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Publication Order of For Me Books

For Me by Cynthia Eden

For Me is a trilogy of romance and fiction books by American author Cynthia Eden. The trilogy combines three stories perfectly crafted to bring out the romance, action, and mystery producing an incredible read for each book. Cynthia writes across the genres of romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. She has been featured as a New York, Digital Book World and USA Today Bestselling Author.

Cynthia Eden has authored other series among the midnight trilogy and the Imajin. Also, she has also written novellas and an omnibus which has rated her highly to the point of getting three times, RITA award.

Die for Me

Die for Me introduces the series For Me. Love is full of hurt and sometimes the person that you are in love with turns out to be the opposite of what they might have appeared to be and in some extreme situations overly dangerous. Katherine Cole comes face to face with such a situation when her fiancé turns out to be a deadly killer. Her only comfort and protection is from detective Dane black.

Jane had been in love with a man who she never knew the other side of until she discovers that he is a perfect killer. He is named the valentine killer since he kills his victims and leaves a red rose flower on them after stabbing them on their chests. During one of his murders, Katherine gets him in the act, but he manages to disappear into thin air leaving her a perplexed and terrified person. Katherine only option after this incidence was to have a change of life which included changing even her name and location.

Relocating to New Orleans however, does not stop the vicious valentine killer from following her since she ends being in more danger after the relocation. Katherine sees the only solution to the problem is to talk with detective Dane to seek protection. Running is over for her and her only solution being to find safety as the valentine killer is hunted. Meet detective Dane, a friendly and helpful police officer, love and relationships are part of him, but meeting jane will change everything.

The two agree to find the killer instead of spending her life running. However, detective Blake will only work with her if there is trust. The working relationship between the two turns out to create a relationship that sees the two turn from two people solving a murder mystery into lovers.
Cynthia has developed an incredible plot with additions of suspense, romance, and bits of humorous incidences. It is a masterpiece that will leave you wowed.

Fear for Me

Second in the trilogy For Me is Fear for Me. The story develops around a serial killer who is almost impossible to catch after strings of horrific murders. Jon Walker is known as a notorious killer after leaving many innocent dead. After his escape from prison, hunting down the killer might end up pulling the two in charge, district attorney Lauren Chandler and us marshal Anthony ross in love.

Jon Walker had been known as the bayou butcher in the swamps of Baton Rouge after leaving several women dead. His chain of murders is at first halted by us marshal Anthony and his counterpart Lauren Chandler. He is sentenced to death for a long time after the capture. After five years in prison, he manages to escape from prison and goes after those that he never murdered. His primary target is district attorney that saw him put behind bars.

During their initial hunt for the butcher, Anthony falls for Lauren though he never managed to bring it out to her. Lauren is the primary target of this butcher while Anthony is seeking to protect her and express his feelings. Her safest place is in the arms of the US Marshal who is willing to go to any length to protect Lauren and bring down the butcher. Bodies are falling all around making the two fear and viciously search for this killer who has also set his mission as Lauren. But as the two clung to each other, love seems to take the better part of them and it becomes possible to deny each other.

It is an excellent story with an arrangement of events that will keep you on your toes. Her style is incredible with a blend of suspense, romance, and some horrific scenes.

Scream for Me

Scream for Me is the third book in the For Me trilogy. Fate is sometimes the solution to some things that one could be desired, and FBI agent Kyle McKenzie finds out this first hand. His greatest desire was to have his partner, Cadec hollow in his arms and surely fate answers his desires.
Ever since they started working together, Kyle had been continuously fantasizing of a relationship with his partner, the sexy Cadec Hollow. For a year, the two have kept a professional relationship though they feel attracted to each other. Kyle is informed about the disappearance of a woman who happens to go missing the same way that his sister did fifteen years ago. The two partners move to Kyle’s hometown with Kyle hoping that he will be in a position to find his sister. The investigation into this disappearance brings back dark and painful memories that Kyle had chosen to forget and keep in the past. The investigation takes them down into the footsteps of a notorious, and they come into the snare of this night hunter.

The bitterness in him takes him to investigate the murder putting the two in grave danger. While they are going with this investigation, they end up allowing the feelings that have resided between them hidden take part. When the two finally let go of the professionalism that has blocked the feelings for each other, it is explosive. But a task lies ahead of them-to hunt the killer before they are turned into victims.

Every single part of this book is perfectly crafted, bringing out an excellent read. Every action is excellently explained with hot romance; overall it’s a great story.

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