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Publication Order of Fly Guy Presents Books

The Fly Guy Presents series is a wonderful nonfiction series written a renowned award winning author from America named Tedd Arnold. It is features books based on the children’s fiction, science fiction, space, and nonfiction genres. There are altogether 4 books in this series, which were released between the years 2013 and 2014. Author Tedd has added another 5 books in the series over the course of the next couple of years, which he has labeled as Level 2. So, it can be said that the series is comprised of 9 books in all, published between 2013 and 2016.

The series is actually a continuation of the previous popular series by author Tedd, called as the Fly Guy series. Just like in the previous series, author Tedd has shown the lead characters as Buzz and Fly Guy. Buzz is a school going child, while Fly Guy is described as a fly, who is intelligent enough to understand whatever Buzz tries to tell him. He is even capable of calling out the name of Buzz. Throughout the entire series, these two characters are seen taking on exciting trips to different places. Every time they land in some kind of trouble and then try to find their way out of the problems with each others’ help. The events described in the book are quite humorous. They make the readers get intrigued with the story so much that they go on reading till the very end and wait patiently for the release of the series’ next installments.

A very interesting book written by author Tedd in the Fly Guy Presents series is entitled ‘Dinosaurs’. This book was released by the Scholastic Reference publication in the year 2014. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Fly Guy & Buzz make a visit to a museum of natural history so as to gain some information about the dinosaurs. With simple and straightforward text, author Tedd has tried to give the explanation of the humorous sides of the story. To add to the interest of the readers, especially young children, there are illustrations and photographs throughout the book. Along with providing an engaging story to read, author Tedd has also given loads of information about dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures, which the children can learn and gain knowledge about. The readers loved to read the adventures that the two characters went through in the story.

Some of the learning aspects of the novel that the readers can benefit from reading it include how big in size some of the dinosaurs were in the old ages, what work do the paleontologists perform to bring out the information about the big creatures, how do they extract the bones of dinosaurs from the excavation sites, etc. The story is full of real drawings and photographs along with pronunciation assistance, labels, comparisons between the prehistoric animals and the modern ones. The book also clears the misconception of the people about dinosaurs that the Pterosaurs are same as dinosaurs. In fact, the two creatures are totally different from each other. This fact seems to have been forgotten by the toy companies and media everywhere.

This book serves as an excellent guide for the students and helps in increasing their interest in the history of old and extinct animals. Tedd Arnold has tried to tell an entertaining and engaging story that looks all the more extraordinary because of the illustrations and pictures. And the way he has told the story from the point of view of a fly appears to be even more engaging. The plot is full of the descriptions of different forms of dinosaurs, their background history, geography, and characteristics. Even the paired adjoining text gives a lot of important information on dinosaurs, which is definitely going to help them in recognizing the creature’s different forms and types.

Another excellent book published as a part of this series is called ‘Firefighters’. It was also published by the Scholastic Reference publishers in 2014. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that Fly Guy joins Buzz on one more exciting trip out in the field. This time, their journey is going to take place in and around a fire station. While at the fire station, they wish to learn everything about fire trucks, fire safeties, and firefighters. The two characters also look to try wearing a helmet of the firefighters and go down on fire pole. They also wish to know how the firefighters perform their duties and how they react in case of a fire emergency.

Once again, author Tedd Arnold has included essential information in the form of a fun-filled nonfiction novel. This time, he has provided some very good information on firefighters and firefighting. The main characters get the chance to see the fire fighting stuffs from a close distance personally. And through them, the readers also gain excellent information about the hard and testing lives of the firefighters. The novel appears very cute. In spite of being told through a fly’s eye, the book still remains very informational. Also, it is not that the facts are given away in simple, boring tone.

Author Arnold has made use of some very cool ways to give out the information to his readers, which makes them feel like interested in reading the tale till the climax scene. Several critics believe that the book can serve as a good implementation when discussing about the safeties to be taken care of during a fire break out. A few others believe that the author work out a similar story for some other professions that serve the humanity in times of emergencies, such as doctors, policemen, etc. Even though the text is full of too many engaging things, the story looks like fast paced and filled with lots of action and adventure sequences. T

he book has already attracted a vast number of audience from all over the world and numerous others are getting attracted through word of mouth publicity. Along with the informational story penned in this particular book, the readers also enjoyed reading about the chief characters. They enjoyed how the characters help build up a fun-filled atmosphere wherever they go. The hardcore fans of Tedd Arnold hope that he comes up with the next book very soon. They are patiently waiting for the release of his next masterpiece.

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