker, a 12-year-old boy who is in huge trouble. During a school field trip to some chicken farms, Lincoln decided to let the chicken free. This seems like a harmless prank only that instead of enjoying their freedom, the chickens attack him. Amused by all this, one of his classmates records the whole episode and posts it on YouTube. The farmer sues Lincoln’s parents for damages amounting to one million dollars. This is sure to leave them broke, and with no hope of educating their son, leave alone lead a decent life.
Things take an exciting twist when two agents from a secret government agent named Pandora approach Lincoln. It turns out that the agents had seen the YouTube video only to realize that Lincoln looks precisely like one of their kid agents named Benjamin Green. Benjamin disappeared when on Pandora’s spy mission, and the agency needs someone to complete his mission in Paris. The agent request Lincoln to take Benjamin’s place in the mission. If he agreed to take the job, the agents would not only make the lawsuit against his parents disappear, but they would also make sure that he went back to school. While Lincoln is nothing like his math genius look-alike, he agrees to take up Pandora’s offer.

While the mission seemed easy enough, things start going wrong from the start. A high-value Mona Lisa copy is missing, and Lincoln needs to ensure that this painting doesn’t land on the wrong hands. Will the 12-year-old Lincoln manage to complete this mission and escape alive? Who took the Mona Lisa, and what is their motivation? Follow Lincoln in this adventure-filled story to get answers to these and more. This is a children’s book, so some of the things Lincoln can do at his age may seem absurd to an adult. However, the story is quite entertaining. Once you start reading, you can be sure that you will have a hard time putting this book down.

Double Vision is a captivating story characterized by an exciting protagonist, a well thought out plot, and a pace that doesn’t ease up until the end. While Lincoln first appears like a trouble maker, it is hard not to like him as he gets into detective work. The rest of the cast is just as entertaining, and it is incredible how they all come together in an attempt to save the Mona Lisa. What will Lincoln need to do to complete his mission? You will have to read this book to the end to find out. If you have a teen who is fond of detective stories, this book would be a perfect gift.

Code Name 711
Code Name 711 is the second book in the Double Vision series. Lincoln Baker completed his mission in the first book successfully, albeit with a few hair-raising moments. Sure, it felt good to save the world, but that is all in the past. Now that he is home again, Lincoln only wants to hang out with his friends and play video games. Well, it turns out that Pandora is not yet done with him. Agent Stark approaches him to complete another mission because Benjamin green is not available. This mission involves the first family, and Lincoln will have to travel to Washington, D.C.

Lincoln’s main job is to protect Amy, the president’s daughter. After convincing his parents that he is a member of the Junior Presidents Club, Lincoln heads to D.C. determined to win. However, he learns that aside from protecting Amy, he also needed to find the George Washington’s coat, which had gone missing. This legendary coat is rumored to make anyone wearing it invincible. This can only mean that if Dagger finds it first, the president and his daughter will be in big trouble. Well, Lincoln will soon find out that his nemesis, Benjamin is already on the case, so he has to worry about that too. However, with Amy’s help, Lincoln manages to unravel the mystery surrounding the coat.

The recovery of the lost coat is all good news for Pandora since it means that Lincoln beats Benjamin at his game while stopping Dagger before things got out of hand. These adventures take Lincoln and Amy all over D.C. as they followed the Culper Ring’s clues, a deep undercover operation. For many years, the artifacts had been guarded by the Culper Ring. However, the agents as so secret they don’t know each other by names. This makes the mission even harder for Lincoln and Amy. It doesn’t help that Benjamin is working at cross purpose, so Lincoln has to find a way always to be a step ahead. Fortunately, the three kids manage to find the coat and save the president.

Code Name 711 is an action-packed story characterized by a fast past, adventure, and a bit of history. The setting is just as intriguing, and the cast adds a lot of character to the story. While the book is filled with mysteries, it is easy to understand. The author has done a great job of developing the characters, and it is easy to fall in love with Lincoln and Amy. Benjamin is quite a pain, but there is no denying that he brings a lot of excitement to the story. This book is perfect for children who are into mysteries, but they cannot read complicated stories yet.

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