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Dirty Little Tease (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirty Little Secret (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirty Little Promise (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Torrid Little Affair (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Forbidden Desires by Kendall Ryan is a series of novels by one of the most prolific romance novelists in the United States. Kendall is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times bestselling author with more than two dozen novels to her name. She has found success in both traditional publishing, where she has published with Simon & Schuster, and as a self-published author with novels such as “The Room Mate”, “Filthy Beautiful Lies”, and “The Impact of You”. Her novels are usually described as electrifying beautiful stories of love that would turn even the most pessimistic person into a believer in forever love. With more than 2 million of her novels in print, she has written romantic comedies, new adult novels and tons of romance novels.

Kendall Ryan was born in South Carolina in 1981 though she has lived in Texas, South Carolina, Minnesota, Idaho, Illinois, Guam, California, and Michigan. She got a bachelors in Business from the Western Michigan University, majoring in marketing. While she signed with a literary agent in 2011, she decided to go the Indie way when she saw the success of independent authors on Amazon. She quit her corporate job in 2012 to become a full-time author and enjoyed much success over the years, with her titles becoming an international bestseller. Perhaps her biggest accolade was when her 2015 novel “Filthy Beautiful Lies” was called the “Next Fifty Shades” by Newsweek. When she is not writing her novels you can find her working with orphans and disadvantaged children. Given her passion for humanitarian work, the theme of adoption is common in her novels. She currently lives with her husband and two sons in Texas.

Forbidden Desires series by Kendall Ryan is the story of the three Kingsley brothers and the women in their lives. The lead in the first two novels of the series is Gavin Kingsley who co-owns an exclusive escort service with his brothers Cooper and Quinn. Gavin is an uber dominant, intense, somber, dark and brooding sexy alpha male that is the president of the company. He had once suffered a loss that had seared his heart making him unable to love again. Emma is Gavin’s lover over the course of the first two novels in the series. She is a demure and shy librarian that has been living a dull and quiet life. She has just come from a physically abusive relationship and finds it difficult to date or trust men. However, she seems to have a dual personality as she can transform from the shy, retiring librarian into a seductress that can make a man kneel at her feet. Over the course of the novels, she grows from a woman that was controlled to one that dominates and takes control herself. Cooper the brother that finds himself in the love triangle between Gavin and Emma is a cheerful and charming man that wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a warm and sweet person that would make a safe choice for any woman. However, he can also turn on the charm particularly in the third novel of the series. He is described as a man with a heart of gold, a deliciously dirty mouth, tall muscular body, charming personality and a keen sense of humor. After losing the battle for Emma with his brother he hooks up with Corrine an adorable kind and funny soul. Corrine’s rough childhood had put her in a precarious position particularly when it came to relationships.

In “Dirty Little Secrets” the first novel of the Forbidden Desire series, we are introduced to the librarian Emma Bell. She dreams of the sexy man she always sees at the coffee shop during her morning run that she can never get the courage to approach, given that he is way out of her league. But then one morning he leaves his business card where he knows she will find it. Sure enough, she looks him up and learns that he is Gavin Kingsley, the president of Forbidden Desires an exclusive escort agency. She makes the bold move of going to interview at the agency. The interview that is conducted by Cooper and Gavin takes an unexpected turn when the two brothers ask that she becomes the exclusive escort for both of them. Overwhelmed by Gavin’s intensity, she agrees to the proposal though she knows she is flirting with danger. Moreover, she needs the cash to fix up the brownstone property that she had inherited from her grandmother. It is not long before she has feelings for both brothers who could not be more unlike. Gavin is an aloof man that prefers to keep his distance which makes him mysterious and irresistible. On the other hand, Cooper is a fun-loving and sweet guy that she knows she should want. Things get more complicated when both brothers fall for her.

“Dirty Little Promise” the second novel of the Forbidden Desires series answered some serious questions. A lot of enemies came out of the woodwork trying to destroy the Kingsley business. The conclusion also brought to light the secrets of the relationship between Gavin and Ashley, his ex-girlfriend. It was particularly disturbing for Emma to find that she bore a striking resemblance to Ashely. But he convinces her to go on a trip with him to Florida, where he promises to answer all her questions. She has never had luck in the relationship department and is understandably cautious about Gavin’s past. But despite her reservations, she cannot deny the chemistry between them though her head tells her that maybe Cooper would be a better match. Cooper has developed feelings for her and is her best friend but she is torn between the dominant Gavin who is irresistible and Cooper who promises stability. Whoever she chooses, she is sure to hurt the other.

“Torrid Little Affair” the third novel of the Forbidden Desires series opens to Cooper nursing a broken heart. He had left his hometown and been away for six months after Emma broke his heart by choosing Gavin over him. He is nursing his hurt with bottles of bourbon and meaningless one night stands, hoping that with enough time he can get a move on. Gavin the president of the company calls him back and he returns to find a sexy woman in his office. Being the clueless brother he always was he thinks Quinn and Gavin got him a plaything to help heal his hurt. He realizes too late that he has made a very bad move as Corrine leaves the room in tears when he makes his move. Corrine is actually a new assistant with a bad childhood that had made her wary of sexual relationships. Cooper now has to engage in damage control and offers an apology for his mistake. Soon she builds up the courage to tell him that she has never been in a relationship for a long time since she has issues being intimate. Cooper comes up with the perfect solution – a sexual relationship with no strings attached. Could mind-blowing sex be the solution to their troubles?

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