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Publication Order of Forbidden Doors Books

Bill Myers is an American film director, author and film director. Myers was born on September 9, 1953 in Seattle, Washington. He has managed to write more than 80 books all from different genres such as horror, comedy, fiction, thriller and non-fiction. Despite the fact that he was born in a Christian home, Bill still eventually got bored with Christianity. While at the university of Washington, his worst subject was writing. However, later on he still went on to become a successful Christian author with numerous books and films under his name. One of his successful book series, McGee and Me, is a book series about an average, mild mannered boy, Martin, who has an imaginary friend, named McGee. This book series talks about the boys adventure all ending with the boy getting a spiritual or moral lesson.

The Society

The Society is the first book in the Forbidden Doors book series by Bill Myers. Despite the fact that it is a Christian Teen book, this book is highly recommended for any person irrespective of the age. This book is extremely important in addressing some of the key issues that teens experience. Due to the enlightenment and encouragement, which is present in this book series, almost anyone can benefit from reading this book. Scott and Becka Williams, together with their mother move to California, after spending so many years in the jungles of South America. The entire family is Christian. Thus when a Christian less and exceedingly dangerous activities start happening at the Accession bookshop, Scott becomes more than determined to step up and put an end to the activity.

Apart from using the encouragement from Z, he also uses his Christian faith. Z is an exceedingly mysterious friend that Z, that Scott had met online. The author gives a brief as the book begins by letting the reader know when the series was first brought to life and if there were bad guys online. Additionally, this installment is not only positive but also encourages the readers. The storyline is exceedingly strong while the characters are very likeable. This book will keep you turning the pages as you try to figure out what will happen next. It is a well-written book, which targets the teens, with a word of caution about dabbling in an occult.

Forbidden Doors

In this book, Rebecca Williams together with her new friend Ryan decide to attend a seminar at the local library. The seminar is hosted by a person who talks about reincarnation and also claims to be Napoleon Bonaparte. To make things worse, this guy has a date with Rebeca’s mother. Scott, Rebeca’s younger brother truly understands the trouble that they are in since he himself has experienced it before. Is he going to convince them that they are wrong or are they going to simply refuse? With that said, Bill Myers continue to do what he has always done in his previous novels. Just like Society, this is an exceedingly fast-paced book, which revolves around spiritual warfare. Irrespective as to whether you are in agreement with the portrayal of Mr. Myers, you simply cannot help being riveted by the portrayal.

Spiritual warfare is indeed a scary thing, thus it is not a surprise that this book has some exceedingly frightening moments. What also makes this book even much scarier than the first book in this series is that there is a scene where demonic powers are employed to hurt an animal. Hypnotism is also used for evil purposes within this story; however, it has been mentioned that observations regarding this matter are split, depending on the readers experiences, you may either agree or disagree with it.


The deceived is a book that offers a little insight into the temptation of mysticism whereby an individual conspires to lead a person into spiritual destruction. In this book, Bill Myers examines all the dangers of reincarnation and hypnosis. The protagonist in this book is a high school student who goes by the name of Rebecca. Rebecca is mesmerized and therefore undergoes a past life that is full of regression. While thinking that she is the reincarnation of a French leader and monarch, Rebecca looks for ways of reconnecting with the powers that she once thought she conceived. Rebecca eventually falls under the influence of an extremely famous motivational speaker.

However, does this occultist have her best interest at heart, or does he have, an intention, which is sinister in mind? With that said, the family that the author depicts in this is very sympathetic. And like most Christian families, they sense that something is not right, but just like the rest, they are not truly accustomed with paranormal activities, while the characters in this book have been forced to struggle with this phenomena, which is not extremely common with the majority of people who are living in the western lands which are occupied by rational thinking people.

Young readers are undoubtedly going to enjoy the suspenseful content in this book. Parents are going to be relieved that the Christian approach that the author takes is going to prevent the child from being lured into the excitement of the world of occult. Additionally, it will also inoculate the young minds, against the dangers when they manifest themselves in several other expressions of popular cultures.

The Haunting

The Haunting is the fourth book in this series. And just like all the previous books in the series, it is about two children, Scott and Becka. Scott and Becka have just moved from California after their dad’s plane had a crush. Scott is an exceedingly interesting character and so is Becka. Susan and her husband Todd are also exceedingly important characters. They are not only Youth leaders but alsso they are also great examples of Christian inspiration and encouragement. With that said, this book reminds us the readers about the importance of necessity, power of forgiveness, love and prayer. Becka’s and Scott faith is truly amazing. This book stresses on the need for prayer especially if we are to succeed in the battle. Despite the fact that Scott and Rebecca are fighting physical ghouls, they are also a representative of the mental ghouls that everyone of us are. An excellent read.

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