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Football Genius is a series of young adult sports novels written by former NFL player turned author and speaker Tim Green. Tim Green spent years playing for the Atlanta Falcons as a star defensive end before he retired to start a writing career. The National Public Radio commentator and lawyer wrote the first novel in the series “Football Genius” in 2007. The realistic sports fiction novel was so popular among middle age sports enthusiasts, that it was not long before the series of novels had expanded to five titles with the last of the series “Deep Zone” published in 2011. The lead characters in the series are Troy and Ty, two middle school boys that are pursuing their goals of becoming NFL players. The series of novel for the most part are drawn from the experiences of the author playing for the Atlanta Falcons over several years. Much of the novels in the Football Genius series of novels have been inspired by real stories he has heard from friends and colleagues in the NFL. Furthermore, given his wide experience in playing the game he gives the novels and his characters a credibility that makes them appealing to many middle graders that may not be interested in books or anything to do with reading. Given that he walked the same path that some aspiring readers may be treading, his storytelling is credible as an on field expert and off field expert on what it takes to make it in the NFL. The novels objective is to entertain with action packed cliffhangers, and to to inspire by sharing life lessons that make the readers appreciate forgiveness, improvement, teamwork, and perseverance.

The Football Genius series of novels are thrilling page turners that will keep its readers engrossed with their beautiful stories of perseverance, belief, achievement, and victory. What makes these novels so great is that one does not need to be a football fan to enjoy the novels. The novels have something for nearly everyone from their humor and comedy sequences, to their adventure. The crux of the novels is that when people work together they can overcome challenges; they can beat anyone in sports and in life situations. Troy and Ty are the lead characters in the series who have special talents that they use in their sporting endeavors. They appear together in some of the novels and as single leads in most of the novels. Their special talents bring them together to work for the good of their football teams and to help each other overcome challenges and succeed. Troy proves that doing the right thing is an important element when you want to achieve your goals in football. As for Ty, he shows the spirit of never giving up even when the situation seems so dire and no one else ever believes in him. With effort and heart, the two characters prove that anything is possible as long as one believes in themselves. The two characters grow over the course of the series to become dynamic characters full of patience, bravery, and patience combined with their special talents. Ty is fast and has sure hands, while Troy has the ability to predict plays before they happen, which would make them valuable members of their teams. But even with their special talents, they are never noticed and have to exercise extreme patience and boldness, which finally pays off big-time when they make it into their team’s lineup and achieve their dreams.

The Football Genius series by Tim Green is one of his very best works. Showing that goals can come true with hard work, the fictional novels are very realistic in their portrayal of the happenings on the NFL pitch in very vivid stories. The Football Genius page-turners are just one of Green’s many sports novels but given that he played in the NFL, the understanding of the inner workings of the league including the players, the managers, the tactics, the player’s selections that he writes about are very authentic. Reading the novels makes one feel as if they are experiencing the emotions of the characters as he brings them to life with suspense that builds up as they deal with the challenges, the losses, and triumphs of NFL football. All the elements are described in the minutest of details that one can almost see the images of the characters in their mental eye, and go along the journey to success with them. They are great novels for the huge football fun or just anyone that loves a good story of dedication, hard work, and achievement of dreams.

“Football Genius” the first novel in the Football Genius series is an excellent novel about Troy White, a boy with a special footballing ability. Troy has the special ability to make a prediction of the play hours before it happens, which makes him some type of genius. Troy lives with his mother just outside of Atlanta, and plays high school football with Nathan and Tate his best friends. Troy often finds himself passed over by the coach who favors his son over him, even though the son is less talented. When his mother is employed by the Atlanta Falcons, Troy believes that he can now use his special talents to help his favorite team win. His first NFL game does not go as planned as he finds himself thrown out of the stadium for trying to tell the coaches what the next plays of the opponents will be. He knows that he now has to help his team by reaching out to the players outside of the official channels. As such, he goes to Seth Halloway a star linebacker, but the player is also skeptical of his abilities. What Troy does not know is that a defensive coordinator is determined to have Seth play a certain way.

“Football Hero”, the second novel of the series is an edge of your seat look into the workings of the NFL. Ty Lewis is delighted when Coach V includes him in his high school football team. A new student in a new school, he needs to take his fresh start seriously, and show how good he is on the field. He looks up to Thane “Tiger” Lewis his older brother who is a senior in college and is being pursued by several NFL teams. However, his uncle and guardian Gus does not want him to play football, as he needs him to help cleaning toilets ad floors in his business, while he hatches gambling plots with the local mafia boss. When the mafia boss learns that Ty has a famous older brother, he suddenly develops a weird interest in the promising player that makes him wary. Could the mafia boss be planning something sinister that could end Thane’s football career and put his life in danger.

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