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Forbidden Library Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Forbidden Library Books

The Forbidden Library (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mad Apprentice (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Palace of Glass (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fall of the Readers (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Django Wexler is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. He holds a degree in computer science and creative writing. He has worked for the university’s department of artificial intelligence after a while choosing to migrate to another company “Microsoft” which is based in Seattle. He presently resides in Seattle and lives accompanied by his two cat pets alongside a teetering mountain of creative books. When not occupied arranging for shadow campaigns, he works on his computers and occasionally paints tiny soldiers and engages in other games when free.

Summary of the “Forbidden Library” by Django Wexler

This book marks the start of an auctioned packed fantasy themed series characterized by an appealing classic writing, resourceful heroine, endless narrow escapes, host of magical creatures etc. in short this book serves as the best choice for fans who love the likes of story thieves, Coraline, harry porter and Inkheart just to mention a few.

The book is a must read for children of all ages considering apart from its language of a typical classical book (which might lead to you assuming that it is yet another boring book), it is marred by endless fast paced action nicely mixed within its story line.

At the start of the book, Alice (one of the main characters) is brought out having overheard a fairy conversing with her father and then to her shock shortly afterwards, the father dies. What happens next is Alice is taken in by her uncle “Greyon” who after a short while realizes that Alice is a reader. Readers in the book are described as people who can easily read special books and in turn transport themselves into different worlds. Her reading powers however do not come without shortfalls, she constantly comes across several different creatures which she is forced to come up with ways to overcome and battle to make way.

Her father ended up going down in a ship wreck which in turn prompted her uncle to take her in. as strange as it may sound, Alice had never heard about Greyon or even seen him earlier on in her life. Her uncle, lives is brought out in the book living in a manor which has a massive library which strangely is completely off limits to Alice right until she meets a talking cat. After this turn of events, even as a rule follower, after coming cross a talking cat which leads you to sneak into a forbidden library and then introduces you to a very arrogant male figure who ends up daring you to open a book all this seems ways too much to heed to and Alice equally finds it very hard to resist the temptation and proceeds to uncover the underlying mystery

Although some of the language used throughout the book might seem very difficult for a young mind to understand, it is important to note that the book is generally ideal for anyone over the age of 9 including in-experienced readers. In fact, adults can also easily give the book a quick read since the story line is extremely interesting and exciting.

Throughout the book also, there are sections where things go really slow to an extent you may not be particularly keen on coming back to read through again. This however should not deter you, instead, it is strongly advised that through such slow sections, patiently read through focusing on details so as not to lose the story line bearing in mind the book has a series of twists and turns which serve as a guarantee to completely keep you reading through all the way to the end.

In addition to the above, the forbidden library is different from other books in the sense that it features classical ideas such as the talking of cats and fairies amongst other things. Unlike popular opinion that fairy tales always have happy endings, Alice’s experience with her first ever fairy proved to be the complete opposite as she is show in the book having a life changing experience from the very moment she interacted with a fairy at first.

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to read this book then prepare yourself to buy the rest of the series since the first installment will surely leaving you yearning to find out what exactly happens to Alice, ashes and the rest of the characters. Also ignore the blurb cover of the book since it doesn’t do the book any favors. In addition to the above, choosing to compare the book with previously read love stories is looking forward to a big disappointment hence refrain from doing so. Simply read the book just like any other reserved English reader.

The forbidden library has a cracking title plus the central premises are a lot of fun. Alice who is the heroine in this series interacts with several other characters in the book such as her uncle and the talking cat just to mention a few. It is equally worth noting that though the central character in this book is a female, there is absolutely no sickly pink or glitter as is usually the case. In fact, the entire cast is well defined and very interesting. This coupled by the continuously popping twists and turns makes the book a perfect read. In spite of the couple hundred pages of the book, expect to easily read through nicely thanks to the occasional popping up of secrets, action and humor amongst the characters. In short, this book serves as a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys following adventurous plots.

Simply put, everything starts out fairly slow with Alice being taken in by her uncle. Shortly after it dawns on her that he might be more than he claims to be. Funny thing, Alice too is slightly more than what she presently to the eyes on the outside. The first notable twist is when Alice finds herself within a book and the only way out is by defeating the creature which is imprisoned within. Having read the book, I can confidently rate it at 8 and a half out of ten considering how interesting I found it to be coupled by the thoughts poured out by other readers in the review section of the series title.

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