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Publication Order of Fluke My Life Books

Running into Love (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stumbling Into Love (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tossed Into Love (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drawn Into Love (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Fluke My Life Series

Coming from Barstow in California, the American writer Aurora Rose Reynolds is an extremely versatile and gifted author. Writing straight from the heart, she really lets herself become deeply immersed within her work, allowing her to speak directly through her writing. Largely focusing on contemporary romance novels with an element of suspense, she guides the reader through her rich and evocative worlds with both ease and confidence. Knowing exactly what her readers are looking for when it comes to her books, it’s no wonder that she has had the success that she’s had over the years. A series that she has become extremely well known for and perfectly encapsulates her talents as a writer, is that of her much loved ‘Fluke My Life’ series of novels. Capturing the attention of the reader almost immediately, each title is a stand-alone romance story, as they’re all thematically connected through the idea of chance, almost accidental encounters. Each of them also contains a Reed family member, which gives the stories another running connection between each one too. Whilst they can be read in any order, they do provide the more long-term fans with something overall to continue coming back for.

Lasting for a total of four books so far, this series has progressed exponentially throughout the course of its entire run. Beginning in 2017, this would quickly grow to become one of the most successful franchises for Reynolds as an author to this day. With the latest one coming out in 2019, this really is a series that has plenty of life left in yet, with its intriguing premise that can be built upon indefinitely.

Running into Love

Released through the Montlake Romance publishing label, this would originally come out on the 26th of September in 2016. Setting up the franchise as a whole and the initial premise of the series, it manages to establish the main ideas of what is to come. It also manages to provide a perfectly self-contained romance, one that makes for a casual and fun read for fans of the genre and author alike.

Deciding that there’s no hope for her romantically, Fawn Reed feels that she has all but given up on finding love and romance. Not wanting to face the dating scene any longer, she feels that her Prince Charming will just have to wait for another day. That all changes though, once she meets Levi Fremont, who happens to be a homicide detective hailing from New York City. Moving next door to Fawn, he also initially feels that he’ll never find his true soulmate, and it is only after running into her on numerous occasion, that he really starts to see her for who she really is. Will they ever get together? Can they become an item and live happily ever after? What happens when they both find themselves running into love?

Stumbling into Love

Coming out through the ‘Montlake Romance’ publishing outlet once more, this continues with another classic tale of romance. Using the chance encounter as its main premise once again too, it manages to provide yet more of what made the first so compelling and addictive. Published in 2018 on the 30th of January, this would pave the way for more stories to follow, giving readers more of what they’d come to now know and love.

Wasting over six years of her life on a man that apparently wasn’t interested at the end of it, Mackenzie Reed feels as if she’s at the end of her tether. That’s when a tall rugged and handsome stranger walks into her life, giving her moment to pretend that she’s another woman, one who’s looking for no-strings fun. The man himself, Wesley Porter, feels otherwise though, as he feels that there’s a huge amount of chemistry between the both of them that he doesn’t just want to turn away from. She doesn’t want to get hurt again though, and feels as if she must fight his advances, even if her heart may be deciding otherwise. Will they get together and become a couple? Can she overcome being hurt in the past? Where will they both go after stumbling into love?

Tossed into Love

Marking the third title in the now much loved series of ‘Fluke My Life’ novels, this would continue on in much the same vein as before. With it being published through ‘Montlake Romance’ publishing house too, it has managed to recreate the classic tone of the first two, whilst also going in its own direction as well. First released on the 21st of August in 2018, it would later be followed up with the fourth title in the series, ‘Drawn into Love’, released in 2019 on the 29th of January.

Desperately wanting to get with the handsome firefighter Antonio Moretti, Libby Reed has been lusting after New York City’s finest for years now. Seeing him as arrogant as well though, she feels that the two of them have trouble just being in the same room together, which makes it complicated when she goes to work in his family’s restaurant. The other main problem is, though, that Moretti has himself been badly hurt, as the two of them have to face dealing with his healing heart. Not wanting to face the same pain again, he can’t deny that there isn’t a spark between them, one that may not go out so easily. Will they get over these obstacles and come together? Can they deal with the problems of the past? What will they do when they’re tossed into love?

The Fluke My Life Series

A rich and layered series, this really does take the reader into a seductive and highly evocative world, delivering something for all the senses. With in-depth character development too, it allows the readers to feel as if they know each of the characters on a more personal and intimate level. Each title becomes its own entity essentially, really allowing the readers to explore each of the relationships individually. This creates for a more whole experience, giving way to a series that really feels complete, as it will stand the test of time for many years yet.

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