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Publication Order of Florida Doctors Books

Blue Crush (in Perfect for the Beach) (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Houston, We Have A Problem (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Florida Doctors” series is penned by Erin McCarthy, who writes all kinds of steamy romance novels that are meant to be great for reading while at the beach. Her work has sold well and has won her awards; it has even landed her work at the top of bestseller lists (like New York Times and USA Today). She self publishes her work, but has gone through a traditional publisher for some of it as well. She writes all kinds of romance (contemporary, paranormal, and new adult), but also has written some young adult stuff. McCarthy has written quite a bit of stuff, both novels (over sixty of them) and novellas too.

The two women in the books, Sara and Josie are friends, but Josie is only mentioned a little in the book that is called “Blue Crush”. This is due to the fact that Sara is the lead female and the focus is mainly on her, but have do not worry. You get to see Josie much more in the novel that is called “Houston, We Have a Problem” as she takes on a lead role, as she gets into her own steamy entanglement with a man who is named Houston.

“Blue Crush” written by Erin McCarthy is the first book in the “Florida Doctors” series that was released in the year 2004. Dr. Sara Davis would like to lose her reputation for being boring. Davis is known as “Serious Sara” and is known for wearing glasses while practicing as a pediatrician. She wants to be known as “Sexy Sara” too and goes to the beach in the hope that she can end a sexual drought. She loses her bikini top to the ocean’s powerful wave, but does not get out due to the fact that she is too modest and finds herself in the arms of Kyle Vanderhoff who is a gorgeous lifeguard (on his last day on the job, working as a lifeguard before he studies in college to become an EMT) who believed that she was drowning. Instead of correcting him, and making him realize that she is okay, she believes that a little mouth to mouth may be just the thing to revive her love life. He finds that he wants to fulfill all of her wishes and fantasies, but also wants to ask her on a proper date first and be a bit of a gentleman towards her. Neither one of them is going anywhere, due to the tropical storm that is raging all around them. So that means the two of them can stay in the guard shack that they find themselves in and kill some time with each other.

Fans of the book like the realistic parts of the novel and find that the story has no odd all of a sudden declarations of love on part of either of the main characters featured in the story. This element of the story helped keep things realistic, as both Sara and Kyle realized what was going on, and they did not get carried away thinking that more was going on than there actually was. The story is just a big long sex scene that the two wind up taking part in. It even ends with a happy finish, even though that means it is a happy for now ending, rather than happily ever after. Even with that though, things were wrapped up in such a way that felt like they could begin a relationship together. A very enjoyable story that should have been longer, or at least, the two should get their own novel where they can be developed a little further.

“Houston, We Have a Problem” written by Erin McCarthy is the second book in the “Florida Doctors” series that was released in the year 2004. Houston Hayes, a doctor, has never had any problems keeping his professional distance at all. But that all changes when he meets a female resident who is named Josie Adkins. Every time she drops something, he is treated to an excellent view and makes him want to jump her bones even more. This is a problem, especially since he has always prided himself on his ability to control things. Josie has always wanted to be a surgeon, but Dr. Hayes is making that difficult when he keeps dropping things for her to pick up. He claims all it will take is just one night to remove all the problems that he has been having. One night of incredible passionate love making is all it will take; one and that is all. She decides to prove to him that it will never ever be enough, and makes it a mission. They seem to be falling deeper and deeper than either one thought was possible.

Fans of the book felt that this story felt like some episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” put together in a novel. People who are fans of that show, should enjoy this novel. It is a hot, fast, not to mention a fun way to spend reading time. It is funny, and the characters feel like they are real people that you can relate to. They also have great personalities, and sense of humor; you will come to love them by the end of the novel, especially if you find yourself wanting to hit Houston at first. It is one of the classic examples of a lead male who has built up walls for himself that it takes a nice young woman to come along and tear them down for him and get inside his head to make him a better person. It entertains anyone who decides that they want to read the novel. This is also a great example of Erin McCarthy’s work as it makes you laugh, features steamy scenes that are plain smut, and characters that you root for to get their life together, but at the same time be with a great person that makes them both happy. You will be pulled in by McCarthy’s writing ability and her ability to make you laugh through an entire novel. Novels like this are the perfect example of a chick lit novel and help pass the time while reading on the beach and you will be entertained throughout.

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