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For-ocious Lust Books In Order

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Publication Order of Fur-ocious Lust Shorts Books

The “Fur-ocious Lust” series by author Milly Taiden is a series of short fiction novellas. It has men who shape shift into bears. Some of the stories end with no cliffhanger and a happy ending. This series also features different perspectives of a single bachelorette auction that takes place one night.

Like most of Milly Taiden’s work, it is for readers who are interested in dirty talk and steamy sex. Like most of her work, too, Taiden likes to make her women characters curvy and sassy. Not to mention the men, who are able to get the women to drop their panties with lightning speed.

“Fur-Bidden” is the first novel in the “For-ocious Lust” series written by Milly Taiden that was released in the year 2015. Penelope Medina has really bad stage fright. Her and her friends get signed up by her boss for an auction for their non-profit organization, this makes her want to quit. The problem is that she really loves and enjoys the job that she has. Penelope can fix things so that her assistant will win her. It is all easy. A man named Ethan Sinclair, along with his bear, have missed their mate for the year since she dumped him. This was due to trust issues. Ethan finally has a way that he will make her see him. He hopes she will instead of killing him. They get together for some frustration, passion, and anger release that ignites quite largely. It was supposed to only be for charity, but turned into a second chance that they did not think that they would get. She either has to take what he says as the truth or shut down any chance at them getting back together again.

Fans of the novel found that Milly Taiden ddoes a great job with this book. Fans did not know how she was able to pack so much sexiness into one story, but she did and that is why she always writes hits. Some declared Milly Taiden the queen of smut writing with this book, as no one can touch the way she writes such steamy and hot and sexy sex scenes. The thing that some readers liked about bear shifters because they may be grumbling on the outside, but deep down they are just big ole teddy bears.

“Fur-Gotten” is the second novel in the “For-ocious Lust” series written by Milly Taiden that was released in the year 2015. Karina Roma, a dare-devil woman, fell hard for a rich (not to mention sexy) bear shifter. She has amazing curves on her amazing body. It is too bad her relationship with this guy was a one sided thing. All she has is her job and friends. Her and her friends are signed up by her boss for a bachelorette auction, making her want to quit her job. The problem is, that she likes her job. Her friends make her see what is the right thing to do. It should not be too hard to get up there and show off what she has. It is for charity right? Ash Sinclair messed up huge. He blew the relationship that he was in with Kari to his stupid job. Kari is the only woman that he has ever loved, and he is sick of sitting around without her around, and has made a plan. It means that he will have to abduct her. It starts as a charity night, but turns into the past coming up that may lead to them having a future together, maybe. If she will forgive him, but she wants action not just a lot of talking. He has to be able to show that she is first, not his job. This bear has some tricks up his sleeve, but will he get the chance to prove his love?

Fans of the novel found that the author wrote a great one that got them very hot and sexy. All of the characters in this series are strong, and are not one to mince words, will tell it like it is. It is great, some say, to read about such independent people like these characters. Some felt that this book was able to beat the first book in the series, something that is not easy, but something that this author is able to do time and time again. Some cannot wait for Taiden to write the next story in the series.

“Fur-Given” is the third novel in the “For-ocious Lust” series written by Milly Taiden that was released in the year 2015. Julie Durante is a woman who loves her curves, every single one of them. She was quite happy when she was dating a bear shifter that loved her curvy body too. Well, for a little while anyway. One year after they broke up, she is being auctioned off to the very bear that she broke up with. She thought this was the worst things could get. She was wrong. Their relationship fell apart when Rafe Sinclair was not able to acknowledge how he felt for her, but demanded a full on commitment. He loved her, even after the break up. He did not plan on taking her captive, that just sort of happened. Their passion blazes for one another and takes them to new heights. They have to see if they can forgive and start fresh. Otherwise, things may end pretty quickly and they may have to wave goodbye to their second chance.

Fans of the novel enjoyed this great short read, and once again, Taiden is able to top herself in writing what some think is her best story yet. Milly Taiden is able to steam a book up, unlike any other with the way she writes her sex scenes. She is even able to write some great dirty talk, here in this story of hers. Fans find that they can read these books faster than the author can write them. Some cannot wait to see how Milly Taiden tops herself with the next work that she does. A hot and sexy series to follow, fans believe.

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