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Publication Order of Follow Me Books

Follow Me Darkly (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Follow Me Under (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkly (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Follow Me Always (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Note: The novel Darkly is the same story as the first novel, Follow Me Under, just from the perspective of Braden Black.That novel also has a companion novel, which is Under.The Black Rose series is a spin-off of this.

Helen Hardt fell in love with reading and then with writing as a child. Writing her first story at the age of six, in 2008 her first story and 2012 with her debut novel, The Outlaw’s Angel, she has become a favorite author of the one of the most popular genres of stories.

Many successful authors have had other professions and their lives are filled with many other interests and hobbies. Ms. Hardt is like them in many ways. She received her B.A. from St. Olaf College (Minnesota) and her law degree from the University of Denver.

Ms. Hardt practiced a short time as an attorney and now is a self-described grammar geek who is at times frustrated with herself because frequently she doesn’t even spot her own typos.

She doesn’t believe in resting on her best selling laurels and believes she can always learn new things in her profession of writing. Ms. Hardt is a regular in writing classes and she attends writing workshops and conferences.

She’s married with two handsome sons who aren’t the least bit intimidated that their mom has a black belt in Taekwondo. Ms. Hardt’s a lover in equal measures of fine red wines and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. She loves to live and work from her home in Colorado.

Her historical romance and erotica themed stories have catapulted her to a Number One best selling author. She’s written several series of stories.

In the Follow Me series, the first offering is Darkly. Darkly is told from the point of view of the hero- Braden Black. In this prequel to the Follow Me Darkly story, We get acquainted with the billionaire, Braden Black.

Braden’s self-made and spoiled. He’s used to getting what he wants. When he wants it. When the highly attractive and alluring Skye Manning doesn’t tumble into his bed when he wants it, he finds himself wanting her more, even craving her more.

After a time she does finally submit to Braden. He’s confused to find out the much sought after conquest hasn’t satisfied his appetite. He’s spoiled and particular and after bedding Skye, he’s only fueled his appetite even more.

Skye presents as being a very mature, focused, and dedicated young woman but Braden thinks he sees a naturally submissive young woman and he’s determined to draw her out.

His method is to keep her between the sheets, guiding her to more pleasure than she could possibly have imagined. If she wants more she has to give him something in return. He simply wants her to give up her own control to him.

This story, told from the Hero POV, can be read before Follow Me Darkly or, the author advises, you can spice up your reading life with the sex appeal of Braden Black anytime.

Novel Number One of the Follow Me series is Follow Me Darkly. In this novel we get to know Skye Manning. She’s a photographer with the lofty goal of working as a feature photographer for National Geographic.

Until she makes it big she has a job as a photographer and an assistant to a major social media influencer; it’s not a perfect position but she’s hoping it’s a rung on the ladder to her bigger goals.

A chance encounter with the billionaire Braden Black makes her feel like she has stepped into a Cinderella life. Dating Braden soon has her dizzy and giddy.

It gets to be sizzling hot between them and Skye is falling hard for Braden. Then the clock strikes midnight and she sees Braden’s dark side revealed. He isn’t Prince Charming and he’s keeping some sinister secrets.

Ms. Hardt gives us another tie-in story with Under, a companion novel to Follow Me Darkly. This one is also told through the point of view of Braden Black.

Braden Black is a powerful, cryptic billionaire. He keeps strict relationship rules. Never falling in love, for one. Skye Manning has caused him to break nearly every single one of his carefully crafted and kept rules.

Braden can’t get enough of her. The attraction between them is still so sizzling hot. She’s still fiercely independent and he’s still endeavoring to teach her he’s the one in control.

He’s fallen for her but he is highly reluctant to completely invite her into his world. His public persona was intriguing to those who gazed on the playboy billionaire and he knew Skye loved that person.

The truth is, Braden has a darker side, one with more forbidden appetites. Skye may not love, may not even like the darker side of his interests. It’s a matter of trust and it isn’t there yet.

Braden feels pressure though. He’s made mistakes in the past and he hears them knocking on his mental door. They are coming for him. Braden wants to show Skye things she has never imagined. He’s just begun but time is running out.

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